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Kisd Technology Plan and eRate


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Kisd Technology Plan and eRate

  1. 1. KISD TechnologyPlan and eRatePresented by:Greg Gopffarth
  2. 2. Topics to be covered• An Overview of KIDS Technology Plan• eRate – What is it?
  3. 3. KISD Technology Plan• First Developed in 2003• Last Updated 2009• 4 Target Goal Areas – Teaching and Learning – Professional Development – Administrative – Infrastructure
  4. 4. KISD Technology Plan• Teaching and Learning – Easy access to core curriculum and resources – Increase learning opportunities and access for all students – Offer courses that provide instruction in 21st Century Skills
  5. 5. KISD Technology Plan• Professional Development – Offer various training opportunities and support to improve technology proficiency – Provide on-going training and support for district initiatives – Facilitate online learning, communities and mentoring – Communicate researched-based instructional strategies that emphasize the use of technology
  6. 6. KISD Technology Plan• Administrative – Establish classroom technology standards – Use of community as a resource in developing future goals – Provide access to information for making data driven decisions – Provide a ten year projection for technology acquisition and replacement
  7. 7. KISD Technology Plan• Infrastructure – Evaluate and purchase hardware and software that supports district goals – Expand existing wireless network – Establish replacement cycle for network servers and electronics – Expand internet bandwidth to allow for growth – Develop and implement a district- wide disaster recovery solution
  8. 8. KISD Technology Plan• Budget year 2009 – Staff Development $629,000 – Telecommunication and Internet Technology Plan Budge 2009 Access $595,000 4% 0% 4% 3% – Materials & Supplies $795,500 4% Staff Development Tele/Intenet – Equipment $15,999,000 Material/Supplies Equipment 85% – Maintenance $772,000 Maintenance Mis – Miscellaneous Expenses $5,000 – Total $18,795,500
  9. 9. eRate• What is it? – A Program that provides discounts for telecommunications and Internet access.• Who Controls it? – Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) – Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  10. 10. eRate• What will it do for Us? – Supports our connectivity in 4 ways • Telecommunications services • Internet access • Internal connections • Basic maintenance of Internal connections• How do we get it? – Have a implemented Technology Plan – Submit the Applications
  11. 11. Conclution• District Technology Plan – Developed to better server and meet all stakeholders’ needs – Required for eRate• eRate – Assistance in funding telecommunications and internet recourses.
  12. 12. To find out more about…• KIDS Technology Plan• eRate• Picture from slide 4• Picture from slide 6• Picture from slide 7 Beginning