2011 Cisco security brochure


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GTRI.com Security Group, Cisco Security Brochure

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2011 Cisco security brochure

  1. 1. CiscoSecurity Brochure
  2. 2. Security Matters More Than EverTraditional approaches to security weredesigned for a single purpose: to protectresources inside the network from threatsand malware coming from outside thenetwork.Today’s businesses must considersmartphones, iPads, the consumerizationof IT, and the rise of social media in theworkplace, combined with telecommuters,home offices, contractors, partners,extranets, and business-critical serviceshosted in the cloud. Security is moreimportant than ever—and far more complex.Businesses still need to defend themselvesagainst network threats, protect valuabledata and resources, and implementthe necessary controls for regulatorycompliance, but the line between inside andoutside is not as clear. The opportunities forbetter and richer collaboration for anyone,anywhere, with any device are matchedby the challenges presented to the IT andsecurity professionals who are tasked withdelivering secure, reliable, and seamlessvoice, video, and data.
  3. 3. Cisco Secure Borderless NetworksCisco® Secure Borderless Networks enable today’s workforce to remainproductive while helping businesses control the cost and complexity ofnetwork security.The Cisco Secure Borderless Network integrates security into the distributednetwork. Users have access to everything they need, with the ability totailor access not only by user ID and role but also by device: For example, acompany-managed laptop gets more access than an employee smartphone.With unparalleled threat intelligence from Cisco Security Intelligence Operations,the network itself is aware of the latest threats, and blocks them. With flexiblesolutions and deployment options, strategic partnerships, and comprehensiveservices, the Cisco Secure Borderless Network extends security to the rightpeople, devices, and locations. Customer organizations remain secure, and arepositioned to address continuously evolving business and security challenges.Explore the following Cisco security solutions. Continued on next page
  4. 4. Network SecurityThe Cisco network security infrastructure inherently detects and blocks penetration,attacks, and exploits, preventing intruder access. With firewall and intrusion preventionin standalone and integrated deployment options, customers can better thwart attacksand meet compliance requirements, such as the Payment Card Industry Data SecurityStandard (PCI DSS). Cisco ASA 5500 Series Cisco Intrusion Prevention Cisco Next-Generation ISR Cisco Virtual Security Adaptive Security Appliance System Gateway • Combines firewall, VPN, and • Identifies, classifies, and stops • Delivers suite of built-in • Secures virtual network and optional content security malicious traffic, including capabilities, including firewall, multi-tenancy environments and intrusion prevention to worms, spyware, adware, intrusion prevention, VPN, distribute network security viruses, and application abuse and content filtering • Provides trusted multi-tenant across your operations access with granular, zone- • Delivers high-performance, • Promotes integrating new based, and context-aware • Provides threat defense and intelligent threat detection and network security features on security policies highly secure communications protection over a range of existing routers services to stop attacks before deployment options • Supports dynamic they affect business continuity • Provides additional protection provisioning of security • Uses global threat correlation without adding hardware and policies and trust zones • Reduces deployment and with reputation filtering to maximizes network security during virtual machine (VM) operational costs while prevent threats with confidence instantiation delivering comprehensive • Decreases ongoing support security for networks of all • Provides peace of mind with and manageability costs by • Promotes mobility- sizes guarantees for coverage, reducing the total number of transparent enforcement and response time, and devices required monitoring • Supports a wide range effectiveness for Microsoft, of environments from Cisco, and critical enterprise small businesses to large application vulnerabilities.1 enterprises • Promotes business continuity and helps businesses meet compliance needs1. Guaranteed coverage applies to the availability of signatures for eligible Cisco, Microsoft, and critical enterprise application vulnerabilities. Full service-level agreement details, including eligibility, remedies, terms, and conditions will be available from Cisco at release time, currently scheduled for the first half of 2011. For more information, please contact your Cisco reseller.
  5. 5. Cisco SecurityEmail and Web Security Email and Web Security Cisco email and web security solutions reduce the costly downtime associated with email-based spam, viruses, and web threats, and are available in a variety of form factors, including standalone appliances, hosted security services, and hybrid security deployments with centralized management. Cisco IronPort Email Cisco IronPort Email Cisco IronPort Web Cisco ScanSafe Web Security Security – Hosted, Security Services Security Appliances Appliances, and Hybrid • Fights spam, viruses, and • Provides antispam, • Integrates industry-leading • Analyzes every web request blended threats to protect antivirus, data loss web usage controls, to determine whether content organizations of all sizes with prevention (DLP), and reputation filtering, malware is malicious, inappropriate, or industry-leading security encryption services in filtering, and data security acceptable capabilities cloud, hybrid, or managed form factors • Takes advantage of Cisco • Offers granular control over all • Prevents data leaks, enforces Security Intelligence web content, including SSL- compliance, and protects • Reduces customers’ onsite Operations (SIO) and global encrypted communications reputation and brand assets data center footprint, threat correlation technology enabling them to leave the to help optimize threat • Extends real-time protection and • Reduces downtime, simplifies management to trusted detection and mitigation policy enforcement to employees administration of corporate experts wherever or however the Internet mail systems, and eases the • Combines multiple layers is accessed technical support burden • Provides customers with of web security technology access to and visibility into to combat complex and • Helps ensure highly secure email • Deployed by eight of the 10 their email infrastructure sophisticated web-based communications by blocking largest ISPs and more than threats unwanted and malicious emails 40 percent of the world’s • Offers comprehensive while protecting confidential data largest enterprises reporting and message • Supports built-in tracking for administrative management capabilities to flexibility simplify administration and provide visibility into threat- related activity
