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Emerging Training Delivery Trends, Dr. Fred Lang, former CLO, Dept. of Commerce


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Emerging Training Delivery Trends,
Dr. Fred Lang,
April 10, 2013 Spring Federal Strategies Wrkshop
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Emerging Training Delivery Trends, Dr. Fred Lang, former CLO, Dept. of Commerce

  1. 1. 1Emerging TrainingDelivery TrendsDr. Fred LangApril 10, 2013
  2. 2. 22Interagency ChiefLearning OfficerCouncil• In 2005, I founded a community ofpractice group which evolved intothe Interagency Chief LearningOfficer Council• We established two goals forgroup collaboration:o Find ways to save taxpayer funding fortrainingo Find innovative ways to engage thelearner• After retirement from the FederalGovernment in 2012, I amcontinuing to find ways to furtherthese goals
  3. 3. 33Earlier in My Career• I taught graduate and doctoralclasses in the classroom and the“clicks & mortar ” online classroomfor over 25 years at the Universitylevel• I was an Investment Counselor forMerrill Lynch for over two years• As an adjunct professor, I observedthe power of online learning andwitnessed its evolution from the1990s• As an investment Counselor, Ilearned how to recognize markettrends
  4. 4. 44Recognizing MarketIndicatorsConsumerSpendingNew HousingUnitsManufacturingOutputFundamentals&TechnicalMovements
  5. 5. 55IndicatorsFederal GovernmentFederal budgetsare being cut&Furloughssalaries frozenAgencies arenot fillingvacancies&working fromhomeGovernmenttravel down by$2 Billion(OMB 2/2013)Programs arebeing cutThe New Normal
  6. 6. 66The Cost of a ClassroomTraining Event5 – dayclassroomcourse25 travel toDC & 5 arelocalTraininglocation is aFederalBuildingApproximatecost:$55,000
  7. 7. 77US Department of EducationReport in 201050separate study effectsof learning wereanalyzed whichincluded43drawn from older learners
  8. 8. 88US Department of EducationReport in 2010“Students in onlineconditions performedmodestly better, onaverage, than thoselearning the samematerial throughtraditional face-to-face instruction.”
  9. 9. 99US Department of EducationReport in 2010“Instruction combiningonline and face-to-face elements had alarger advantagerelative to purely face-to-face instructionthan did purely onlineinstruction.”
  10. 10. 1010What’s Out• Large budgets– for classroom course delivery– for travel– for conferences and fully face-to-face events
  11. 11. 1111What’s In• More use of instructor-led online learningdelivery• Multiple technology delivered platforms• Virtual conferences
  12. 12. 1212DialogueNew Learning StrategiesInnovativeIdeasCollaborationCreativity
  13. 13. 1313Questions?