Workshop Resume Writing Tips


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Workshop Resume Writing Tips

  1. 1. Presenter: Dr. Kathryn Green
  2. 2. Dr. Kathryn Green ggcareerservices@gmail.com
  3. 3. Dr. Kathryn Green, Career Counselor and InstructorMasters Degree in Career Counseling Chapman UniversityDoctorate in Education with a Specialization in CIT Nova Southeastern UniversityCertificate in Virtual Worlds University of WashingtonAcademy Certified Resume Writer Enelow and Kusmark Resume Writing Academy.
  4. 4.  Worked as tenured Instructor and Career Counselor at a California Community College Served as the Program Facilitator for the College’s Assessment & Employment Center - program recognized as a California State Model Prior experience a job recruiter Clients are professionals, mature workers, career changers, and students
  5. 5.  Components of a resume will be discussed and useful tips in dealing with challenging presentation issues concerning education and work experience will be offered. The importance of a focused competency-based resume that establishes the foundation for a successful interview will be addressed.
  6. 6.  Introduction to the Resume Writing Process Career Focus ▪ Career Assessment (O*Net Interest Assessment) ▪ Job Descriptions (O*Net Job Information) ▪ Match your interest profile with job descriptions ▪ Education/Internships/Volunteer Work Resume Worksheet (Gather work experience information) Relevant Job Descriptions (Gather key words for resume)  Use O*Net Information Database Components Resume Writing Tips
  7. 7. Links to workshop materials we will be referring to during the seminar are available at: resumeworkshoplinks.html
  8. 8.  We differ in abilities, interests, and personalities. Every occupation requires a characteristic pattern of abilities, interests, and personality traits. Within each occupation are workers with varying degrees of these characteristics. Each of us is qualified for a number of occupations. Vocational preferences and skills, the situations in which we live and work, and our self-concepts change with time and experiences. These factors make choice and adjustment a continual process based on our maturity and lifestyle.
  9. 9. Resume writing is a process with anend-game in mind – FOCUS is key
  10. 10.  3 Steps to Career Life Planning  Career Assessment – Interests, Skills, Personality, Values ▪ Discover new career options ▪ Get confirmation (empowering) ▪ Clarify established goals (Example: sales – what product- people, data, things)  Occupational Exploration – Understand the requirements of the job  Action Planning – Education, Internship, Job Search, Financial Planning
  11. 11. See O*Net Center for Interest Assessment: Codes Assessment Results: R I A S E C R Realistic — Working with Things I Investigative — Working Conceptually A Artistic — Working Creatively S Social — Working with People E Enterprising — Working Persuasively C Conventional — Working with Data
  12. 12. Match Your Assessed Interests to theJob ProfileO*Net Center Sample – Software Developers, Applications Interest code: IRC Investigative — Working Conceptually Realistic — Working with Things Conventional — Working with Data
  13. 13. Match Your Assessed Interests to theJob ProfileO*Net Center Sample – Graphic Designers Interest code: ARE Artistic — Working Creatively Realistic — Working with Things Enterprising— Working Persuasively
  14. 14. Resume WorksheetSee Resume Worksheet at:
  15. 15.  Obtain your current and past job descriptions and/or resumes List your education/training degrees, certificates, workshops, and professional licenses (titles and dates) List your work experiences: employment-date, job title, company/organization, and job description details Identify relevant computer program skills – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Industry Specific Computer Programs, etc. List your professional organization memberships
  16. 16.  List any experience requiring skills gained through: internships volunteer work church work school functions committees child or adult care food preparation tax preparation organization/association worker family business political supporter event planner
  17. 17.  Active in Church Functions  Instrumental in Building and Staffing New Church ▪ Fund Raising ▪ Accounting ▪ Volunteer Coordinator ▪ Event Planning ▪ Public Relations ▪ Human Resources (hired new clergy) ▪ Architecture Design and Interior Design
  18. 18. Gather, Analyze, SelectRelevant Job DescriptionsCompare your experience with that required forthe job and obtain key words for your resume.(location or open/closed status is not an issue – weare gathering key words to use in the resume for thetype of job you are exploring)
  19. 19.  Obtain job descriptions for the type of jobs you wish to apply through:  human resource departments  Internet searches  Industry publications (library), etc. Obtain relevant O*Net job information: (The O*NET database contains information on hundreds jobs with occupation-specific descriptors)
  20. 20. Identify competencies needed toperform well on the job and toshowcase in your resume.
