What Is Positive Leadership


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Information on the Positive Leadership Model

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What Is Positive Leadership

  1. 1. What is Positive Leadership™? ‘Good leaders create more economic value than poor leaders and extraordinary leaders create significantly more economic value than the rest.’ Positive Leadership™ is a proprietary leadership strategy which helps organisations and leaders (at all levels within the organisation) excel under pressure. Positive Leadership™ aligns closely with business strategy to drive higher levels of performance across an organisation. Positive Leadership™ brings people together around a shared purpose and empowers them to step up and lead in such a way as to create value for all stakeholders. Those who embrace Positive Leadership™ are authentic and passionate individuals whose work is shaped by a strong, ‘values-based’ foundation. Research has shown that organisations which are ‘value-driven’ fundamentally increase their prospects of high performance. Organisations that take the trouble to ensure that their values are shared widely are those most likely to achieve long term commercial and social sustainability. There are eight fundamental principles of Positive Leadership™: 1. Positive Leadership™ is a choice, an act of the mind and the will. It is a continual commitment that individuals make to themselves, over and over again. 2. Positive Leadership™ necessitates that organisations and those within the organisation have values, ideals, standards and integrity. The source of energy comes from these values and allows individuals to lead by example in a way that inspires others. 3. Those within a Positive Leadership™ culture show great fortitude, development of character and depth of capabilities. Positive Leadership™ recognises that winning generates momentum, but character sustains it. 4. Positive Leadership™ requires individuals to have a clear sense of purpose, for themselves and for their organisation. With a clear sense of purpose, they can set goals and develop skills aligned with that purpose. With this in mind, Positive Leadership™ allows individuals to do certain things particularly well:  set direction (vision, customers, future)  demonstrate personal character (integrity, habits, trust, analytical thinking)  mobilise individual commitment (engage, inspire and influence others) © Positive Leadership Limited 2010 1
  2. 2.  engender organisational capability (build teams, manage change)  thrive on and excel under pressure, continually raising performance to higher levels (mental toughness - the ability to control stress, motivation, and self-belief and to focus under pressure). 5. Those who understand Positive Leadership™ create achievable dreams that others want to share. Their passion can compel others to make things happen. 6. Positive Leadership™ encourages individuals who are determined and never let up until they reach their dream. They are resilient and therefore do better after they fail and learn from their mistakes. 7. Positive Leadership™ recognises the importance of constant debriefing. Such self- reflection is the source of self-awareness, development and personal growth. 8. Positive Leadership™ recognises that impact is magnified through service to others. The principles of Positive Leadership™ are the foundation for the values which underpin the Positive Leadership™ model. These core values create enormous energy in both organisations and individuals practising Positive Leadership™ and sit easily alongside the existing values of the organisation. However, values are only meaningful if they lead to desired results (ie financial and non- financial results which are strategic, balanced, lasting and selfless). Attributes without results are about as valuable as a playbook without playing the game. Results focus on ends, not means. Positive Leadership™ is about achieving business outcomes, not just having the right values. Positive Leadership™ therefore aligns closely with business strategy to drive higher levels of performance across an organisation. Leaders focused on achieving results which are aligned with the overall strategic plan for the business must articulate what they need accomplished, so that no value exists in isolation from a specific desired result. Values inform results when individuals ask the question: What is the right thing to do in this case. When they find a clear answer to this question, individuals produce lasting results. A Positive Leadership™ culture within an organisation allows individuals to maintain their poise and performance at all times, even in situations of pressure. Individuals within such an organisation recognise that these are times of both danger and opportunity and they maintain a constant, laser-like focus on winning in the marketplace. They become winners because they are both competitive and courageous in turning the challenges of a crisis to their advantage. Beyond that, they are passionate about using their leadership to make a difference. © Positive Leadership Limited 2010 2
