Defining Your Positive Leadership Strategy


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Defining Your Positive Leadership Strategy

  1. 1. DEFINING YOUR POSITIVE LEADERSHIP STRATEGYRegardless of economic conditions, it is mission critical to high performance that an organisationpossess strong and positive leadership at all levels of its structure. Developing such leadership isessential to meeting the evolving needs, strategies and goals of the business while effectively solvingthe problems of low profitability and productivity and poor levels of employee morale, wellbeingand retention.Progressive organisations achieve this outcome by defining a leadership strategy that drives andoptimises their business objectives and strategies. These organisations recognise the commercialvalue of having an integrated, values based leadership platform to attract, develop, leverage andretain their top talent for competitive success.The Values of Positive Leadership™ are the keys to unlocking your strategy for delivering highperformance and optimum results, even under pressure. POSITIVE LEADERSHIP STRATEGY An integrated platform to attract, develop and retain top talent for competitive success PLAN FOR SUCCESS ATTRACT, DEVELOP AND RETAIN TRANSFER WISDOM TOP (LEADERSHIP) TALENTVALUES STRATEGY COMPETENCIES ASSESS AND PERFORMANCE ENGAGE AND CAREER SUCCESSION SELECT FEEDBACK DEVELOP DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENTVALUES Imperatives for corporate cultureto agree  Leading with the Values of Positive Leadership™ - a prioritised listing ofpurpose what is important to both the organisation and the leader (an integration of organisation, individual and Positive Leadership values) - is imperative to bring about end results that resonate positively with all stakeholders.STRATEGY Setting the foundation for successto plan  Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time is key tostructure ensuring sustained success. We start with the desired outcome(s) and work with you to lay out a comprehensive strategic plan that will support corporate goals.©Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  2. 2. KEY Identify the skills that drive successCOMPETENCIESto define  Making sure that the supply of qualified talent matches demand requires arequired skills structure to identify the skills and competencies to hire for and develop.ASSESS AND Assessing competenceSELECT  Whether you are hiring a new leader, assessing for promotion, investingfor best in development or planning a recruitment campaign, assessing capabilitycapabilities against agreed competencies and values will promote sound and defensible decisions.PERFORMANCE Managing leadership performanceFEEDBACK  A well designed performance management and appraisal system is criticalfor better to ensuring high workplace productivity. Achieve better levels of successproductivity by incorporating specific leadership metrics and feedback into existing processes.ENGAGE AND Developing competenceDEVELOP  Developing targeted positive leadership learning and development toolsfor on-going and programmes to address gaps in performance or to prepare for newimprovement challenges is essential for ensuring organisational health and an engaged leadership community.CAREER Preparing for new challengesDEVELOPMENT  Effective career planning and development depends on a strongfor new partnership between the leader and the organisation. To ensure thatchallenges there is an alignment of positive leadership skills and behaviours with the needs of the organisation, companies must provide appropriate resources and infrastructure to support attaining performance and career goals.©Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  3. 3. SUCCESSION Ensuring sustained successMANAGEMENT  Succession plans are key to ensuring an organisation’s on-goingfor critical excellence. Effective succession planning involves a structured approachroles to forecasting and planning for changes in an organisation’s leadership, due to both personal and strategic demands.FOR PROGRESSIVE ORGANISATIONS WHO WANT TO ACQUIRE, DEVELOP, LEVERAGE ANDRETAIN LEADERSHIP TALENT, POSITIVE LEADERSHIP LIMITED CAN HELP YOU DEVELOP ASOLUTION THAT IS FLEXIBLE, INTEGRATED, COST-EFFECTIVE AND TARGETED TO YOURUNIQUE NEEDS AND BUSINESS OBJECTIVES.OUR ADVICE WILL ENSURE THAT YOUR ORGANISATION ACHIEVES WINNING RESULTS BASEDON THE POSITIVE LEADERSHIP APPROACH TO HIGH PERFORMANCE. For more information, please see our web site: or contact: (+44 (0)7774 883 103)©Positive Leadership Limited 2011