International Student Program


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International Student Program

  2. 2. Where’s Winnipeg?
  3. 3. Where are we in Winnipeg? St. James-Assiniboia
  4. 4. ISP Team
  5. 5. FACTS ABOUT WINNIPEGPopulation of Winnipeg – 712,700 (2007)Winnipeg has long been one of the most multicultural communities in CanadaOver 100 languages spoken by the people who live hereAverage summer temperature: +26 degrees C (+78.8 F)Average winter temperature: -12 Celsius (+10.4 degrees Fahrenheit)Winnipeg is one of the sunniest places in Canada, receiving over 2,300 hours of sunlightannually, and has clear skies more than any other city in Canada.
  6. 6. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WINNIPEG•Safe & Affordable• Our cost of living is inexpensive: our standard of living is high•World class arts and culture•Internationally renowned ballet company, world-class symphony•Three professional sports teams(Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Winnipeg Goldeyes)•Provincial Nominee Program
  7. 7. Airport Greetings
  8. 8. Where have the students come from? Asia China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam Europe Oceania Austria ,Germany, Italy, AustraliaIreland, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland North America Central America Mexico, United States Costa Rica South America Brazil, Chile, Colombia
  9. 9. What does International Student Program have to offer? Academic Excellence Short & Long Term Organized Cultural Programs Activities Programthroughout the YearUniversity Prep In-School SupportSupportive Homestays English as an (In-house) Additional Language Wide Variety of Courses
  10. 10. High School (Grade 9-12)John Taylor Collegiate (AP) St. James CollegiateWestwood Collegiate (IB) Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate (IB)
  11. 11. Student Timetable       1 EN10Fd EN10Fd EN10Fd EN10Fd EN10Fd 8:30  am. Ms.  C.  Stroppa   Ms.  C.  Stroppa   Ms.  C.  Stroppa   Ms.  C.  Stroppa   Ms.  C.  Stroppa   2 SC200Fd 206 SC200Fd 206 SC200Fd 206 SC200Fd 206 SC200Fd 206 9:41  am. Miss  M.  Pragg Miss  M.  Pragg Miss  M.  Pragg Miss  M.  Pragg Miss  M.  Pragg 3 MA20SPb 305 MA20SPb 305 MA20SPb 305 MA20SPb 305 MA20SPb 305 10:55  am. Mrs.  R.  German Mrs.  R.  German Mrs.  R.  German Mrs.  R.  German Mrs.  R.  German 4 213 Lunch 213 Lunch 213 Lunch 213 Lunch 213 Lunch 12:03  pm Break Break Break Break Break 5 FN20Gd FN20Gd FN20Gd FN20Gd FN20Gd 1:11  pm. Mrs.  L.   Mrs.  L.  Laubenstein Mrs.  L.  Laubenstein Mrs.  L.  Laubenstein Mrs.  L.  Laubenstein Laubenstein F&  N F&  N F&  N F&  N 6 IRS_S1e F&  N IRS_S1e IRS_S1e IRS_S1e IRS_S1e 2:22  pm. Ms.  R.  Rokosh Ms.  R.  Rokosh Ms.  R.  Rokosh Ms.  R.  Rokosh Ms.  R.  Rokosh 7 3:33  pm.Semester Systems High School (Grade 9-12)1st Semester (September-January) Middle School ( Grade6-8)2nd Semester (February-June) Elementary School (K-Grade 5)
  12. 12. Courses Vocational Programs Aviation, Jewelry Arts, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Power Mechanics, Electronics, Welding, Woods French / Spanish Volunteer Community Service CertificateMusic, Theatre & Fine Hockey / Sports Arts Academy Business Seminar in Business, Retailing, Promotion, Career Pre-Engineering / Bio-Tech Development, Management Advanced Placement / IB Programs
  13. 13. EAL Support
  14. 14. School Life
  15. 15. Integrated SystemsTechnology (IST)Pre-EngineeringBio-Tech Business Studies Accounting Management Retailing Start Your Own Business Seminar in Business
  16. 16. Computer LabsInteractive TechnologyComputer ScienceDigital Film MakingDigital PicturesDigital Imaging/Video3D AnimationDesktop Publishing
  17. 17. PhotographyMedia Production Graphic Arts
  18. 18. Aviation
  19. 19. Culinary Arts
  20. 20. Clothing, Housingand Design Art Major
  21. 21. Performing Arts ProgramsMusic Band / Jazz BandMusic Choral / Vocal JazzDance Modern / Dance Ballet
  22. 22. Musical Programs Guitar – Rock Band Music Wind Ensemble Musical Theatre Music Choral Music Band Jazz Band Vocal Jazz Keyboarding Advanced
  23. 23. Musical Theatre Productions( Full
  24. 24. Sports Academy( Full credit course for high level athleticinstruction and training in a variety ofsports Athletic Programs)
  25. 25. Recreation Management and Athletic Leadership
  26. 26. The vision of the St. James Hockey Academy is to provide students with an experiencethat will allow them to improve their skill sets both academically and athletically. TheAcademy creates a dynamic environment infused with multiple curricular options toimprove hockey skills and future healthy lifestyles.
  27. 27. Extracurricular Activities
  28. 28. School Spirit Activities•School Dances•Fashion Show•Variety Show•30 Hour Famine•Ski Trips•Spirit Week•Youth in Philanthropy•Human Rights Group
  29. 29. Individual and Team Sports
  30. 30. University of Manitoba University of Winnipeg Red River College Province of
  31. 31. Graduation
  32. 32. International Student Program Monthly Activities Sporting Events Canadian Cooking Arts, Musical and and Living Events Theatre Events Manitoba Canadian CulturalLegislative Building Events Tour Volunteer Events Outdoor Activities Multicultural Restaurant Dinners
  33. 33. Canadian Cooking and Living Orientation
  34. 34. Cultural Activities
  35. 35. Homestay Experience
  36. 36. Winnipeg Homes
  37. 37. Friendly Manitoba
  38. 38. Community Involvement