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tcs the courier service this slide is made by Ghassan Riaz from multan pakistan +923056067873

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  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TCS Pakistan is the first domestic courier company in the country established in 1983. In start the company had no competitor in the market, because the Government of Pakistan was denying the foreign courier companies to operate locally. This company has become one of the leading courier services in Pakistan. Although there are many other courier companies has been launched and operating in the country nowadays, but still TCS is leading in this business. It has been 27 years TCS has been operating in the country and the brand has evolved, into a formidable symbol of trust & reliability.
  3. 3. TCS MiIestones  Tcs was founded in 1983 with only 12 stations and and taking only 25 booking in the very first day. And according to the organization this is a very good sign for a organization.  In 1985 the company expand their network to over 100 locations in all over the Pakistan.  In 1989 tcs establish unique gift delivery service in this way people send gifts and greetings to their relatives and friends on special occasion and due to this public attract towards tcs courier service.And that is called sentiments express.
  4. 4. ______________________________  In 1990 the tcs is become a leading courier Company in PAKISTAN due to expand it network In all over the PAKISTAN and to provide good services to their customers.  In the era of 1992-96 the tcs is starting a air cargo and trucking service . And for this company have own a 1 boing plane and that is used only in between lahore and karachi.
  5. 5. ____________________________  In 1997 the tcs expanded its network internationally and connected with UAE and CANADA.  In 1992 the tcs expanded its network internationally and connected with UAE and CANADA.
  6. 6. Achievements In 2006 tcs awarded Brand of the year award this is the result of their good services.
  7. 7.  In 2007 tcs awarded the super-brand title award
  8. 8. In 2007 Tcs won 1st telecom excellence award
  9. 9. In 2008 Tcs again won Brand of the year award
  10. 10. In 2008 tcs was win the brand icon award of the year
  11. 11. Network System Networking TCS have serving in almost every city of Pakistan and in each city have many branches and each branch in the city is connected with each other and with the main branch as well and in a same manner the all main branches is connected with each other in all over the Pakistan . TCS covering many villages that is situated near the big cities .
  12. 12. Oracle Server TCS used the oracle server to operate their system. To cut costs and adapt to rapid changes in business, today’s dynamic, fastgrowing organizations need an application server that is affordable, flexible, and powerful enough with a range of critical features. By combining enterprise-class capabilities with open source cost efficiency, Oracle Server offers small businesses an open source application server with true interoperability, and with rich features enabling superior documentation, administration, and configuration.
  13. 13. Website Analysis Tcs provides many facilities on their website for their customers . • This is the view of home page of the website. Tcs provide tracking facility on site. • one can get valuable information about the organization from this site. • Find a nearst outlet of Tcs.
  14. 14. Tcs connect Tcs have own another website that is this is a online shoping webiste . If any person buy any product from this site then it will be provide you through tcs courier service . Due to launching this website the PR of the tcs is more increasing . Because the In Pakistan the trend of E-shoping is insreasing day by day .
  15. 15. Contract with Tcs have a contract with a shoping site from this site if any customer is buy something from this site then that particulr product is send him by the site through tcs.
  16. 16. Rates according to weight Weight Same city Same Zone Different Zones 0.5 Kg Rs. 80 Rs. 90 Rs.110 1 Kg Rs. 110 Rs. 160 Rs. 210 2 Kg Rs. 210 Rs. 260 Rs. 370 3 Kg Rs. 450 Rs. 550 Rs. 750 10 Kg Rs. 700 Rs. 800 Rs. 1300 25 Kg Rs. 1200 Rs. 1500 Rs. 2300
  17. 17. Red Box TCS Red Box has made it so simple, convenient and cost-effective to send all you want, to your loved ones, Special rates for UK, Europe, USA, Canada & Far East.Be it toys, clothes, shoes, gifts, sa mples or any thing you may fancy, Red Box delivers all. Show your loved ones how much you care with TCS Red Box. Red Box Service is available in a choice of two different weights: 10 Kg 25 Kg
  18. 18. Sentiments Express TCS Sentiments Express is a personalized, high valued gift delivery service offering a wide array of gifts from gourmet cakes, floral bouquets, ethnic sweets, to various other elegantly wrapped gifts, delivered with a personalized greeting card in Pakistan. Since 1989, TCS Sentiments Express has been part of TCS, the leading air express courier in Pakistan. In the time, it has become Pakistan’s premier gift delivery and greetings service.
  19. 19. Seprate Website of Sentiments Express Tcs launch a seprate website for Sentiments Express from this site one can purchase any gift and send to any one from tcs .From here many customers of tcs send gifts to their relatives and friends on special occasions
  20. 20. Tracking Syste Track by tracking number Track by Email Track by Reference Number Trackby SMS
  21. 21. Student Express This amazing service delivers the documents to the College, University or any other Educational Institution of your choice To avail TCS Student Express, the student will have to furnish the following at the time of booking their documents.oice anywhere in the world. • Copy of student's ID card or letter from College/University certifying the student's bona-fide status • Documents should be sent to an educational institution (School/College/University/ Hospital) abroad.
  22. 22. Rates of Students Express
  23. 23. Voice of customer is a medium for public suggetions and feedback which could help them to improve their services for public in this section tcs give free hand to their customers to share their thoughts and ideas. 28 years ago TCS initiated its service. The long journey and our success and progress includes hard work, commitment and public confidence on tcs As a service entity at tcs we strive to provide the best service to their customers. Public trust and view are always appreciated and will help tcs and for guidelines to impoving their service quality for the standard of public.A service to listen and hear customer advice , suggestions and new ideas . This would further be conveyed to the top management.