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Global Management Challenge in Scotland


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The Global Management Challenge is the largest Strategy and Management Competition for Students in the world.

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Global Management Challenge in Scotland

  1. 1. Global Management Challenge (‘GMC’) GMC is the largest strategy and management competition in the world ( More than 480,000 university students and company managers have already participated in this annual event in over 40 countries throughout the world. GMC was designed (and continues to be developed) by Edit 515 Limited, a company formed by five lecturers and research fellows in the Department of Operational Research at Strathclyde University. Global Management Challenge Limited (‘GMCL’) is now introducing GMC into Scotland ( GMC consists of a leading edge management simulation in which each team runs a manufacturing company over a period of decision making cycles during the academic year, with the objective of getting the highest company share price on the simulated stock exchange. GMC internationally is supported by a wide range of corporate partners, including Accenture, Santander, Siemens, The Boston Consulting Group, Astra Zeneca, HSBC, Ernst & Young, Barclays, EDP, Mercedes Benz and NYSE Euronext. The GMC Concept Identify talented, committed and ambitious students as potential employees Ongoing assessment and mentoring Communicate culture and values Unique PR within the university and college population Broad media coverage Excellent employer branding: company presentations at all events company stand/marketing materials at all events full media coverage radio interviews newspaper interviews logo and company profile on GMC and GMCL websites Benefits to Corporate PartnersThe concept of GMC is to promote and provide opportunities for the corporate business community to worktogether with university students who wish to participate in the challenge.Previous history shows that the students actively embrace this project with a real enthusiasm and desire towin, whilst gaining invaluable business experience.Each team is sponsored and named after the company sponsoring them. The sponsoring company can haveas many teams as it wishes. Each country worldwide has around 450 students actively participating in GMCeach year.After a period of local ‘knock out’ rounds, there is a National Final where the participating teams compete towin a place in the International Final.
  2. 2. Recruitment Opportunities for Corporate PartnersPartners can use GMC as part of their strategic recruitment process. They will be able to identify potentialrecruits by working closely with the students throughout the whole GMC process. Working with thesestudents over a period of months will give partners an insight into the potential ability, character andpersonality of the students in their teams, as well as evidence of their ability to work under pressure; allvery valuable parts of the recruitment process, which are not always evident over a series of interviews. Benefits to Participants Students challenge themselves in a realistic and competitive business environment Opportunity to connect with progressive, dynamic businesses Demonstrate a positive, ambitious attitude Leadership Teambuilding Planning & decision making experience Understanding Accounts Financial Modelling For further information please contact GMCL at: © Global Management Challenge Limited 2012