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Fast Five - Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Fast Five<br />Marketing Campaign <br />
  2. 2. Step 1: First trailer<br /><ul><li>Released on 14th December 2010 on Vin Diesel’s Facebook page.
  3. 3. This particular marketing approach was believed to be one of the first.
  4. 4. Being part of the top five most visited personal celebrity site, Diesel’s Facebook page had above 20 million subscribers at the time so a wide audience was able to watch the trailer.
  5. 5. Other cast members then started to release the teaser trailer to their own fans on their own personal social-networking sites afterwards too.
  6. 6. (teaser trailer). </li></li></ul><li>Step 2: Posters<br /><ul><li>First Fast Five poster was released by IGN on 4th February 2011.
  7. 7. Second poster was released on Facebook on 17th March 2011. </li></ul>First and second posters. <br />UK poster.<br />
  8. 8. Step 3: Official website <br /><ul><li>Re-launched and revamped as Fast Five:</li></li></ul><li>Step 4: Facebook Game<br /><ul><li>The cinema chain Regal Entertainment Group (REG) and Cie Games, who produced the Facebook game Car Town, teamed up in a cross-media marketing campaign with Universal.
  9. 9. In Car Town, the film’s trailer was able to be viewed by the players in an REG-branded, in-game, drive-in theatre. Also, the players were able to play a racing game around Rio de Janeiro which had been virtualised.
  10. 10. Places and missions were featured in the game too, which were based around the film’s plot, whilst letting players race alongside characters in the film and take part in a bank robbery.
  11. 11. REG allowed tickets in the game to be bought by the players through Fandango to be able to watch the movie in REG theatres.
  12. 12. A virtual 1970s Dodge Charger, which Diesel’s character uses in the actual film, was unlocked if tickets were bought in the game, through a given promotional code.
  13. 13. Across 37 states, Car Town’s partnership with the filmhad been promoted by REG theatres on the internet and through social-networking, whilst Universal promoted it through their own Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube websites.
  14. 14. In October 2011, over 200 million races claimed to have taken place in the virtual Rio de Janeiro during the six months of the campaign’s release. </li></li></ul><li>Step 5: Twitter Races<br /><ul><li>Universal held nine competitions where players had to follow selected twitter profiles.
  15. 15. Responses to questions given, as part of the competition, had to be sent by the players to “@FastFive” once a variety of hash-tag messages were given out.
  16. 16. An indication for players to get ready was “#F5Ready” and “#F5Set”, with the question being given at “#F5Go”.
  17. 17. Whoever responded first to “@FastFive” had the chance to win money or tickets to watch the film, and get bigger prizes. </li></li></ul><li>Step 6: Collaboration Between Universal and Dodge <br /><ul><li>To market the film, Universal and Dodge, an automobile manufacturing company, collaborated. Dodge supplied a number of Dodge Chargers to be able to be used in the film too.
  18. 18. Universal and Dodge’s collaboration throughout April 2011 (opening month of Fast Five) incorporated the movie on the Dodge Charger’s graphics, which was driven by Robby Gordon in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
  19. 19. Another promotion from Dodge was holding competitions where a Dodge Charger could be won and the opportunity for 200 winners, with Robby Gordon himself, to watch the film at a high-quality screening.</li></li></ul><li>Step 7: Merchandise<br /><ul><li>Dodge also offered branded products to be bought from the film’s website, such as mobile phone cases and bags. </li></li></ul><li>step 8: Promotional Partnerships with other automotive companies<br /><ul><li>General Tire, an off-road racing supplier, came up with sweepstakes (bets) for the movie for a chance to win a trip to the premiere in Brazil.
  20. 20. Memphis Car Audio Systems offered sweepstakes and the chance to win a trip to the premiere in Brazil as well. Their products were also featured in the movie.
  21. 21. Auto Trader Classics had their classic autos used in the film too. They promoted sweepstakes and an opportunity to win a short holiday in Los Angeles.
  22. 22. The NOS Energy Drinks company promoted the film through auto shows and car gatherings. Their name also represents the nitrous-oxide canisters which boosts speed. </li></li></ul><li>Step 9: Adidas<br /><ul><li>Adidas provided official footwear from the film.
  23. 23. Journeys, another footwear retailer, and Adidas teamed up to come up with the branded shoes.
  24. 24. If fans bought the footwear they had the opportunity to win a trip to the premiere held in Brazil. </li></li></ul><li>Step 10: Apps<br /><ul><li>Gameloft provided a racing simulator of Fast Five, which came out on April 28th 2011 on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
  25. 25. (preview of the game). </li></li></ul><li>Step 11: World Premiere<br /><ul><li>The world premiere of Fast Five in Rio de Janeiro was promoted by Dodge too.
  26. 26. Universal collaborated with a company called NowLive (an internet broadcast provider), which was relatively new, so that a live broadcast of the international premiere could be watched at on the film’s official website, Facebook page, and on
  27. 27. Also, the red-carpet event was watched by fans at theatres in ten cities prior to a high-quality screening of the actual movie. </li>