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Glen Gatin Formal Oral Review


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presentation slides in support of my dissertation review process

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Glen Gatin Formal Oral Review

  1. 1. Glen Gatin Final Oral Review Keeping Your Distance: A basic social process
  2. 2. Agenda for this FOR• The project that I undertook for this dissertation• What I have learned• Contribution to knowledge
  3. 3. My Background and perspective• Canadian educator• Scholar/practitioner• New media evangelist
  4. 4. My Areas of Interest• Technology-mediated education• Manitoba, Canada• Other jurisdictions
  5. 5. New Paradigms• Rapid advancement of technology• Resulting social change• Changing locus of control for education
  6. 6. Current Research in Distance Education• Existing theoretical frameworks based on old understandings of industrial education• Field is evolving rapidly• Need new theories
  7. 7. Grounded Theory• What is grounded theory?• Why did I decide to use it?• How does it work?• How did I apply the method?
  8. 8. Grounded theory• A way to look at areas from a participant’s perspective• A way to minimize preconceptions• Answers the question, “What are people really working on?• For new or rapidly emerging fields
  9. 9. Grounded theory is• Explanatory theory• An integrated set of concepts organized around a core variable• Not concerned with validity or verification
  10. 10. Why I decided to use grounded theory• Dissatisfaction with other research methods• Opportunity to discover theory• Promise of meaningful contribution to knowledge
  11. 11. Criteria for a grounded theory• Fit• Grab• Generalizability• Modifiability
  12. 12. All is Data “Mention a hospital and everyone has an experience to tell and often cannot be stopped until they do”• Formal interviews• Observation• Collegial comments• Literature from the substantive area• Slices of data
  13. 13. Keeping Your Distance• People regulate distance, physical and representative, in their everyday lives.• People use strategies to control physical, emotional, and psychological distance and to conserve personal energy.• People use a personalized algorithm of engagement.
  14. 14. Distancing for Physical Safety• Most basic form of this response• Related to survival• People use physical distance as a proxy for emotional and psychological distance
  15. 15. Emotional Distancing• Protect your heart• Defense mechanisms• Not an aberration but a normal response• Default to distance
  16. 16. Distancing for autonomy• Self-determination• Response to chaos• Also applies on a collective level
  17. 17. Distancing for energy conservation• Social engagement costs and benefits• ROI of lost causes• Internet distance has a new quality
  18. 18. Strategies• Physical distancing• Symbolic distancing• Internalizing and compartmentalizing
  19. 19. Algorithm of Keeping Your Distance• KYD response is mitigated• Skin thickness• Wind chill factor
  20. 20. • Steven Strogatz clip
  21. 21. CovarianceMitigating Factors Strategies Consequences Conditions
  22. 22. Applications of this Theory• Technology-mediated education• No Creepy Tree-house• KYD in other settings
  23. 23. Implications of this Theory• Respect for people’s desire to maintain distance• Pull, don’t push• Notions of distance are changing.
  24. 24. Invitation to the wiki• A grounded theory is modifiable•• Interested in the potential that others see• Under-represented populations• Critical pedagogy
  25. 25. Conclusion• Thanks for coming• Questions, comments?