  6. 6. Secure MobilityCisco promotes highly secure mobile connectivity with VPN, wireless security, andremote workforce security solutions that extend network access safely and easily toa wide range of users and devices. Cisco Secure Mobility solutions offer the mostcomprehensive and versatile connectivity options, endpoints, and platforms to meet yourorganization’s changing and diverse mobility needs. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution Cisco Adaptive Wireless IPS Software Cisco Virtual O ce • Provides an intelligent, smooth, and reliable • Provides automated wireless vulnerability • Extends highly secure, rich, and connectivity experience and performance monitoring to deliver manageable network services to visibility and control across the network employees working outside the • Ideal for companies that want to give users traditional work environment a choice of how, when, where, and on what • Maintains a constant awareness of the device they access their information RF environment to meet the demands of • Cost-effectively scales to deployment the largest networks requirements through standard or • Teams with ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security express versions Appliances at the headend to provide remote- • Automatically monitors for wireless access connectivity policy enforcement that is network anomalies and to identify • Includes remote site and headend context-aware, comprehensive, and preemptive unauthorized access and RF attacks systems, remote site aggregation, and services from Cisco and • Incorporates Cisco IronPort S-Series Web • Collaborates with Cisco network security approved partners Security Appliances to apply context-aware products to create a layered approach to policy, including enforcing acceptable use and wireless security • Delivers an office-caliber experience protection from malware for all users to staff wherever they’re located with full IP phone, wireless, data, and video services
  7. 7. Cisco SecurityEmail and Web Security Secure Access Control Cisco TrustSec® provides secure access to your networks and network resources through policy-based access control, identity-aware networking, and data integrity and confidentiality services. Cisco TrustSec allows you to improve compliance, strengthen security, and increase operational efficiency. It is available as an appliance-based overlay solution or as an integrated 802.1X infrastructure-based service that extends access enforcement throughout the network. Network Admission Control Appliance Cisco Secure Access Control System CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution • Enforces network security policies on • Controls network access based on • Simplifies the configuration, administration, all devices by allowing access only to dynamic conditions and attributes monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco compliant and trusted devices through an easy-to-use management networks interface • Blocks access by noncompliant devices • Maximizes network security through and limits the potential damage from • Meets evolving access requirements integration with the TrustSec access control emerging security threats and risks with rule-based policies for flexibility systems, as well as audits of network-level and manageability changes • Protects existing investments through third-party management application • Simplifies management and increases • Increases the overall availability of the compatibility and flexible deployment compliance with integrated monitoring, network by quickly identifying and fixing options reporting, and troubleshooting network problems capabilities • Reduces virus, worm, and unwanted access threats by promoting efficiency • Adopts an access policy that takes and by integrating with other Cisco advantage of built-in integration products capabilities and distributed deployment
  8. 8. Security ManagementCisco offers centralized operational tools to simplify and help you manage your entirenetwork security deployment. In addition, Cisco has partnered with best-in-classtechnology vendors to deliver security information and event management (SIEM)systems that have been pre-tested and validated with Cisco security products. Thisvariety of management options gives you the flexibility to choose the network securitymanagement solutions best suited to your environment and business needs. Cisco IronPort Security Management Cisco Security Manager Validated SIEM Partnerships Appliance • Simplifies security management across • Facilitates the configuration and • Third-party SIEM vendors that have been Cisco IronPort email and web security management of Cisco firewalls, VPNs, validated for use with Cisco security products IPS sensors, and integrated security products enable you to address your unique services security and reporting needs and gain • Delivers centralized reporting, message assurance that the solutions work together. tracking, and spam quarantine for email • Ideal for controlling large or complex security appliances deployments of Cisco network and • Solution guides with deployment security devices recommendations and integration findings • Provides centralized web policy are included for overall management and management for web security appliances • Supports role-based access control and for each technology partner’s product to an approval framework for proposing and enable you to get up and running faster. • Allows for delegated administration of integrating changes web access policies and custom URL categories • Delivers flexible device management options, including policy-based management and methods for deploying configuration changes Why Cisco? Cisco takes a comprehensive approach to security. By integrating security into all parts of the network, Cisco simplifies the task of addressing today’s security requirements, regardless of application or service. The Cisco Secure Borderless Network combines unparalleled threat intelligence, a flexible solution portfolio, and strategic partnerships and services to extend security to the right people, devices, and locations—ultimately enabling businesses to build solutions that keep their entire organization secure and ready to meet their business objectives. For more information, visit www.cisco.com/go/security.Cisco and the Cisco Logo are trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its a liates in the U.S. and other countries. A listing of Cisco’s trademarks can be found at www.cisco.com/go/trademarks. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship betweenCisco and any other company. (1007R) C02-632589-00 11/10