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The Positive Leadership Approach


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The Positive Leadership Approach

  1. 1. ThePositive Leadership Approach to High ©Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  2. 2. Executives need to stop worrying simply about whether their company will survive, and start creating reasons why it should.Times are tough for most businesses. Aggressive competition, new technologies, global markets,demanding customers, disengaged employees and a severe downturn in the economy are puttingunprecedented pressure on many companies, which must rethink the way they do business in order tosurvive and prosper.Positive Leadership ( advises such companies. Our clients come to usbecause they are facing a defining moment – a challenge or an opportunity that forces them to rethink howthey do business. We help define a response to the challenge which is both robust and designed to build astronger and more capable company.We believe that the results currently achieved in an organisation are not delivered by chance. And althoughinfluenced by factors outside its control (not the least of which is the current economic crisis), they also havea great deal to do with factors within its control – most notably the interaction between business strategy,leadership practices and operational capability. ©Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  3. 3. We know that a clearly defined and well communicated vision and strategy, executed and ‘lived’ byoutstanding leaders and high performing teams, within a culture of shared values, are the essentialcomponents required of businesses which wish to deliver better results than they are achievingtoday.However, achieving and aligning perfectly these different components – especially in high pressuresituations - can be a challenge for many organisations. Often, there is a focus on one or twoparticular areas, but to consistently achieve exceptional outcomes all these components must be inplace and operating at their maximum potential.Positive Leadership works with leaders to deliver sustainable bottom-line, measurable results. Wefocus on each and every component required to deliver business excellence and ensure they are all alignedperfectly. Typically, we do this by:• REAL TIME OBSERVATION AND DEBRIEFING• FACILITATED DIALOGUE• DIAGNOSTIC QUESTIONNAIRES AND FEEDBACK• TEAM COHESION ANALYSIS• MENTORING OF INDIVIDUAL LEADERS OR TEAMS DURING SPECIFIC HIGH PRESSURE EVENTS• ADVISING ON AN END-TO-END BASIS - VISION, STRATEGY, EXECUTION, REVIEW• TAILORED ENGAGEMENTS THAT FOCUS ON EACH SPECIFIC COMPONENT, eg:  STRATEGIC FOCUS, PLANNING AND COMMUNICATION – a bespoke engagement, based around real business issues and priorities, working with a client’s senior leadership team, that includes advice around:  What success looks like for them  What results do they want to achieve  The direction they wish to take the business  The steps required to position the organisation for success  The availability/non-availability of people and resources  A communication programme  EXECUTION OF STRATEGY – translating the marriage of leadership and business strategy into action. This advisory engagement is targeted at an organisation’s senior leaders, and includes:  Defining what good leadership looks like for their organisation  Creating dialogue and shared commitment to facilitate achievement  Orientating activity towards the bottom line (ie a deliberate ‘business’ focus)  Disseminating leadership throughout the organisation  Building teams of leaders and leaders of teams  Connecting roles and jobs to the vision and strategy ©Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  4. 4.  VALUES TRANSFORMATION – defining and embedding the desired positive leadership values into everyday interactions, throughout the organisation and against the background of real business issues and priorities. The Positive Leadership team works with leaders at all levels of an organisation to ensure complete integration and longevity of the values, through:  Defining the Values of Positive Leadership™ and understanding their meaning  Demonstrating the effects of positive leadership behaviour  Building trust  Establishing clarity and alignment of company, team and personal goals  Raising understanding of what and how individuals need to contribute  Considering a reward/penalty system  Developing a roll-out plan How good are your leaders at delivering sustained business excellence?Having outstanding leaders throughout an organisation, capable of executing the strategy and drivingextraordinary performance, is the ‘glue’ to delivering sustainable improvements in competitiveness andbusiness performance.Working with Positive Leadership, forward-thinking organisations recognise that by investing in andsupporting high performing leadership teams, results can be seen not only within the organisation, in termsof increased levels of engagement, retention and motivation, but also at the bottom-line, in the form ofimproved, measurable results.They are doing something about it. Are you?At Positive Leadership, we have a strong track record of working successfully with organisations inboth the private and public sectors to help their leaders and leadership teams deliver business excellencein high pressure situations. Detailed resumes for our principals can be found at find out how Positive Leadership can work to improve leadership performance in yourorganisation, please contact us today: Graham Watson – E: M: +44 (0)7774 883 103 Lee Torbet – E: M: +44 (0)7976 841 889 Gavin Hastings – E: M: +44 (0)7802 212 121 ©Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  5. 5. Positive Leadership is a strategic leadership and corporate advisory firm.We help clients solve business critical issues, accelerate growth and improve financial performance. We equip leaders at all levels with the values, confidence and skills necessary to succeedconsistently in high pressure environments. We support the development of innovative, principledand insightful leaders. Our values-based leadership strategy enhances corporate finance strategy, thereby optimising business results. The Values of Positive Leadership™ Leadership throughout an organisation ©Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  6. 6. The 5 Levels of Leadership (Jim Collins) Leadership throughout an organisation The 5 Levels of Leadership (John Maxwell) Leadership throughout an organisation©Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  7. 7. ©Positive Leadership Limited 2011