Human settlement


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It is the presentation regarding human settlements.

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Human settlement

  1. 1. EARLY HUMAN SETTELMENT • Water was the greatest determining factor of human settlement • That is why river valleys and areas surrounding fresh water lake become permanent settlement area for people all over the world • The place where surface water was not there people use WELL for there family and there animals
  2. 2. EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT TIMES • The fertile soil and regular supply of water enabled people to carry out agriculture activities • They do not live on one place for a very long time . They are nomads .They move from one place to another in search of food and water.
  3. 3. Type Of Settlement • Settlement refers to the action of people settling down and establishing themselves in an area. • It was started 1 million years ago when early humans who were spread all across Africa learnt to make use of fire and cook their food. • They spread widely across the warm and moist regions of Africa ,Europe, and Asia and after almost 15,000 years they began moving out to North America. • Between BC 500 and AD 1000 more people moved to Europe. • In the last 2 centuries millions of people have travelled to make their home in the Americas. • There are two types of settlement – 1. Permanent settlement 2. Temporary settlement
  4. 4. Permanent settlement • In permanent settlements, people make a permanent habitation and do not move out as all their requirement are met in that place. • It can therefore range in size from a small number of dwellings grouped together to the largest of cities with surrounding urbanized areas. • The term may include hamlets, villages, towns and cities. • It can be a city, town, village, or any other large group of many different things collected or brought together of building where people live and work.
  5. 5. TEMPORARY SETTLEMENT • A temporary settlement is a place in which people live for a short time. These people were somehow removed from their homes. War and natural disasters can cause temporary settlements to be built and utilized
  6. 6. BEDOUIN SETTLEMENT • Unrecognized Bedouin villages in Israel are rural Arab Bedouin communities in the Negev and the Galilee which the Israeli government does not recognize as legal. Often they are referred