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Gregg e haegevisualresume

  1. 1. Gregg E. Haege A Resume
  2. 2. A Summary of Gregg EXECUTIVE MANAGER• Highly accomplished visionary executive with domestic and international experience in running operations, cooperative ventures, information analysis, decision-making, budget- projection/-justification/ -execution.• Accustomed to leading diverse missions and workforces, presenting complex concepts to decision- makers, leading change, taking care of subordinates, and overseeing projects.• Outstanding verbal and written communicator up and down the chain of responsibility. Pragmatic and focused, has a penchant for decisiveness, with flexibility to change direction when necessary--can make hard decisions.
  3. 3. Greggs Core Competencies• Visionary Leadership• Results-orientation• Strategic Thinker• Operations Management• Operations Security• Mentoring and Coaching• Problem-solving• Accomplished Spokesperson• Change Management
  4. 4. Greggs Current Work - National Geospatial Agency - Sta Louis, MOAssistant Chief, Information Assurance Division• Serve as Deputy CEO of $18 million budget operations organization with 108 employees, 15 sub-offices (direct and attached), conducting• Information System Security and Information Assurance activities. Deputy responsible for all Information Assurance (IA) activities in NGA. Also responsible for Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Certification Engineering (CE), Public Key Initiative (PKI), and Communication Security (COMSEC) activities. During contingencies, responsible for all Chief Information Officer activities acting as NGA CIO, Functional Manager for GEOINT, Senior Agency Official for Privacy, Information• Sharing Executive, and Senior Agency Official for IT Continuity. Directed Tiger Team that accredited 35 information systems in one location, of all sizes, within two weeks. Saved these systems from being shut down because of no accreditations. Result was uninterrupted, direct support to warfighters.
  5. 5. More NGA experience....• Resolved Portable Electronic Device crisis, Agency-wide. Directed team that accounted for and accredited all PEDs—over 5000. Result—eliminated vulnerabilities to networks, increased device accountability, and reinforced• security of Agency data. Led OCIO critical support to agency Beijing Olympics efforts. Provided expertise, advocacy to get secure internet access equipment accredited, operational supporting analysts. As a result, shared in• Meritorious Unit Citation from Asia-Pacific Office. Became Information Assurance Office and Manager (IAO and IAM) for agency Enhanced View Commercial Data Provider program, bringing critical input to NGA analysts with speedy accreditation of these systems. Size ($6.5 Billion) and visibility of contract grounds for my selection to train companies new to national security, complexity of system interfaces.
  6. 6. More NGA experience....• Undertook initiative to help bring agency into 21st century. Directed Working Group responsible for all facets of mobile device security. Marshaled all disciplines—Information Assurance, Operations Security, Physical Security, Counter- Intelligence, Technical Security, Intrusion Detection.
  7. 7. Greggs Former Life67th Information Operations Group, San Antonio, TX, 2001-2004Commander and Deputy Commander• Serve as Deputy CEO of $17 million budget operations organization with over 700 employees, 17 sub-offices (direct and attached), conducting Information Operations and Information Warfare.• Full responsibility for Air Intelligence Agency Continental United States, Pacific, European, and Southwest Asia-based tactical Information Operations missions. Organized, trained, and equipped Information Operations and Information Warfare units.
  8. 8. More 67th Information Operations Group...• Diverse mission areas included Defensive Information Operations and Communication Security, Defensive Computer Network Operations, Operations Security (OPSEC), and Adversary Air Tactics Analysis.• Conducted continuous analysis of resource utilization and advocated for increased funding where necessary. Directed logistical operations to support sub-offices.• Provided direct and indirect cross-functional management and direction of COO, CFO, 32-person staff, and 17 sub-office managers.
  9. 9. More 67th Information Operations Group...• Reprioritized programs, cut staff travel budget, marshaled money for sub- offices’ IT refresh. Saved approximately 30% of total Group staff budget for this purpose. Priority set to producing units.• Prototyped persuasive briefing format to communicate Group mission-- linked to briefings for each Group mission area.• Clear, requirement-based style garnered $9.2 million within first year for Special Operations support mission alone Guided all stages of advanced Operations Security concept, allowing long-term analysis and trending of information gathered, using 24-hour operation. Resutled in superior assessment of Operations Security posture, Air Force-wide.
  10. 10. 67th Information Operations Wing, San Antonio, TX, 2000-2001Director of Staff• Serve as Headquarters Staff Director of $35 million budget operations organization with over 3,000 employees, over 50 sub-offices (direct and attached), conducting Information Operations and Information Warfare.• Full responsibility for organization headquarters staff of over 150 personnel, with direct impact on all larger organization operations’ support--administrative, financial, personnel, and logistical--current and future.
  11. 11. More 67th Information Operations Wing....• Planned, coordinated, and directed operations of organization staff. Advised CEO, Deputy CEO on all operational matters regarding operations, sub-offices, and staff.• Sub-offices conducted multi-source intelligence, Information Warfare, Electronic Combat, and securities operations in support of Information Dominance.• Chairman of organization’s financial Requirements Review Panel, responsible for determining and advocating for all execution of current and future funding requirements. Director of organization’s Crisis Action Team, conducting Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning and execution in case of natural and man-made disasters and emergencies.
  12. 12. More 67th Information Operations Wing....• Justified $2.2 million in fallout money for organization projects to Air Intelligence Agency. This was the most fallout money received in years for miscellaneous initiatives• Redesigned Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). Worldwide missions made it highly complex. Equipped Crisis Action Team with computers, redundant databases, communications, and coordinated alternate operations locations
  13. 13. Greggs Education.....• Master of Science in Business Continuity (MSBC), Norwich University, Northfield, VT, August 2011, GPA 4.0• Master of Arts of International Transactions (MAIT), George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, May 1993, GPA 3.7• Bachelor of Science (BS), Political Science, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL, June 1980, GPA 3.1
  14. 14. Greggs Certifications.....• Disaster Recovery Institute International - Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP) – #32631 - since Oct 2011• DoDM 8570 (Information Assurance Certification) - GIAC Security Leadership Certificate (GSLC) – #716 - since May 2007
  15. 15. There is more than meets the eye withGregg......Gregg is also a licensed Baptist Minister (First Baptist Church, Belleville, IL)Gregg enjoys reading, target shooting, and spending time with his wife and daughter