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  1. 1. Bryophytes and Fern: The Seedless Plant PLANTS • Multicellular • Embryos reproduction via sexual reproduction • Cellulose rich cell wall • Chlorophyll a and b • Starch as primary food reserve Seed plants Seedless plants gymnosperm angiosperm bryophytes fern (lacks true xylem and phloem) Bryophytes: (mosses, hornworts, liverworts) First organisms to invade land Land adaptations of plants: Lignin waxy water proof cuticle Bryophytes: Lack lignin and thin one cell layered cuticle Vulnerable to environment? 16,000 species Bryophytes • small green plants, produce chlorophyll a and b • starch as storage and cell wall made of cellulose • lack advanced vacuolar system and moving sperms • possess root like rhizoid but absor