Eye Os May 2011 V2.0


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eyeOS presentation of product 010511

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Eye Os May 2011 V2.0

  1. 1. Web Desktop! RIA Framework!Private and Hybrid Cloud! Your Gateway to the Cloud!
  2. 2. What is a Web Desktop ?! Cloud based! Easy-to-use interface! Collaboration!Log in from everywhere and From any device, enjoy a Powerful Web 2.0 applications:!from any device. Mobile universal, easy-to-use interface !!Files Manager!phones, iPad, tablet PC, with hierarchical controls givinglaptop, …! access to the company’s !!Collaboration & Sharing! applications, whether in the !!O"ce suite! Cloud or on-site! !!Calendar & Contacts!
  3. 3. eyeOS Web Desktop is a complete solution! !! Intuitive GUI! Web Desktop! !! Multi-platform Interface! (mobility solution)! !! Native web 2.0 apps! !! Endless potential to personalize and RIA Framework! enrich! !! Simple process! !! Real time collaboration! !! Hierarchical control! Kernel with Private !! Creates Private Clouds and Hybrid Cloud! on-site with seamless Builder! integration of Public Cloud apps!
  4. 4. eyeOS is the nº1 Web desktop worldwide! Download breakdown! first 10 months of 2010 ! !! 800.000+ downloads! !! 41% increase in downloads 2010 vs. 09! !! 67 countries community !! 16.000 members !! +1M users !! 42 languagesData extracted form Sourceforge.net, on 14/10/2010!
  5. 5. eyeOS: a true mobility solution!Mobility is not just a matter of Where but alsoHow: if on vacations, I may have only my iPadwith me and at a dinner in town, my only devicecould be my smartphone! !! You want to access to your desktop from anyplace and from any device, using the best interface for each device: with eyeOS we o#er a web desktop for every device, accessing to the same cloud.! !! Work with your online applications or even legacy applications from a Web Desktop. Integrate also third party applications or web services with Single Sign On technology. Just logging in eyeOS the user will have access to all his available apps, eyeOS- native, integrated or third party services.! !! Users can work whether online or o"ine. Files are synchronized when device is again online. With eyeSync users sync all their data to all devices they need: computers, mobile phones or tablets.!
  6. 6. Compatibility guaranteed! Universal compatibility is key for large successful deployments an the corresponding cost savings in desktop and mobility solutions management! !! eyeOS is developed with standard javascript and HTML. no local installation is needed: just open the browser! As it does not require flash nor java in the browser, eyeOS is compatible with any mobile phone browser. Any app developed with eyeOS can be adapted to any browser giving access to all data and applications in real time.! !! eyeOS detects the device from which is accessed. Then the adequate interface is loaded in the browser. Always o#ering the most comfortable way to work with the Cloud.! !! eyeOS technology allows to work with your web desktop from any browser (Firefox, MS Explorer, Safari, etc), Operating System and device, no matter the device and local applications installed.!
  7. 7. Ease of use: 1 minute learning interface! Mobility and universal access are worthless without a good and simple user interface! •! Access to eyeOS is a simple log in from the browser! •! All company applications appear as icons on the web desktop in a typical Windows type lay out. Anybody using a computer understands immediately how eyeOS works : files system, drag and drop, control panel, icons..! •! The Single Sign On (SSO) feature makes navigation from one application to the other e#ortless, whether they are onsite or as SaaS from a public Cloud!
  8. 8. Flexibility! ,".),/0+1-" $((!)%$*)+,- eyeOS is also a platform onto which the client can build a completely customized solution! !! Rich Internet Application Framework: eyeOS includes a set of libraries and tools to develop new applications. It allows to create your own Web !"#$%& Desktop solution adapted to you business case or $((!)%$*)+,- to the specific customer needs.! !! Applications customization: the modularity of eyeOS allows to modify any application or feature and adapt it to specific business processes and needs. Endless potential to personalize and enrich! !! The integration capability of eyeOS allows to execute other online applications from eyeOS Web Desktop, installed in the same server or as third party services.! !""!#
  9. 9. Private & Hybrid Cloud! eyeOS solution can be deployed on the client’s servers in order to build a Private Cloud under full control of the client for maximum security and contol! º! eyeOS cloud solution allows to design and implement the infrastructure that best the client needs:! !! Private Cloud: access only to the organization resources, data, applications, etc. Total control of access.! !! Public Cloud: give public access to your customers to the Web Desktop, integrate third party services inside the same desktop that will coexist with eyeOS applications or other integrated applications.! !! Hybrid: add third parties services integrated on your cloud, with Single Sign On.!
  10. 10. Scalability guaranteed! Excellent scalability o#ers flexibility to the client while keeping hardware requirements under check! !! IBM tested successfully the eyeOS performance as a Virtual Linux Desktop Cloud Services on System z (1). ! !! IBM analyzed how eyeOS scales over a mainframe environment, multiple processors and up to thousands of users working simultaneously on a same environment! !! Extract from IBM’s conclusions: “eyeOS has excellent scalability on System z running as a Linux guest under z/VM up through a 16 processor image at optimum utilization. This is partially due to the fact that a single Linux guest container can support thousands of clients, rather than requiring one Linux guest per client..“! (1) The results are detailed in Red Paper 4593 of IBM!
  11. 11. Our services! !! Specific developments! !! Maintenance and 24/7 support! !! Training to developers and system administrators! !! Services to partners network! !! Dual licensing!www.eyeos.org - team@eyeos.org - Pl. Universitat 5, 4-3 Barcelona - Spain +34 93 181 30 39!