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Company Profile Geraldine


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Neptel Company Profile

Published in: Business, Technology
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Company Profile Geraldine

  1. 1. ABOUT THE COMPANY<br />NEPTEL SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR INCORPORATED installs, manufactures and supplies an absolute range of communications infrastructure systems and products for customer-owned networks in government, educations and institutions, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, residential, and other establishments that needs cable infrastructure services. Neptel is an Accredited Electrical Contractor and Certified Structured Cabling Systems Installer for several years. <br />We started our inspired years in construction industry in April 1998 and extended it into achieving our goal of becoming the most reliable corporation with the thorough participation of our equally experienced and professional individuals. Backed with the aspirations and dynamism of our employee, we came up to be the best in the industry through these years. We are achieving these because we give our unsurpassed support and knowledge to our prized customers to gain their trust in partnering with our company and providing a peaceful, friendly and open learning environment to our people. <br />354330093980<br />205740065405<br />093980<br /> <br />PEOPLE OF THE COMPANY <br />We believe that to become successful is to treat and give our employee the environment of a business where they can improve their knowledge and capabilities and give them encouragement to harness excellent yet humble services to our clients. <br />Our people had an extensive knowledge and experience in installing electrical systems, structured cablings and various auxiliary systems. We are trained well by our providers in extensive designing and installation of their products, and continuously update us to keep efficient and knowledgeable enough with the latest technology and techniques in order to give the unsurpassed service to our clients.<br />Neptel Systems Integrator Inc. is a proud employer of people who have successfully completed:<br />AMP NETCONNECT Design Training<br />AMP NETCONNECT Installations Training<br />AMP NETCONNECT Certifying and Troubleshooting Training<br />Panduit SCS Design Training<br />Panduit SCS Installation Training<br />Alantek Communications Design Training<br />Alantek Communications Installation Training<br />KRONE Premisnet Master Design Training Course<br />KRONE Premisnet Master Installer Training Course<br />Hubbell Mission Critical Program - CI Training<br />Nexans Cabling Solutions<br />Belden CDT SCS Training<br />STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS<br />Neptel offers unparalleled quality of services. We only use the best quality of cables, connectors, and hardware to ensure that your system will perfectly satisfy your system needs.<br />We are authorized System Integrator, Installer and Value Added Reseller of the major vendors of communications products as follows:<br />AMP Netconnect<br />Panduit Network solutions<br />Alantek Communications<br />Krone Premisnet<br />Systimax Solutions<br />Nexans Cabling Solutions<br />ICSI Interconnect System<br />Hubbell Belden Premise Wiring<br />Panasonic Key Telephone Systems<br />Siemon<br />-6286512065s<br />27432006921540005021590 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />31908752730513335027305<br /> <br />442912574930175260018923013335074930<br />PRODUCTS AND SERVICES<br />OUR PRODUCTS<br />PABX Systems<br /> Panasonic<br /> Nortel<br /> NEC<br />27031957620<br />2895600165735 <br />Fire Alarm Systems <br /> <br /> Edwards <br />256222528575<br />CCTV Systems<br /> Panasonic<br /> Pentasonic<br />BGM / Paging Systems<br /> Bose<br /> Toa<br />300990061595<br />Door Access Systems<br /> Pentasonic<br />Jantek<br />Fingertech<br /> <br />Cable and Peripherals<br />Please see statement of qualification<br />OUR SERVICES<br />Neptel has a team of network engineers to help setup, maintain and monitor your network infrastructure. Whether you are setting up a new office, transferring offices or simply in need for computer network assistance, Neptel is your network infrastructure partner. <br />Here are unsurpassed services that Neptel offers:<br />Structured Cabling (voice & data)<br />Consultation and Design Services<br />Site Survey and Inspection<br />Riser and Horizontal Cable Installation<br />Local Area Network (LAN)<br />Cable Pulling and Termination<br />Testing and Commissioning<br />Labeling and Documentation<br />Maintenance Services<br />Building Riser Installation<br />Multi-Pair Cable<br />Fiber Optic Cable (Singlemode and Multimode)<br />Outside Plant Construction<br />Underground Distribution<br />Aerial Distribution<br />Electrical/Auxiliary Systems<br />Consultation and Design Services<br />Site Survey and Inspection<br />Lighting and Power Installation<br />Installation of PABX and Telephone System<br />Security, CCTV and Paging Systems Installation<br />Testing and Commissioning<br />Labeling and Documentation<br />Maintenance Services<br />OUR SUPPORT EQUIPMENT<br />Neptel has a complete line of first class equipment and vehicles to implement and accomplish any projects. From common tools and equipment like impact tools, test tone, crimping tools, ladders, electric drills, demolition hammers, Pipe Benders, Fiber Terminating Tool Kit, Butterfly Crimper and Fiber Optic Fusion Machine. For Testing our cables we use precision Test Equipment like: Fluke DTX1800 Cable Analyzer, Noyes Fiber OTDR, Fiber Optic Tester.<br />4686300750570445770064770285750064770148590064770<br />0134620<br />2514600102870<br />457200039370<br />REFERENCE OF SELECTED COMPLETED PROJECTS<br />Financial Institutions<br />AIG Credit Card Co. Phils., Inc.<br />Allied Bank<br />All State Insurance Office<br />Asian United Bank<br />C.G.U. Insurance<br />Filipino Merchant Insurance<br />John Hancock Life Insurance<br />Mizuho Corporate Bank<br />PCI Bank<br />PCI Leasing<br />Philam Life Insurance Company<br />Philam Savings Bank<br />Philippine Savings Bank<br />Pilidian Bank<br />Prumerica Life Insurance<br />SonyLife Insurance Company<br />Government Agencies<br />Air Material Wing Savings & Loan Association (AMWSLAI)<br />Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)<br />Board of Liquidators<br />Central Bank of the Philippines<br />Commission on Audit (COA)<br />Commission on Higher Education (CHED)<br />Department of Health (DOH)<br />Department of Trade & Industry (DTI)<br />HLURB<br />National Economic & Development Authority (NEDA)<br />National Intelligence & Coordinating Agency (NICA)<br />National Kidney Institute (NKI)<br />San Lazaro Hospital<br />Statistics Research and Training Center<br />Supreme Court of the Philippines<br />Woman’s Health and Self Motherhood<br />Manufacturing<br />Alto Chemicals<br />American Power Conversion APC<br />APC Cav-1 Manufacturing Plant<br />APC Cav-2 Manufacturing Plant<br />APC Cav-3 Manufacturing Plant<br />APC PSC Warehouse<br />Bayer Philippines<br />C.I.G.I.<br />Caltex 6750 & Pandacan <br />Chevron<br />China Shipping<br />Daichi<br />Dutchboy Philippines<br />Emerson<br />First Sumiden Circuits Inc.<br />General Motors<br />Hitachi Computer Products<br />HRD<br />International Electric Wires Philippines Corp.<br />Jocelyn Forge Inc.<br />Johnson Control Phils.<br />Kuroda Hoyo<br />L&M Technologies<br />Laguna Metts<br />Masuda Philippines<br />MD Technologies<br />Michellin<br />Mitsumi<br />Nanox<br />Nep Logistics<br />Nippon Express<br />Nomura<br />NYK Logistics<br />Omron Mechatronics of the Phils.<br />PAC Denso<br />Paris Manila Technologies (Pamatech)<br />Philippine Resins Industrial Inc.<br />Phimco<br />Pilipinas NM Inc.<br />Roche<br />Toyota<br />Educational Institutions<br />Ateneo De Manila University<br />De La Salle University<br />Letran<br />Philippine Normal University<br />San Sebastian College<br />St. Bridgette College<br />Technological University of the Philippines<br />University of Sto. Tomas<br />Woman’s Health and Self Motherhood<br />Call Centers and Others<br />AIG Marketing Office<br />Alitalia Airlines<br />Alpha Shipmanagement<br />APC Call Center Phase 1&2<br />Chowking Commissary<br />Dash Engineering<br />European Union<br />Info Cafe<br />Info Solution International<br />Internet Security Systems<br />King & Jones<br />Korean Air<br />Mega Octagon<br />Metro Parking (MPMPI)<br />Motorola Communications Phils.<br />National Bookstore <br />Nera Philippines Inc.<br />Nesic Telecom<br />Nippon Ocean<br />Pacific Healthcare<br />Phoneme Call Center<br />Rendition Digital Inc.<br />Savi Club<br />Servier<br />Tagaytay Highlands<br />USA Gateway<br /> <br /> MISSION<br /> <br />To keep our company intact by providing our employees equal opportunity for the development and success, where there is enjoyable learning and brother-like companionship. To keep our clients fulfilled by solving their problems and complying with their needs, to continue our good relationship, to build more opportunities and promote a lifetime partnership.<br />VISION<br />To be the leader and most preferred business partner in providing services in Structured Cabling Solutions, PABX Systems, CCTV Systems, Security Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Paging Systems and Electrical Works.<br /> <br /> <br />