  3. 3. The Positive Leadership™ game plan for winning therefore provides a seamless link between:  the values of Positive Leadership™ , and  the strategically aligned results which must flow from these values, and  the ability to sustain these values and deliver these results, even when under pressure. It is therefore the combination of values held and results delivered, regardless of circumstance, which distinguishes Positive Leadership™. The values which underpin the Positive Leadership™ model and which enable leaders throughout the organisation to deliver desired results, even under pressure, are shown below: THE VALUES OF ‘THE FUTURE BELONGS POSITIVE LEADERSHIP™ EXCELLENCE TO LEADERS WHO WANT UNDER TO WIN, WITHOUT EVER PRESSURE LOSING TRACK OF THEIR OWN VALUES.’ CONFIDENCE MENTAL JEFF IMMELT, CEO, AND TOUGHNESS GENERAL ELECTRIC POISE OPENNESS SELF- RESILIENCE AND DISCIPLINE COMMUNICATION FRIENDSHIP INFLUENCE TEAM AND ACCOUNTABILITY AND SPIRIT COMPASSION RESPECT INITIATIVE COMPETENCE VISION PURPOSE AND JUDGEMENT CURIOSITY PASSION DETERMINATION HARD INTEGRITY AND HONESTY AND CHARACTER WORK ATTITUDE ENERGY © Positive Leadership Limited 2010 © Positive Leadership Limited 2010 3
  4. 4. The Positive Leadership™ model is built on six inter-dependant levels, each containing a number of closely related and complimentary Positive Leadership™ values. The model is supported by a constant self-improvement process and an understanding that, in the words of Sir Winston Churchill; ‘You make a living by what you earn, but you make a life by what you give’. Since leadership is plural and since leaders are made rather than born, those who aspire to the values of Positive Leadership™ are able to develop the attributes and skills necessary to become outstanding leaders, regardless of where they sit in the organisation.  Level 1: The essential qualities of authenticity. These values include the cornerstones of Positive Leadership™, namely integrity and character, which support all other values. The most important Positive Leadership™ value is integrity. True integrity (as opposed to ‘integrity by compliance’) is the keystone of leadership; it is the congruence between what you say and what you do. This level of the model recognises that leadership is about authenticity rather than style.  Level 2: The engine room of performance and experience. Everyone has to have a purpose in life, and every organisation has to have a larger purpose. Purpose is therefore at the heart of the Positive Leadership™ philosophy and is surrounded by a number of other values which allow great leaders to make the right decisions.  Level 3: The bridge to followership. This level of the model encapsulates the values which allow great leaders to operate in collaborative rather than a ‘command and control’ mode. Effective leaders reward dissent, as well as encourage it. They understand that whatever momentary discomfort they experience as a result of being told from time to time that they are wrong is more than offset by the fact that reflective backtalk increases a leader's ability to make good decisions.  Level 4: The keys to competing successfully. In the modern workplace there may be no more important attributes (for both the organisation and individuals in the organisation) than the ability to deal with disappointment, focus amidst distraction and demonstrate values through action. This level of the model reinforces the three foundation levels by acknowledging the importance of learning from mistakes and failure, maintaining an open dialogue to build followership and recognising that good values are no use unless an individual has the discipline to convert those values into consistent actions. © Positive Leadership Limited 2010 4
  5. 5.  Level 5: The winning edge. The market is the ultimate test or competitive arena for those who share the values of Positive Leadership™. Preparing to win and win consistently in such an arena requires exceptional talent, preparation and support. Being a successful competitor in business is at the heart of leadership, in the same way that it is in sport. This level of the model draws extensively on lessons from elite sport and recognises the importance of developing the ability to thrive under pressure and use the competitive arena as a source of advantage over others.  At each level of the model, and regardless of where an individual sits in the organisation, those aspiring to hold the values of Positive Leadership™ are challenged to seek self-improvement through constant debriefing and to recognise the wider contribution which their individual leadership role can have in improving the life of others.  Level 6: Taken together, the values of Positive Leadership™ allow those who embrace such a culture to excel under pressure. It is the combined effect of leaders throughout the organisation exhibiting the values of Positive Leadership™ that allows the organisation to outperform its competition. This is the hallmark of Positive Leadership™ in action. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Positive Leadership Limited (www.positiveleadership.co.uk and http://positiveleadershiplimited.blogspot.com) is a strategic leadership consulting firm, serving clients based mainly in the UK and USA. We focus on increasing the ‘quality of leadership’ at every level in an organisation, so that business stakeholders can be confident that these leaders will deliver the right results, the right way. We build Positive Leadership™ ‘brand’. Positive Leadership Limited advises its clients on:  the practical implementation of Positive Leadership™ strategy,  the development and alignment of business strategy with Positive Leadership™ strategy, and  the delivery of desired results from aligned strategies. We also mentor and coach individuals within client organisations who wish to develop and exhibit Positive Leadership™ values. © Positive Leadership Limited 2010 5