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Pondered Pink Questionnaire By Kk


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Pondered Pink Questionnaire By Kk

  1. 1. Name:_________________________ Your Consultant’s Name: ________________________ Occupation:__________________ Date: ____________E-mail: _______________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________ Phone: (Cell) ________________ (Home) ___________________ (Work)______________ Age: (18-24) (25-34) (35-49) (50-69) 70+ Do you use MK products? Yes No How Long?____ Some Critical Questions to Mark the group of words that best describes Ask Yourself . . . you: (A) First Choice; (B) Second Choice Yes___ No___ Am I paid what I’m worth? Results- People- Family- Detail- Yes___ No___ Do I have all the flexibility in my life I want? oriented oriented oriented oriented Yes___ No___ Is my current career what I want to do for Quick decisions Loves to talk Slow to change Perfectionist the rest of my life? Direct Enthusiastic Dependable Critical/Analytical Yes___ No___ Do I have complete control of my career Desires Desires Desires Desires advancement? authority praise security organization In a job situation, I like to: ___ have a boss ___ be the boss Which of the following benefits of a Mary What do you like best about your current job situation? Kay business would you enjoy the most? _________________________________________________ (Check all that apply) ___ Products at wholesale cost ___ Being my own boss Least?____________________________________________ ___ No territories ___ Earning a career car ___ Making new friends ___ Greater self-confidence Time and Money in Mary Kay - ___ Job security of owning my own business Based on the information I’ve learned today ___ Flexibility - more personal & family time I would probably prefer to work … ___ Extra money to fund children’s college educations ___Hobby Time: saving money on my cosmetics & gifts ___Spare Time: 5-15 hours a week, a little extra cash ___ Learning skin care & glamour techniques ___Part Time: 15-25 hours a week, good part-time income ___ Company philosophies- 25-35 hours a week, replace current income ___Full Time: God 1st, Family 2nd, & Career 3rd 35+ hours a week & earn the use of a ___Career: We have found that the following qualities Career Car make for a successful business - the more the better! How many qualities do you have? Knowing that you might need more (check all that apply) information to make a decision, ___ You’re busy - Busy people are usually good time on a scale of 1-4, what would be your interest managers. level in a Mary Kay business? ___ You don’t know many people - You probably won’t make serious money with just friends and family. 1 2 3 4 ___ You’re not the sales type - Pushy people aren’t who “Not now “ “I’m thinking” “Maybe” “Sign me up!” we look for in Mary Kay ___ You have more month than money - It’s a great Look at all you get in the motivator! Mary Kay Starter Kit! ___ You’re family oriented - You’ll do more for your $323 retail products! family than for yourself Full size product of the ___ You’re a good decision maker - You know that you have to begin the journey to get somewhere Miracle Set for both skin types, Oil-free Eye Make-up How to Start Your Mary Kay Business! Remover, Ultimate Mascara 1.Order your starter kit for $100 plus tax & shipping & 11 foundation shades. 2.Begin your training PLUS lots of samples, 3.Start making money & saving money right away! supplies & training materials 4.Have fun & meet new positive friends! all in a fabulous tote bag! Kissa’s Kreations © Revised 10/2007