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How to send BULK RSVP using a Calendarsnack

How to send a Calendar Invite to an Email List.

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How to send BULK RSVP using a Calendarsnack

  1. 1. SEND COUNT MailChimp Landing Page BULK calendarsnackRSVPchannels Event ID - 011 Use the Free Calendarsnack and adding the Paid BULK RSVP option. Calendar Invite Calendar Invite CREATE PRODUCT UPDATE – Bulk RSVP Paid Option September 6, 2020 Calendar Invite
  2. 2. If the TEST looks Good. Move on to #6. Getting Ready to Send a Calendar Invite to a Bulk List in 10 minutes 2 If Test is Good. Send an email to with attached .CSV file. We need 2 columns to be put in the file. UID and Email. Retrieve your Calendarsnack from your email in seconds. Track the Calendar Invitations in the CalendarSnack Reporting Free or Power bar Edition. Get a calendarsnack. Create your event on your calendar and copy us at create@calendar 2 3 4 1 Send a Test CalendarSnack using the built in TEST Button and review the subject, time and date to make sure everything is correct. If Not Good. Get another Calendersnack and got back to #1. 5 6 7 8 Bulk Calendar Invite Tracking
  3. 3. We are in Beta. If you want to use the Bulk send for a Calendar Invite please send an email to and include the email address you want to use for the service. 3
  4. 4. Get a calendarsnack by adding us as guest on your calendar using the email create@calendarsnack. com google calendar client 2 1 August , 2020 2 calendarsnack notification email google email client 4
  5. 5. The organizer of the calendar event will receive the calendarsnack notification email with the calendarsnack URL. calendarsnack notification email CREATE Retrieve your Calendarsnack 5 3
  6. 6. EVENT REVIEW & TEST CREATE 6 Does everything look ok? 4 1st Panel Scroll Down To 2nd Panel 4
  7. 7. EVENT REVIEW & TEST CREATE 7 Does everything look ok in the invite? 2nd Panel Scroll Down To 3rd Panel 5
  8. 8. Test your Invite RSVP Send Test Calendar Invite CREATE 8 3rd Panel on scroll down 6
  9. 9. Review in Google or Outlook Email Client of the Send Test Calendar Invite Sent Test Calendar Invite COUNT 9 Does everything look ok in the real calendar invite? 7
  10. 10. COUNT Count RSVPS Calendar Invitations Sent Review of Test Invite Test Invite 10 8
  11. 11. If your free calendersnack is wrong from a typo, or time is wrong, please go get another calendarsnack and start over. YES or NO to SEND If Yes, move to BULK SEND file Preparation. ? 11 9
  12. 12. 12 calendarsnack notification email Get your EventID to prepare your file for Bulk Sending. Located in a couple places.SEND 10
  13. 13. 13 Preparing the Bulk .CSV File .CSV FILE Copy the EventID from the calendarsnack into the Excel or Google sheets along with the email address’s. The column headers must be labeled uid and email for the event ID and the email address’s. Save as a .CSV file prior to attaching to your email sent to The columns do not need to be in any order. Just make sure the labels are at the top of columns. You can assign different UID’s to the email address’s if you want to use one list to send to different events with one batch file. fj42cjiuo72av3ahi6b6hkiah1ki3p92ioqaf681 EventID = UID 11
  14. 14. 14 SEND Bulk RSVP Directions Use the email address of to SEND the calendar invite to the attached .CSV list. You don’t have to put anything in the Subject Line. The attached file must be a .CSV with the 2 Columns with names UID and EMAIL. When you SEND the email will receive a notification email with information on your BULK Calendar Invite with status. 12
  15. 15. 15 Bulk Invite Data for each event 13
  16. 16. The rest of the Slides are for the normal current shipping CalendarSNACK. Dated September 2020. 16
  17. 17. MailChimp RSVP SEND 17
  18. 18. SEND SEND Invitations MailChimp CTA Grab N Go https://blue- kaustaa0ee81/invite?email=*|email|*&name=%20&origin=m ailchimpcta&landing= k/thankyou/simple/gbqsk3ngp3mr23141nrd7mk36japkaustaa 0ee81 18
  19. 19. SEND SEND Invitations Insert into MailChimp for RSVP Button Creation RSVP BUTTON MailChimp template 19
  20. 20. SEND Invitations MailChimp Calendar Invite Button RSVP BUTTON SEND MailChimp Email 20
  21. 21. SEND Invitations MailChimp RSVP Button Calendar Invite and Landing Page Notification MailChimp Email SENDCalendar Invite Notification of sent calendar invite 21
  22. 22. COUNT Invitations MailChimp Calendar RSVP Tracking COUNT 22
  23. 23. Landing Page RSVP SEND 23
  24. 24. SEND Invitations Pre Built Landing Page Grab N Go SENDLanding Page 24
  25. 25. SEND Invitations Landing Page Calendar Invite & Landing Page Notification Modal Landing Page Calendar Invite Landing Page Notification 25
  26. 26. COUNT Invitations Landing Page RSVP Tracking Example COUNT 26
  27. 27. Web Form RSVP SEND 27
  28. 28. SEND Invitations Web Embed Form 28
  29. 29. SEND Invitations Web Embed Example into Word Press 29
  30. 30. Calendar Invite Calendar Invite Notification Web Page SEND Invitations Web Form Calendar Invite & Landing Page Notification 30
  31. 31. COUNT Invitations Web Form RSVP Tracking Example 31
  32. 32. Detailed RSVP Reporting on each Calendar Snack Sent 32
  33. 33. Detailed RSVP Reporting across channels COUNT 33
  34. 34. What’s next? PowerBar powered by You can see all of your events in one spot. Coming soon. 34
  35. 35. 35 What’s next? Multiple events Landing Page The page is populated with your current events you have created with the Free CalendarSnacks. The customer puts in their email and clicks the button on which events they want to attend and we send the calendar invites out. You track the multi event RSVP’s in your PowerBar.