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Presented at HITEC 2012.

The good news for hoteliers is that there are encouraging signs in the economy and according to recent reports RevPAR continues to trend up. However, that does not mean hoteliers don’t need to continue to focus do a better job on attracting, converting customers and driving higher on property spending and engendering loyalty for repeat purchase.

It’s not for a lack of data on the customers – the data exists in reservation systems, loyalty databases and information that consumers are sharing on social networks. But very few have been able to harness this data in any meaningful way. Marketers have long attempted to connect with customers through traditional campaign management tactics, inundating customers with irrelevant and inconsistent offers and experiences. The result is unhappy customers, low offer conversion rates and excessive customer churn.

To succeed, marketers must deliver a set of intelligent and coordinated messages across all channels, including inbound channels such as the contact center and Web, and outbound channels such as email, social media and mobile to deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time. Marketing organizations looking to make a significant impact on the customer experience and drive effective return on marketing investment are turning to a Next-Best-Action approach.

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Hitec 2012 tutorial next best action to drive bookings rev par

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