  21. 21. See sample O*Net Center job description for Software Developers,Applications*Net Center Job Information Components: task requirements tools and technology used knowledge, skills, and abilities needed work activities work styles competencies
  22. 22. SAMPLE TASKS: Software Developers, Applications Develop, create, and modify general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. Analyze user needs and develop software solutions. Design software or customize software for client use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency. May analyze and design databases within an application area, working individually or coordinating database development as part of a team. May supervise computer programmers.
  23. 23. Explore O*Net Related Occupations to identify additional skills you may have developed - example: have you provided user support or instructed othersSAMPLE RELATED OCCUPATIONS: Software Developers, Applications Computer User Support Specialists Mathematical Technicians Electronic Drafters Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians Computer Science Teachers, Postsecondary Etc.
  24. 24.  Obtain and use Common Competency Keywords found in the WORKSTYLES section in each O*Net job description when developing a resume.SAMPLE: Software Developers, Applications Analytical Thinking Attention to Detail Dependability Innovation Cooperation Achievement/Effort Independence Leadership. Persistence Initiative
  25. 25. Include these competencies in your resume – list any mentioned in the job descriptions first: Individual competencies - personal attributes Managerial competencies - taking charge Analytical competencies - decision making Interpersonal competencies - dealing with others Motivational competencies – taking the initiative
  26. 26.  Individual competencies - personal attributes: flexibility, decisiveness, tenacity, independence, risk taking, personal integrity Managerial competencies - taking charge of other people: leadership, empowerment, strategic planning, corporate sensitivity, project management, management control Analytical competencies - the elements of decision making: innovation, analytical skills, numerical problem solving, problem solving, practical learning, detail consciousness Interpersonal competencies - dealing with other people: communication, impact, persuasiveness, personal awareness, teamwork, openness Motivational competencies - the things that drive you: resilience, energy, motivation, achievement orientation, initiative, focus on quality.
  27. 27. See the following link for a sampleresume for a lead programmer
  28. 28. Resumes are promotional documentsApplications are legal documents
  29. 29.  Chronological - Jobs listed in reverse chronological order. This format is the most popular. Functional – Two part resume: Qualifications (work functions) and Work History (list of jobs, titles, dates). Combination – Relevant experience summarized at the top; additional jobs listed at the bottom. Curriculum Vitae - Summary of academic and professional history and achievements. May be 3+ pages - must demonstrate depth and breadth. Multimedia Portfolio - A multimedia Profile and Portfolio of achievements (images, video, audio).
  30. 30. A Functional Format may be useful in dealing with the following challenges. The individual has: qualifications but limited relevant experience relevant experience but not evident in the mix of other experience several similar work experiences require repeating the same information for each job too much relevant material requiring showcasing the most pertinent information
  31. 31.  Organize information for quick scanning. Include only relevant information. Use headings to showcase types of experience. It is important that the resume can be scanned quickly by the reader and that information is easily retrieved. Put most relevant experience on the first page Note: If education is supportive put at top (if relevance is unclear use descriptive titles, courses, etc.) – otherwise put at bottom Resumes are read top to bottom – left to right – put most relevant information at the top and on the left Use action verbs
  32. 32. Identify and use skills keywords that arerelevant to the job you are exploring byreviewing the job descriptionsUse numbers and percentages to describeaccomplishments
  33. 33.  After 5 years of under-plan results, grew overall sales 10%/year and profits 20+% (2 of 3 years) while reducing headcount 10% and holding expenses flat with 8%+ inflation. Increased sales productivity per headcount 35%. Outpaced market growth by 1%–2% in core products. Delivered revenue growth every year despite loss of a major product-line through spin-off.
