Buyer Beware by Maggie Medellin, Ferguson


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Buyer Beware by Maggie Medellin, Ferguson

  1. 1. Buyer Beware: 30” Is Not Always What It Appears By: Maggie Medellin Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, & Lighting Gallery So you’re standing in your home looking around at a space in desperate need of a facelift. When the decision is finally made to take on the challenge of a renovation, the first step is to determine the budget. Based on the budget, you then need to figure out how much of the project you want to tackle yourself…if any. Small DIY projects can be rewarding and cost effective when there really isn’t a need to hire outside help. However, attention to detail is important and keeping track of all the little things that make the BIG picture beautiful may require the services of a remodeler. If you have chosen the path of the weekend warrior, laying out a game plan and doing your homework is crucial so every step is in place to achieve the desired goal. Allow your plan to keep you focused; surprises that will pop up along the way, they have the ability to throw you off time and budget. So make sure to commit to something reasonable from the beginning, when managed properly, your remodel project can be a great success. Some basic changes can be relatively simple; but larger kitchen and bath over-hauls require the help of a professional. Most homeowners are not really aware of what is vital to fit the pieces of a remodel puzzle together successfully. You may currently have a 27” white double oven and simply wish to update to stainless steel; unfortunately, differences between manufactures and models require different size cutouts. Appliance manufacturers are constantly updating their products and these modifications make an impact on how cabinets, countertops, and walls are
  2. 2. cut to fit the item. A ¼” may seem small, but it is huge when it comes to putting everything together properly. Custom cabinetry and imported countertops are high-dollar items; making a measuring mistake could cost a great deal of money and time, this information is critical. Never purchase a sink or appliance based on the overall measurement of what is visible at the surface, it is necessary to know the specifications. The specifications are the accurate measurements provided by the manufacturer that are essential to install a product correctly. If there is electrical or plumbing involved, add another element that effect measurements. If this is sounding a bit overwhelming, take heart, there are options. Product showrooms and some home stores offer to help plan, measure, and select everything needed for a remodel project. Or, if you decide to take the alternate path and work with a professional, be sure to hire someone who is qualified. For more information about qualifications and to find a remodeler for your project, please visit the Greater Houston Builders Association website at