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MailChimp RSVP Button Review 42022

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MailChimp RSVP Button Review 42022

  1. 1. MailChimp & Calendar Snack 4/17/2022 10 seconds to get the MailChimp RSVP Code for sending Calendar Invites
  2. 2. 1- Use Your Calendar Client Your Email Inbox Your Calendarsnack Dashboard 2- Click to View Calendarsnack 3- Get the Mailchimp RSVP Code
  3. 3. 3- Copy the MailChimp RSVP Button Code 4- Insert the RSVP Code into RSVP Button or CTA for Mailchimp Template
  4. 4. 5-Test the MailChimp Template with RSVP Button inserted 6- Use the Mailchimp Test
  5. 5. 7 -Sent MailChimp Email RSVP is Clicked 8 - Customer is sent to a Prebuilt Landing Page 9 - Customer is sent Calendar Invite 10 - RSVP’s are collected
  6. 6. 10 - Reporting for the Event is captured here 11 - If you click the Get the Report button we will send you the CSV file to your email address
  7. 7. Review of the Auto generated Upcoming Events Landing Page for 1 Click RSVP
  8. 8. The Upcoming Auto Generated Landing Page Workflow
  9. 9. Clicking the Upcoming Events Button brings you to your shareable Landing Page URL.
  10. 10. What is the Upcoming Events Page? This page streams all Upcoming Events to One Landing Page for 1-ClickRSVP based on the organizers email address used to create the calendarsnack. You can Cancel EVENT in your calendar client and the event is deleted on this page. All past events are in your DASHBOARD with the available RSVP DATA. When the EMAIL address is put into the box the RSVP NOW Buttons become available to 1-ClickRSVP. in this example receives the calendar invite. We track the RSVP receipts in the DASHBOARD.
  11. 11. Upcoming Events View of Landing Page after 1-ClickRSVP send to andy@techvader. com with the Individual Calendar Invites in Andy’s Email Inbox. receives the calendar invites. Calendar Invite Sent for each Event
  12. 12. The Upcoming Landing Page is updated each time a future event is created by using the copy command to the email address Ready for deployment from any calendar client in 10 seconds UPCOMING EVENTS LANDING PAGE The technology stack sends the calendar invites from the RSVP Buttons in the Web modals and Email Templates and collects the RSVP data from the customer's calendar invitations. In addition, we support the Cancel and Update to the Calendar message using the original calendar invitation used to create the calendarsnack. 1 - C L I C K R S V P
  13. 13. Create, Cancel, and Update your Events from a Calendar Client by using a defined “email”@”yourdomain” Upcoming Events Page Displays all Future Events in personalized shareable Link URL sent to the “email”@”yourdomain” found in the dashboard Individual Calendar Invites are sent with 1-Click RSVP Button 1 2 3 4 Calendar Invite Data is collected and stored for analytics Per Event RSVP Client Data is available for download 5 Upcoming Landing Page Workflow
  14. 14. Review of the Auto generated single event Landing Page for 1 Click RSVP
  15. 15. 15 The Single Event Landing Page Workflow
  16. 16. Simple Blue Green Gray The 4 Single Landing Page Examples with access to the Upcoming Events Page. 16 1 Calendarsnack – 4 Different Single Event Landing Pages
  17. 17. 17 Single Event Landing Page Workflow – 1-ClickRSVP
  18. 18. Ready to use Reporting every time you generate a Calendarsnack
  19. 19. Detailed Report of all events by the calendarsnack organizer 19
  20. 20. 20 Detailed Reporting of Calendar Invites for Landing Pages and Email Marketing Templates
  21. 21. Detailed Reporting Across Event Channels for Upcoming Landing Page. Andy’s Calendar Invites are tracked by Individual Events on greg’s calendarsnack account 21
  22. 22. Interested in developing your own RSVP domain for a community of your own? Get started for free! send an email to
  23. 23. Your Domain VS Single Customer View domain dashboard – 1 million sends – 3500 customers All Events in Domain All Events created with Organizer Email Dashboard customer dashboard – 1000 sends – 1 customer
  24. 24. Your own RSVP domain for your in business in 1 hour! You can build out your own community using our technology – we can take care of all it for you. All you need is a domain name and we will generate your own like calendarsnack. We will provide all reporting consoles for your RSVP domain
  25. 25. RSVP Buttons for Email Templates, Calendar Landing Pages and an Dropoff box for VIP lists are included in the product. All Channels support the sending, updating and canceling of the Calendar Invites. Detailed Console Reporting for each UID Email User that generates Calendar Snacks and a Master Console for All events sent in the Domain or Domains Use Google or Outlook Calendar Clients and your email and domain of choice with our Cloud Formation Template in AWS Generate calendarsnacks by using our VUE template or build your own and hack ours We can put you in business in 1 hour with your own logo for you to build out your service 1 2 3 4
  26. 26. We run on AWS and will take care of it for you! Cloud Formation Bundled and Ready with Deployment Guide The whole stack is ready to be deployed to your domain to build out your own RSVP event management platform in less than 1 hour for you. *Or we can give you all of our Tech Stack for your team to deploy in a Cloud Formation Template!
  27. 27. END of Calendarsnack Tour