Training Officers and the CentreLearn LMS for Vermont EMS


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Training Officers and the CentreLearn LMS for Vermont EMS. Presented at Vermont EMS Conference, October 2013.

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  • Presentation at 2013 Vermont EMS ConferenceKrista Bradshaw JohnsonGreg Friese
  • Who we are What we do
  • Familiarity with CL (show of hands) and report of dataReceived some training on how to use CL as a training officerMention team leader webinars, YouTube Channel with videosCompleted a CE courseCourse completion reportTeam LearningUsage reportCreated a reportSaved reports...we will talk about these more later.
  • What Team leaders can do
  • Team Leader (Squad Trainers and Heads of Service would need to contact VT DOH)Team Leader LimitationsTeam leaders cannot add or remove users from groups. Find out Vermont process for adding users to groups and reiterate it here so that they know what to do when one of their employees is not in their group.Create content, ie custom coursesCan’t manage Compliance - but can be a guide on how to use Compliance. We will discuss later
  • Contact VT DOH
  • This is External CE
  • Questions users are likely to ask team leaders
  • Need some help?
  • Contact Us page, FAQsYouTube VideosPhone number
  • Help Tab inside LMSSubmit a QuestionContact Us page, FAQsYouTube VideosPhone numberAsk for help sooner, rather than later, when you call we want youHappy and inquisitive
  • Greg, “What questions do you have?”
  • Training Officers and the CentreLearn LMS for Vermont EMS

    1. 1. VT EMS Conference Training Officers and the CentreLearn Learning Management System
    2. 2. CentreLearn Solutions, LLC
    3. 3. Use of CentreLearn Training on how to use Completed a CE course Team learning Created a report
    4. 4. Levels of Authority Admin Learning Manager Team Leader User (EMTs and Paramedics)
    5. 5. Team Leader Functions Basic management of their users: Reset passwords View transcripts and earned certificates Create, run, and save reports Assign tasks Team learning Use communication tools (Be a Compliance guide)
    6. 6. Team Leader Limitations Team leaders cannot add or remove users from groups Create content, custom courses Can’t manage Compliance (Be a Compliance guide)
    7. 7. Admin Overview
    8. 8. Find a User
    9. 9. Inactive Users
    10. 10. Search By:
    11. 11. User CE Certificates
    12. 12. User Transcript
    13. 13. Send User Email
    14. 14. Your Email is the Reply To Address
    15. 15. My Teams
    16. 16. Users in a Team (Group)
    17. 17. Group: Create Announcement
    18. 18. Group: Posted Announcements
    19. 19. Group: Properties
    20. 20. Group: Send Email
    21. 21. Group: Email or Announcement
    22. 22. Wrong or Missing Users Contact VT DOH
    23. 23. Success Tip #1: Tasking Create and assign a task for a user to complete a specific course before a specific date.
    24. 24. Task: Create
    25. 25. Task: Create Title Instructions Start Date Due Date Expiration Date Priority Learning Requirement Email Notification Email Reminder
    26. 26. Task: Assignments
    27. 27. Task: Email Notification
    28. 28. Success Tip #2: Team Learning Groups (squads, crews, companies, shifts, houses, stations) watch a course together from a single account login.
    29. 29. Team Learning: Select Curriculum
    30. 30. Team Learning: Date and Content
    31. 31. Team Learning: Select Users
    32. 32. Team Learning: Mark Complete
    33. 33. Team Learning: Completion
    34. 34. Team Learning: Finish Course Users finish course individually: Other curriculum items Evaluation (quiz) Survey Certificate
    35. 35. My CE Records
    36. 36. Support User Adding a CE Record
    37. 37. I Have a Question How do I…? Where is…? What does this do…? Where do I…?
    38. 38. Tool Tips
    39. 39. Support and Assistance
    40. 40. Support and Assistance
    41. 41. Success Tip #8 Use the help guides We love solving problems Contact us sooner, rather than later We prefer happy and inquisitive
    42. 42. Ask Us Anything
    43. 43. Contact Us Email or Call Visit and Connect 877-435-9309