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Geraiku Company Profile


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Geraiku is a technology company that is serving traditional retailers access to its 5 pillars that include education, technology, market, supply and funding.

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Geraiku Company Profile

  1. 1. Reinventing Retail Geraiku Company Profile
  2. 2. About Geraiku: PT. Geraiku Indonesia Digital Founded / 3 November 2017 Total Funding / IDR 3,5bn. Head Office / Jakarta, Indonesia Business Focus / Hyper-Local E-Commerce, SAAS, Retail B2B2C Brands / Geraiku, Mitra Geraiku, ToyDistro Key Partners / Triplogic, TC Invest, Malko, Orang Tua Group, Unilever, Mayora, GMS Reinventing retails by simplifying the supply chain process and rewards the underserved retailers and producers through fair-trade aggregated using technology. INDONESIA TRADITIONAL RETAILS 70% FMCG SALES 3.064.353 STORES *) Nielsen, Oct. 2015 AVG. STORE TRIP/WEEK 4.5Xs IDR 25.000/TRIP *) Nielsen TRADITIONAL STORES CONTRIBUTION TO FMCG 80% CASH TRANSACTIONS 90% STORES LACKED OF CAPITAL FOR GROWTH Access to Capital Access to Market Access to Supplies Access to Tech PILLARS FOR ECONOMIC SUPPORT BY GERAIKU TO ITS RETAILER MEMBERS GERAIKU WIN-WIN MODEL Consumer Retailer SMB/SME Logistics Producer Finance Institute Cheaper Goods, Convenient Sales Volume Increase, Cheaper Supplier Access to Market, Supplier and Loan Broader Delivery and Traffic Volume Increase Production & Market Increase Loan Volume Increase GERAIKU CONTRIBUTION TO THE SDGs Our contributions to achieve the 7 goals of SDGs
  3. 3. About Geraiku 3 Problem Most ASEAN Traditional retailers, > 3million stores in Indonesia alone are facing pain points daily from high logistic cost to low tech access and no access to capital despite their 70% sales revenue contribution to the FMCG sector. 1. No access to Funds 2. Low access to Tech 3. High cost access to Supplies Solution Geraiku simplifies the process of distributing retail products and services by eliminating pain points for retailers, producers and consumers along the distribution chain.
  4. 4. Disbursement of Geraiku Established in late 2017, Geraiku has more than 1000 stores nationwide and more than 25000 digital consumers connected. 4 1,372+ VERIFIED STORES 25,863+ HOUSEHOLDS CONSUMER 1,372+ VERIFIED STORES Data as of Dec’ 2018
  5. 5. Mitra Geraiku Platform for traditional retailers and SME 5 All of our store partners are members of Geraiku. The unfair advantages they earn are: 1. Access to funding 2. Access to technology 3. Access to market 4. Access to suppliers Simply by connecting and using Geraiku Mitra mobile app. 1,372+ VERIFIED STORES
  6. 6. 6 Trade Ecosystem by Geraiku MANUFACTURE DISTRIBUTOR RETAILER CONSUMERWHOLESALER Store Partners Geraiku Pop-Store Geraiku Consumer App Geraiku Fulfilment Centre Geraiku Pop-Store Last Mile Delivery Forwarder, Distributor Truck (daily milk run, time based bulk shipment) By SO/DO based. Time based milk run 1 - 3 KM RADIUS5 - 15 KM RADIUS> 15 KM RADIUS Hyperlocal Marketplace with Just-in-time Logistic
  7. 7. Geraiku Platform Key Benefits 7
  8. 8. Key Benefits for Brands 1. B2B Dashboard Access; stores transactions, location, inventory tracking and more 2. Smart Data Analytics; Household purchase behaviour, stock updates and more 3. Stores profile, transactions, delivery and logistics 8 Learn from transactional data and shopping behavior among consumers See the distribution between stores and transactions
  9. 9. Key Benefits for Distributor 1. B2B Dashboard Access; manage warehouse, stocks and customer. 2. Access to Geraiku Store partners for direct product fulfilment 3. Reduce Sales Canvassing efforts 4. Minimise Operational Canvassing Cost 5. Faster Store acquisitions 6. Payment management 7. In-App Marketing Promotion 8. Logistic Scheduling 9. Cashless & Escrow Payment system 9
  10. 10. Key Benefits for Store Partners 1. B22 Dashboard Access; manage warehouse, stocks and customer. 2. Access to Geraiku Store household consumers within 3KM radius 3. Access to online consumer 4. Built-in Store marketing and promotional tools 5. Cashless & Escrow Payment system* 6. In-house or 3rd party Logistic 10 *) In development
  11. 11. Key Benefits for Consumers 1. Multi-store finders within 3KM radius 2. Product price comparison 3. Home delivery; in-store or through 3rd party 4. Convenience home shopping 5. Huge catalog 6. Send to home or send to others (gift, etc.) 7. Delivery scheduling 8. Pre-order Shopping List 11
  12. 12. Geraiku Products & Services 12
  13. 13. 1 Retail Solutions* from Geraiku** Digital Platform Geraiku provides 3 (three) tech solutions; 2 mobile apps and SAAS model ERP. 1. The mobile store app include built-in POS and store management system that connect directly to our ERP system. 2. The consumer app allows household users to purchase daily groceries from nearby stores (3KM) as well as compare prices between stores. 13 Geraiku B2B Platform Mitra Geraiku Geraiku Consumer *) Patent Pending **) Registered Trademark We are also availableas CHATBOT onFB, LINE,WhatsApp
  14. 14. Retail Services from Geraiku Strategic & Distribution Partnership Geraiku also assists Home Industry and SMB (Small Medium Business) owners access to our network of distributors as well as selling their products through our stores network and digital channels. 14 2
  15. 15. Retail Services for SME from Geraiku Product Design and In- House Brand - 2019 Geraiku provides in-house product redesign and revamp services to SMB and Local Producers. 15 3
  16. 16. 4 Retail Solutions from Geraiku Access to Financial Support* Geraiku with its banking and financial partners to distribute micro loan (KUR) between 5-25million IDR to qualified and verified stores whom have been with Geraiku more than 3 months. 16 *) Work in Progress, due in September 2019
  17. 17. 5 Retail Solutions from Geraiku Access to Market Geraiku informs and broadcast new stores presence to nearby neighbourhood households via series of digital channels: 1. SMS LBA (Location Based Advertising) 2. ChatBot Groups (a combined 35K consumers on Facebook alone) 3. Banners and Flyering within real estate areas where our stores are located 17
  18. 18. 6 Retail Solutions from Geraiku Access to Education Geraiku also provides hands-on training in the form of Vocational Studies in collaboration with Universities and High Schools. Currently supported by CSR from various enterprises. Studies available; Financial Literacy, Baking Class, Barista, Knitting, and Embroidery. All Geraiku stakeholders are welcome 18
  19. 19. Retail Services from Geraiku Owning Retail Business with Local Producers Support - 2019 Geraiku offers would be entrepreneurs with retail business packages: 1. Full Business Ownership Package 2. Full Franchise Support from local producers 19 7 *) Registered Patent Pending
  20. 20. Geraiku Partners 20
  21. 21. Contact Geraiku More than 20years of combined experiences in the retail industry and digital sector. Geraiku management team is ready to assist the reinvention of retail. 21 HQ Graha OCI Jl Pemuda Raya 72-73GH Jakarta Timur 13220 Indonesia +62 21 4244353