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How to Green Certify Your Remodeling Project Using Typical Products


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Presentation from green remodeling experts Allen Griffin, CGR, GMB, CAPS, CGP, President of Gryphon Builders, and Clayton Farmer, HERS, LEED AP, GBV, GBE, CEA, LEED-H GR, IECC, GBI, Senior Vice President for Ontility on how to make your project green—even after the contract is signed!

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How to Green Certify Your Remodeling Project Using Typical Products

  1. 1. ALLEN W GRIFFIN - CGR GMB, CGP, CAPS President -Gryphon Builders
  2. 2. What We Started With:
  3. 3. Final Floor Plan:
  4. 4. The Process:
  5. 5. The Finished Product:
  6. 6. Interior Changes:
  7. 7. NAHBGREEN.ORG Residential green building is no longer a trend — it is the future of building.
  8. 8. Verification Report: Scoring is done in 6 categories:  Lot Design  Resource Efficiency  Energy Efficiency  Water Efficiency  Indoor Quality  Operation
  9. 9. Lot Design – 52 points -Bronze 5 - Established Neighborhood 9 - Map of mass transit, community resources 13 - Mission statement, Construction Schedule, onsite supervision 32 - Site Plan: grading, tree & vegetation plans MISSION STATEMENT Gryphon Builders creates outstanding remodels and new builds each year; by constantly improving the quality of the products that we use so that our clients see the innovation and foresight dedicated to improving their home. Our suppliers, subcontractors and professional associates represent the integrity and performance of our Company; we strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients, based on safety, quality, timely service, and an anticipation of their needs; we take pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day. Our green building concepts incorporate our mission and our desire to protect the environment we have been given. We are committed to a positive impact on the environment by implementing responsible practices for the conservation of energy and natural resources and the reduction of waste. For us green remodeling is more than just a duty, it’s the way we conduct business and live our lives therefore leaving it a better place for future generations.
  10. 10. Examples of Information Needed:
  11. 11. Resource Efficiency -86 points - Silver 14 - Quality of construction & waste Reuse 50% of existing structure, Layouts Reduce waste 80% - i.e.: exterior cladding. Detailed framing plan. 18 - Prefabricated Components Floor system, exterior cladding, stacked design. 13- Enhance durability Overhangs, flashing details, recycle center 27 - Reuse or salvage materials existing building, recycle construction waste, “renewable efficient indigenous”
  12. 12. Recycled Materials Reused Existing Building Materials
  13. 13. Energy Efficiency – 86 points - Silver 36 - HVAC: manual J, High efficiency, r-8 ducts 17 - Water: insulated pipes, central location WH, 1.28 gal toilets 5 - Lighting: IC Cans, 50% energy star fixtures 28 - Insulation: verified installation
  14. 14. Water Efficiency – 19 points - Bronze 1 - Food Disposal 5 - Shower Heads and Faucet 12 - Toilets 1.28 gal Flush
  15. 15. Indoor Quality – 77point - Silver 53-Pollution control: HVAC, Water heater locations, Detached garage, Low VOC paints 24-Moisture Management: clean, dry materials, Moisture readings, R8
  16. 16. Operation – 12 points - Emerald 6 - Building Owner Manual. 6 - Owner Operation and Maintenance.
  17. 17. WHY BUILD A GREEN CERTIFIED HOME? • Markets are Changing – Read any national publication, ie: Money and there are articles about this. HAR is changing search criteria. • Reduce Carbon Footprint: • Reduce Energy Consumption – Operational cost $30 more for 1,100sf – compared to two years ago
  18. 18. WHY BUILD A GREEN CERTIFIED HOME? • Changing Market – – The Mac Mansion is no longer sought by consumers. – Our Remodeling Industry is a prime resource for going green certified – Reuse of existing buildings is more efficient. – New Product offering – Be an Expert, offer something different.