Preparing for Release to the App Store


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This presentation will take on the perspective of the independent developer and what needs to be considered prior to releasing an App onto Apple’s App Store. While the information shared will be useful to larger companies and corporations, the assumed actor will be an individual one person does it all perspective (as larger companies would need to involve communications, marketing and legal representation for many of the steps to a successful launch). The presentation will include such topics as setting up a relationship with Apple, preparing for a web presence, and how to handle user feedback and suggestions. It will also go into device provisioning, pricing, and the use of promo codes when getting people to use your App for the first time.

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Preparing for Release to the App Store

  1. 1. Preparing for Release to theApp StoreGeoffrey L. Goetz
  2. 2. who is @ggeoffre?
  3. 3. @ggeoffreI have a blog...GigaOm’s - The Apple Blog wrote a book...Wiley and Son’s - Mastering JBuilder am standing in front of you...CodeMash - Sessions have long hair!
  4. 4. @ggeoffre F TMobile Architect at Compuware R AWriter for “The Apple Blog” (GigaOm)EntrepreneurDPreviously at Nationwide, Borland and ACTSCo-Author “Mastering JBuilder”
  5. 5. why are we here?
  6. 6. Why are we here... The global mobile applications market is expected to be worth $25.0 billion in2015, growing at a CAGR of 29.6% from 2010 to2015.
  7. 7. Why are we here... Although Android is likely to grow its smartphone market share faster,Apple will probably maintain a 70%+ share of mobileapp dollars spent over the next 3 or 4 years.Apple has about 85% to 90% market share of the totaldollars spent on mobile apps.Apple developers have made more than $3.4billion since 2011, compared with less than $240million for Google developers.
  8. 8. Why are we here... There are approximately 370,000iOS apps from 78,000 publishers withan average price of just $2.52 U.S. per app.While there may have been over 10 billion appdownloads, that number spreads the $2 billion thatApple has paid to publishers over its three-year lifespanvery thin.These numbers translate into an economy where thereis just over $8,500 per publisher per year to go around.
  9. 9. Good Artist Copy,Great Artist Steal.
  10. 10. lets get started!
  11. 11. to ^Taking an App from the Market Basics of Getting Started Creating a Relationship with Apple Field Testing Opportunities Submission to the App Store Managing User Feedback
  12. 12. Basics of Getting Started Research ‘Like’ Apps Human Interface Guidelines App Store Review Guidelines Templates, Tools and Napkins Procuring Test Devices Learning Xcode, Objective-C and iOS
  13. 13. Research ‘Like’ Apps
  14. 14. Research ‘Like’ AppsSearch TermCategoryDeviceRatingPopularity
  15. 15. Research ‘Like’ AppsGet a solid list of three toten ‘like’ Apps Read User Feedback on App Store Visit the App’s Web Sites Look for Blogger Reviews Watch YouTube Walkthroughs
  16. 16. Research ‘Like’ - a good source for the current state ofthe App store.
  17. 17. Research ‘Like’ - Great resource to see how otherApp developers have modified their pricing as well ashow often they release updates.
  18. 18. Research ‘Like’ AppsiTunes JSON Interface - Not only a good place to getinformation on competitors Apps, but also a great wayto keep data in sync between your web site and theApp store.
