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Trustwave Encryption Software 1

  1. 1. Trustwave Encryption Trustwave Encryption enables organizations to prevent costly data breaches, enhance DLP solutions, comply with regulations and protect sensitive data--all in one integrated product.For organizations seeking Protect Your Data — Wherever it Goes - Because data doesn’t stay in one place, Trustwave Encryption protects data wherever it goes — even at its most vulnerable points. Trustwave provides the most comprehensive data protection available with integrated full diskware to protect data nomatter where it resides protects data wherever it resides. Since it all comes in one simple, integrated solution, organizations get more data protection for less money and without complicating the data security infrastructure. Integrated Data Protection: Easy to Use, Simple to Manage Trustwave’s solution means organizations can avoid purchasing a complex maze of independent point products for each separate device and network. One solution protects data on multiple devices, like laptops, USB drives, backupAbout Trustwave ®Trustwave is a leading provider ofinformation security and compliance user-friendly features like single sign-on and automatic key management, Trustwave’s Encryption software helpsmanagement solutions to large andsmall businesses throughout theworld. Trustwave analyzes, protectsand validates an organization’s Encryption software offers:data management infrastructure - A lower total cost of ownership, with fewer products to buy and managefrom the network to the application Seamless protection from a single, integrated solutionlayer – to ensure the protection of Easy adoption through user-friendly features and transparent key managementinformation and compliance withindustry standards and regulationssuch as the PCI DSS and ISO 27002,among others. Financial institutions,large and small retailers, globalelectronic exchanges, educationaland government agencies rely onTrustwave. The company’s solutionsinclude on-demand compliancemanagement, managed securitymultilingual support. Trustwave isthroughout North America, SouthAmerica, Europe, the Middle East,Africa, Asia and Australia. Smart Tags remain with data as it travels from device to device so it is consistently protected on different devices and networks throughout the organization. ISSUE10 ENC011510
  2. 2. Smart Tag™ Technology Protects Sensitive Data at its Most Vulnerable Pointsdata protection Trustwave’s unique Smart Tag technology actually protects data, not the devices it’s saved to or the networks over Control access for HIPAA, SOX and PCI DSS compliance They ensure that protection is consistently enforced, regardless of which type of device is used to access protected data. Encrypt laptops to avoid breach Smart Tags protect data: Protect valuable intellectual Saved on desktops and laptops property Transferred via USB drives In transit as e-mail attachments Share data securely with partners even outside of your enterprise Securely Share Information Outside of the Enterprise Smart Tags provide the unique ability to securely share sensitive information with partners, or work remotely,Product Compatibility transferred to USB drives, so protection and management are always enforced and always consistent. Microsoft Active Directory security. By combining different types of encryption technology, Trustwave Encryption software protects organizations more thoroughly than any other data protection solution. Persistent File Encryption (PFE) encryption settings travel with data as it moves from device to device and over the networks between them. PFE protects against data leakage and unintentional data loss, as well as malicious theft, because it provides a fundamental layer of protection at the most critical point: at the data level itself. PFE can protect data on endpoints like desktops, laptops and USB drives or on application and storage servers in the data center. Full Disk Encryption (FDE) security. Because they are at high risk for theft or loss, Trustwave Encryption also offers FDE to protect all data on devices that are frequently outside of a secure environment. Trustwave FDE ensures that data on laptops remains inaccessible to unauthorized users if they are lost or stolen. FDE, organizations can avoid the extreme expense and inconvenience of notifying customers of data breaches. Easy USB protection Trustwave offers the simplest and most effective USB protection available. Anyone in your organization can protect data on USB drives without a separate USB encryption solution or expensive encrypted USB drives. Smart Tags travel with data when it’s transferred to USB drives, so it gets the same protection that it does moved to USB drives to help ensure they are always secure. Simple, user-friendly settings also let users securely access data on computers where Trustwave Encryption is not installed.ISSUE10 ENC011510