CentreLearn Solutions - online training for fire departments and EMS agencies


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Learn about the CentreLearn Solutions learning management system, the premier online training for fire departments and EMS agencies. With an industry leading course library and unparalleled customer support your department can begin training online quickly. Many features allow automation of tasking and reporting. CECBEMS approved CE courses for EMTs and Paramedics, as well as a large library of courses for firefighters will help your organization meet its annual training requirements

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CentreLearn Solutions - online training for fire departments and EMS agencies

  1. 1. Train Better,Spend Less
  2. 2. CentreLearn is On Fire
  3. 3. Train BetterOver 275Online Training Videosfor Firefighters, EMTs, andParamedicsCentreLearn.com
  4. 4. Firefighter Training VideosCentreLearn.com
  5. 5. Inspector Training VideosCentreLearn.com
  6. 6. Inspector Training VideosCentreLearn.com
  7. 7. BLS and ALS Training VideosCentreLearn.com
  8. 8. Narrated MultimediaCentreLearn.com
  9. 9. Interactive Online ContentCentreLearn.com
  10. 10. Interactive Online Content"I loved the interactionpart of the course. I couldtake my time to learn duringthe interaction."John Fox, EMT-BTaney County Ambulance DistrictCentreLearn.com
  11. 11. CECBEMS ApprovedAll CentreLearn ALSand BLS courses areapproved by CECBEMSand accepted by NREMTCentreLearn.com
  12. 12. Automate Record ReportingQuickly and easilygenerate reports of trainingcompletion andCE credits earnedCentreLearn.com
  13. 13. Automate Record ReportingAutomate reportsfor daily, weekly, ormonthly deliveryCentreLearn.com
  14. 14. Automate Record ReportingCentreLearn.com
  15. 15. Automate Record ReportingCentreLearn.com
  16. 16. CentreLearn.com/ToolKit
  17. 17. Train Better,Spend Less
  18. 18. Schedule a Demo foryour DepartmentSales@Centrelearn.com877-435-9309CentreLearn.com
  19. 19. CentreLearn is On Fire
  20. 20. CentreLearn’s Founding GoalsWorld-class learningmanagement system forFire and EMS departmentsCentreLearn.com
  21. 21. CentreLearn’s Founding GoalsHelp Fire and EMSdepartments harness thepower of the Internet todeliver multimedia trainingCentreLearn.com
  22. 22. CentreLearn’s Founding GoalsMake online and classroomtraining easy to track andcost-efficient to deliverCentreLearn.com
  23. 23. Track Offline TrainingRapidly input classroomtraining records,conference attendance,and other offline training asan External CE CourseCentreLearn.com
  24. 24. Track Offline TrainingCentreLearn.com
  25. 25. Track Offline Training• Fireground evolutions• Equipment practice• Classroom lectures• Competency checks• Patient case discussion• Protocol updates• Hands-on scenarios… and moreCentreLearn.com
  26. 26. Refresher Training“A good refresher. Materialwas presented in a way to beunderstood easily.”Captain David WallesCambridge Fire DepartmentTraining DivisionCentreLearn.com
  27. 27. In Station TrainingComplete training fromany computer with aninternet connection. In yourstation, your vehicle, oreven your homeCentreLearn.com
  28. 28. Cost Savings"We have saved money oninstructor salaries, diesel fuelcosts and wear and tear onour vehicles."Kathleen Bruss, Fire Captain-ParamedicMilwaukee Fire DepartmentEmergency Medical Services DivisionCentreLearn.com
  29. 29. 185,000+ CentreLearn UsersCentreLearn.com
  30. 30. Online Training LeaderUsed by Fire and EMSdepartments of all sizesCentreLearn.com
  31. 31. Online Training LeaderNew departmentsjoin everyday!CentreLearn.com
  32. 32. Online Training PioneerMore than 10 years ofexperience developingLMS software anddistributed learningcontinuing educationCentreLearn.com
  33. 33. Changed Fire EducationCentreLearn.com
  34. 34. Changed EMS EducationCentreLearn.com
  35. 35. Course DesignBy in-house team ofinstructional designers,experienced educators,and technical expertsCentreLearn.com