  19. 19. Human Interface Guidelines
  20. 20. Human Interface Guidelines #documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/ MobileHIG/
  21. 21. Human Interface GuidelinesFocus on the Primary Task Handle Orientation ChangesGive People a Logical Path to Make Targets Fingertip-SizeFollow Use Subtle Animation toMake Usage Easy and Obvious CommunicateMinimize the Effort Required for Support Gestures AppropriatelyUser Input Start InstantlyBe Succinct Always Be Prepared to StopUse UI Elements Consistently Don’t Quit Programmatically
  22. 22. App Store Review Guidelines
  23. 23. App Store Review Guidelines approval/guidelines.html
  24. 24. App Store Review GuidelinesLots of kids downloading lots of apps...If your app doesnt do something useful or provide someform of lasting entertainment, it may not be accepted...App looks like it was cobbled together in a few days...Content or behavior that Apple believe’s is over the line...Don’t run to the press, appeal to the Review Board...Unethical practice will result in expelled from thedeveloper program
  25. 25. Templates, Tools and Napkins
  26. 26. Templates, Tools and Napkins Graffletopia - Stencil Library for OmniGraffle speckyboy - PSD Stencils and Vector Images
  27. 27. Templates, Tools and Napkins UISketcher MockingPad Blueprint
  28. 28. Templates, Tools and Napkins
  29. 29. Procuring Test Devices
  30. 30. iOS ModelsiPhone iPod Touch iPad Original iPhone 1st Generation iPhone 3G 2nd Generation iPhone 3GS 3rd Generation iPhone 4 4th Generation iPad Source:
  31. 31. Timeline of iOS Models Source:
  32. 32. Historic Hardware ReleasesiPhone iPod Touch iPad June 29, 2007 Sept 5, 2007 July 11, 2008 Sept 9, 2008 June 19, 2009 Sept 9, 2009 June 24, 2010 Sept 8, 2010 April 3, 2010 Source:
  33. 33. Common FeaturesiPhone iPod Touch iPad Multitouch Multitouch Multitouch Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Accelerometer Accelerometer Accelerometer Source:
  34. 34. Unique FeaturesiPhone iPod Touch iPad GPS GPS* Magnetometer* Magnetometer Gyroscope* Gyroscope* Retina Display* Retina Display* Camera Camera* Source:
  35. 35. Learning Xcode, Objective-Cand iOS
  36. 36. Apple Developer ConnectionSDK DownloadsOnline DocumentationSupport ForumsWWDC Session Videos
  37. 37. Apple Developer ForumsApple ModeratorsApple EngineersFellow DevelopersVariety of Topics
  38. 38. Apple Developer VideosWWDC Session Videos iOS Mac Safari
  39. 39. iTunes University CoursesStanford UniversityCS193P iOS DevelopmentWinter 2010, Fall 2011
  40. 40. Creating an RelationshipStarting a New CompanyCreating a Corporate Developer AccountRoles within the Apple Developer ConnectionKeeping Everything Separate
  41. 41. Starting a New CompanyGet a Lawyer to draw up the papersRegister with your State of choice’s Secretary of StateRequest an EIN from the IRS for the CompanyConsult with a Tax advisor on how to fill out W9Establish a banking presence for the CompanyKeep Everything Separate!
  42. 42. Apple Developer Connection program/
  43. 43. Business RequirementsThe person enrolling on behalf of the company or organization musthave the legal authority to bind his or her company to any legalagreements that may be presented during the enrollment process ormembership year. This person may also need to provide businessdocuments including, but not limited to: Articles of Incorporation,Business License, etc. as part of our identity verification process.Apple may request the submission of business documentationincluding, but not limited to, Articles of Incorporation and BusinessLicense to verify your companys identity. Additionally, the referenceprovided during the enrollment process will be contacted to ensurethe enrolling developer has the legal authority to enroll the companyin the iOS Developer Program.
  44. 44. ADC Account RolesDevice - Can execute .ipa files built by members.Member - Can request the ability to build as well asbuild .ipa archives for distribution to devices.Administrator - Can approve requests (even theirown), to build .ipa archives for distribution to devicesAgent - Can submit apps to the app store and doeverything an Administrator can do.
  45. 45. iTunes Connect ContractsRequest Contracts - A listing of the types of contractyou can request based on the ADC programs you areregistered with.Contracts in Process - Contracts that you havestarted filling out information for, or are being reviewedby Apple.Contracts in Effect - Contracts that you have signedoff on and Apple has approved.
  46. 46. iTunes Connect SubmissionContact Info - Information about the Agent that issubmitting and signing for the contract with iTuensConnect.Bank Info - Information on how the funds generatedby the sale of the App are handled.Tax Info - Information that will be submitted with theIRS for tax purposes.
  47. 47. iTunes Connect DevelopmentGeneric Development - Basic sort of App with noadditional features that requires Apples involvement.Specialized Development - If the App you aredeveloping requires support for iCloud, GameCenter, orIn App Purchases.