  34. 34. Sales Growth12%10%8%6%4%2%0% 2009 2010 2011
  35. 35. Sales/Headcount$460$440$420$400$380$360$340$320 2009 2010 2011
  36. 36.  Cut employee turnover in half (20% to 11%) through intense focus on recruiting/hiring the right talent. Utilized Six Sigma methodologies to improve productivity and sales growth. Ranked #25 “Best Company to Work For” in South Africa (Deloitte survey), moving up 3 places in just 1 year.
  37. 37.  Increased sales 5% and profits 100% by restructuring Kenyan and Nigerian affiliates to local distributorships.
  38. 38. SAMPLE RESUME: Lead Programmer Programmer Analyst Tester Program Leader Virtual World Builder Virtual World Scripter Game Developer Innovative, achievement oriented software development and engineering program leader with 7 years of professional industry experience as a software engineer on both large programs and smaller research and development projects. Technical expert with diverse educational background in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Optical Sciences, 3D Video Game Development, and Virtual Worlds.
  39. 39. SAMPLE RESUME: Lead Programmer Possess a unique combination of experience and enthusiasm for collaborative virtual teamwork, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), virtual world technology, games and simulations, technical demonstrations, and training. Equally strong performer working independently and as a team player with excellent people skills and a natural ability to communicate team goals and specifications while maintaining an excellent working relationship with the customer.
  40. 40. Programming Languages Object Oriented Programming (OOP)  / C++ C PHP MySql Java JavaScript NetBeans ADA XML LSL  Scripting SLSoftware Packages  Visual Studio MS MFC DirectX NetBeans MATLAB GUI/Compiler ZEMAX InstallShield Professional DOORS WinCVS APEX
  41. 41. Degrees M.S. Optical Sciences, University, 2004 M.S. Electrical Engineering, University, 2000 B.S. Physics, University, 1998Certificates & Courses Certificate Virtual Worlds, University, 2010 Certificate Game Development, University, 2007
  42. 42. Degrees Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University, ABD (ABD = all but dissertation) M.S. Optical Sciences, University, Candidate B.S. Physics, University, 1998Certificates & Courses Certificate Virtual Worlds, University , In Progress
  43. 43.  (Note the effective list of work responsibilities from inception of project through maintenance) 7 years of practical experience designing, developing, documenting, testing, configuri ng, installing, debugging, troubleshooting software and systems. (Note the efficient way of summarizing a variety of virtual world experiences) Expertise harnessing 3D virtual world technology to develop interactive 3D virtual prototypes, meeting spaces for virtual collaboration, virtual classrooms, and innovative "edutainment" virtual training solutions.
  44. 44.  Skilled using Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), C++, MS Visual Studio, Java, and NetBeans . Expertise using MATLAB for complex data analysis projects. Adept at developing MATLAB GUIs for data visualization of real-world navigation and sensor test data. Worked extensively in configuration management controlled Integrated Product Team (IPT) environment and in the research and development (R&D) environment. Recognized ability to learn quickly and apply new skills.
  45. 45.  To find companies in your area that hire workers with your skills see the ACINET.ORG EMPLOYER LOCATOR database: graphic programmersSearch by Occupation: enter state where you want to apply for a job - CASelect occupational group: arts, design, entertainment, sports, mediaSelect occupation: graphic designersSelect industry group: computer systems design and related servicesSelect region: Santa AnaSelect city: Irvine 249 companies, Anaheim 96. Santa Ana 72, etc
  46. 46. Company information for the selected employer:(you may sort the results of the search by company size) Company Name: A2z Development Ctr Inc Key Contact: Kathy Chavez, Manager Street Address: 90 Pacifica Irvine, CA 92618-3312 Phone Number: (949) 680-1700 Web Site: Business Description: Computer-Software Developers Primary Industry: Custom Computer Programming Services Size of Employer: 20 - 49
  47. 47. Wishing all a health, happy, and prosperous New Year! Dr. Kathryn Green