  36. 36. Training VideosRelevantAccurateCurrentCentreLearn.com
  37. 37. Training VideosCentreLearn.com
  38. 38. CentreLearn.com/ToolKit
  39. 39. Train Better,Spend Less
  40. 40. Schedule a Demo foryour DepartmentSales@Centrelearn.com877-435-9309CentreLearn.com
  41. 41. CentreLearn is On Fire
  42. 42. Task Training to UsersAssign online trainingvideos to individuals orgroups of firefightersCentreLearn.com
  43. 43. Assign a Training TaskCentreLearn.com
  44. 44. Check on Task CompletionCentreLearn.com
  45. 45. Track Company DrillsCentreLearn.com
  46. 46. Review Training Videos“Another good feature wasbeing able to go back andlisten to a slide two or threetimes for clarification.”Captain David WallesCambridge Fire DepartmentTraining DivisionCentreLearn.com
  47. 47. Training GroupsAssign training to groupsof users, like allFirefighters, all EMTs,Driver/Operators, or HeavyRescue personnelCentreLearn.com
  48. 48. Communication Tools“We have utilized the system tocommunicate with our members ondepartment specific training,eliminating the need to distributeCD/DVDs to each Engine House.“Kathleen Bruss, Fire Captain-ParamedicMilwaukee Fire DepartmentEmergency Medical Services DivisionCentreLearn.com
  49. 49. CentreCare™ Customer ServiceWell work closely with yourtraining department everystep of the way to ensureyour successCentreLearn.com
  50. 50. Admin and User SupportCentreLearn.com
  51. 51. Ask for Help AnytimeCentreLearn.com
  52. 52. Admin SupportTraining during set-up,ongoing training, andsupport by phone andemail. Contact us Anytime!CentreLearn.com
  53. 53. System Training VideosCentreLearn.com
  54. 54. Contact an InstructorCentreLearn.com
  55. 55. HIPAA TV OnlineCentreLearn.com
  56. 56. Train Better with EFG• HazMat Operations• Fire Investigation• WMD Incidents• Technical RescueCentreLearn.com
  57. 57. Train Better with 24-7 FireCourses for:• Firefighters• Fire Officers• Fire InspectorsCentreLearn.com
  58. 58. Train Better with 24-7 EMS• Streaming Video• CECBEMSApproved• Self-PacedCentreLearn.com
  59. 59. Train at Your Pace“CentreLearn is a great wayto help me do my refresherfor paramedic license atmy own pace. Thanks.”Kelly Miolen, ParamedicALINK: Alabama Learning and Information NetworkCentreLearn.com
  60. 60. CentreLearn.com/ToolKit
  61. 61. Train Better,Spend Less
  62. 62. Schedule a Demo foryour DepartmentSales@Centrelearn.com877-435-9309CentreLearn.com
  63. 63. CentreLearn is On Fire
  64. 64. CentreLearn Group PlansFor Fire and EMSDepartments of any sizethe LMS scales to meetyour usage demandsCentreLearn.com
  65. 65. 185,000+ CentreLearn UsersCentreLearn.com
  66. 66. Small Group Plans• Organizations with less than 100 users• Access to all Fire, EMS, and Safetycontinuing education courses• Includes top admin features likeTasking, Groups, External CE Records,and ReportsCentreLearn.com
  67. 67. CentreLearn Standard™• Organizations of any size• Fast and affordable way to start• Full access to multimedia content• Upload your own training materials• Centralize training records• Unlimited customer supportCentreLearn.com
  68. 68. CentreLearn Complete™• For organizations of any size• Full access to multimedia content• Upload your own training materials• Unlimited customer support• Unlimited LMS functionality• Unlimited content production supportCentreLearn.com
  69. 69. CentreLearn Experience• Experienced staff with industryknowledge and field experience• 3+ Million CE Hours delivered• NFPA standards based Fire training• CECBEMS approved EMS training• Use for NREMT distributed learning• Over customer 95% Renewal RateCentreLearn.com
  70. 70. CentreLearn CE CoursesCentreLearn.com
  71. 71. CentreLearn CE CoursesMore CE Coursesfor firefighters, EMTs,and paramedics than anyother LMS providerCentreLearn.com
  72. 72. CentreLearn.com/ToolKit
  73. 73. PHTLS Hybrid CourseCentreLearn.com
  74. 74. EPC Hybrid CourseCentreLearn.com
  75. 75. Schedule a Demo foryour DepartmentSales@Centrelearn.com877-435-9309CentreLearn.com
  76. 76. CentreLearn.com/ToolKit