  48. 48. Field Testing Opportunities Collecting Metrics in Development Using Xcode Instruments Provisioning Test Devices TestFlight for Distribution
  49. 49. Collecting Metrics in Development
  50. 50. Flurry Analytics
  51. 51. Flurry Analytics
  52. 52. Flurry Analytics Plan out your User Events. Think Checkpoint, not Data Collection. Use Parameters for Complex Events that have many Options. Can be used to see who has been testing what.
  53. 53. Using Xcode Instruments
  54. 54. What Apps Should Do• Start Quickly (Launch and Resume) - First Launch following Initial and Update Installs• What They Are Advertise To Do• Not Crash!
  55. 55. What Apps Should Do• Wrap Up Background Tasks Quickly• Use as Little Memory as Possible when Suspended• Resume as Quickly as Possible• Move Processing off of the Main Thread
  56. 56. What Apps Should Do* Taken From WWDC 2010 Session 131
  57. 57. Build and Analyze
  58. 58. Allocations Instrument
  59. 59. Leaks Instrument
  60. 60. Zombies Instrument
  61. 61. Time Profiler
  62. 62. Energy Diagnostics* Taken From WWDC 2010 Session 309
  63. 63. Provisioning Test Devices
  64. 64. Where to Test?• Writing Code in the Editor• On a Mac in the Simulator• On an iOS Device• In the Field Prior to Release• With Your Customers
  65. 65. Provisioning Test Devices Create a Provisioning Profile Download and install Certificates Build and Deploy Xcode Archives
  66. 66. Provisioning Test Devices Tools Xcode Organizer for iOS Devices and Profiles ADC Development Provisioning Portal ADC Development Provisioning Assistant Certificates WWDR Intermediate Certificate Developer Certificate Provisioning Profile Certificate
  67. 67. Xcode OrganizerPlug iOS Device into MacOpen Xcode OrganizerSelect the DeviceUse for DevelopmentSelect ProvisioningProfiles from LibraryClick New/Refresh
  68. 68. ADC iOS Provisioning Portal Manually Manage Devices Developers Profiles App IDs
  69. 69. When Things Go Wrong...Technical Note TN2250 - Understanding andResolving Code Signing Issues
  70. 70. TestFlight for Distribution
  71. 71. TestFlight Distribution
  72. 72. TestFlight Distribution Setup a free TestFlight account and create a team. Invite and gather the UDIDs from the team members. Add devices to your ADC Provisioning Profile. Build an .ipa archive in Xcode and upload to TestFlight. Distribute the build and manage the feedback.
  73. 73. TestFlight Distribution
  74. 74. Submission to the AppStore F T R AGenerating an App ID and CertificatesModifying the Xcode Project DPlanning a Release Date
  75. 75. Managing User FeedbackCreate a Web PresenceInstrument the App with User AnalyticsDownload Statistics and App Store RatingSocial Outlets, Email and User ForumsPlan for the Next Release
  76. 76. Create a Web PresenceGoDaddy Domain HostingWebHosting for Company, App and SupportBlog for Release UpdatesMeans to Collect User FeedbackYouTube a WalkthroughFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
  77. 77. TiWeb MobileMe GoDaddy F RA D domain-names-on-mobileme/
  78. 78. Flurry Analytics Plan out your User Events. Think Checkpoint, not Data Collection. Use Parameters for Complex Events that have many Options. Can be used to see what features users are actually using. Can be used to show
  79. 79. Flurry Analytics
  80. 80. Plan for the Next Releases Post Release Major Bug Fix Scope Out Additional Features Perhaps an iPad Version (universal) User Feedback Enhancements
  81. 81. iOS App ChecklistGet a Lawyer, File with State, Start Developing the AppRequest an EIN, Create BankAccount(s), Keep things Field Test the App withSeparate InstrumentsPurchase ADC Subscription, Beta Test the App through Ad-Setup iTunes Connect Hoc or TestFlight DistributionResearch Like Apps, Read Establish a Web Presencethe HIG for the App/CompanyStart Designing the App Submit the App to the App StoreLearn Xcode, iOS andObjective-C Respond to User Feedback