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Future of SaaS with HTML-5


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With Advent of HTML standards, the scope of web applications over native applications is increasing. Especially on mobile platform it will be a great change.

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Future of SaaS with HTML-5

  1. 1. Programmers are in a race with the Universe to create bigger and better idiot-proof programs The Universe is trying to create bigger and better idiots. So far the Universe is winning. --Anon
  2. 2. Future of SaaS with HTML-5 Ganesh Gembali Software Consultant
  3. 3. Story of a web page What is SaaS? New trends with HTML-5 Special package for mobiles from HTML-5 SaaS in mobile world Agenda
  4. 4. Story of a web page A page With text With cross linking Markup to beautify the page Scripting and DoM XMLHttpObject – Ajax HTML5 : WebSockets , Storage, ...
  5. 5. S oftware a s a S ervice
  6. 6. So what now with HTML-5?
  7. 7. HTML-5 is not everywhere :(
  8. 8. HTML-5 is there in 90%+ of smart phones :)
  9. 9. Mobile: web app vs native app
  10. 10. Why SaaS apps for mobile? Write once run any where One click install No barrier for new entrants Unlimited power No new frameworks Web is lot bigger than native app world
  11. 11. So what I wanted to say is …
  12. 12. Questions ???
  13. 13. Thank you... Email: