#FIRMday 15th nov 2013 emma mirrington mars chocolate the mars talent acquisition story


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From reactive recruitment to pro-active Talent Acquisition Emma will take you through her journey at Mars over the last three years; from initial findings through to restructure, transformation and change.
Learn from her BIG mistake and glean some hints and tips along the way!

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  • What's the issue - Over reliance on agencies?Too much external recruitment not enough internal moves?Referral scheme in place? Effectiveness?How effective is your careers site – no. 1 toolCandidate experience – how easy is it to applyWhere people Are going and coming from – Danone and Pepsico are most popular destinations for Mars employees
  • Understanding the demand – HR so often focuses on the supply side, we really must understand the demand as it is a constantly moving target. Understand the demand and match it with the supply. Resourcing needs to be an integrated end to end machine that will deliver to tomorrow's demand’
  • Ongoing activity – referral scheme example, doesn’t stop with implementation, important to refresh so continually at the forefront of people’s minds
  • Currently: Jo – 15 (with 15 more identified)Sam – 30 (Supply, Sales and Marketing – more resignations coming up)Emma – 8 plus spec mkt mapping (senior and sensitive)Very challenging areas to recruit for – engineering and R&D both requite proper ongoing managed attraction campaignsExperiencing negative feedback from the business – unable to deliver at the pace or level they require. Impacting on our reputation.Team incredibly stressed, low morale, working long hours, Sam is at breaking pointTools and systems are not currently acting as enablers for the team to deliverDue to large number of senior roles Emma is also spending c70% of her time recruiting thus not able to devote time and attention to the team and the way forward or other issues requiring attention i.e. Grad recruitment.
  • #FIRMday 15th nov 2013 emma mirrington mars chocolate the mars talent acquisition story

    1. 1. The Mars Talent Acquisition Story Emma Mirrington
    2. 2. February 14th 2010
    3. 3. The Approach.. • • • • • Evaluate Plan Implement Engage Measure
    4. 4. Evaluate • • • • • • • Current situation (internal/external) Stakeholder/ HR perspectives Identify recruitment hotspots (SC/R&D/ Sales?) Business priorities Listen (web chatter) Build contacts (Brand/CSR/ Global team) Competitor analysis
    5. 5. Plan • Alignment to Mars Chocolate business strategy - What business issues are we trying to solve? • Phased approach: – Fixing the basics/ troubleshooting hotspots – Establishing the framework/ Building the pipeline – On-going talent relationship mgt. • Future fit the talent strategy
    6. 6. Implement • • • • • Phased approach Quick wins Case studies Identify ‘fans’ within the business Business as usual
    7. 7. Engage Building a Culture of Talent Acquisition • • • • • Encouraging employees to think in terms of talent rather than recruitment. Increase employee awareness about Mars’ Talent needs and its value proposition Provide employees with the tools and support needed for them to leverage their networks effectively Enlist the line as Talent Ambassadors X functional relationships (CSR/ Brand)
    8. 8. Measuring success Key Kpis: • • • • • • • Time to fill Cost per hire Employer of choice Top sourcing channels Offer acceptance rates Retention Employee engagement
    9. 9. Evaluation
    10. 10. Evaluation… • • • • • • • • High Recruitment Volumes High CPH/ TTH Complexity of the Challenge Business perception Team Impact Team capability Tools Decentralised budget • • • • • Great team Good business awareness Strong selection process Line Mgt capability Good relationships with wider HR team
    11. 11. External Benchmarking - Average annual cost per hire 57% have an average cost per hire of under £2501 Mars UK Chocolate average cost per hire is £5089 * Source – The FIRM member survey 2011/2012
    12. 12. External Benchmarking - Average time to hire 50% say that their average time to hire is 4 – 8 weeks Mars Choc UK average time to hire is currently 58 days * Source – The FIRM member survey 2011/2012
    13. 13. Plan
    14. 14. Talent Acquisition Partnership Model Need to get the bottom of the pyramid right first Advice Partnership Consistency Accuracy Availability
    15. 15. Talent Acquisition Objectives • • • • • • • Create internal capability of talent acquisition Meet current and future business needs through proactive sourcing of great talent Ensure we have the best talent to drive the business forward Build up key market knowledge of who and where talent is – internally and externally Pipeline external talent for mission critical roles to complement our internal ‘build’ pipeline Develop Mars’s employer reputation and brand through sharing our special story Engaging and creating advocacy with our resourcing partners and current associates
    16. 16. Rationale for Change – Our Ambition From….. Having a lack of external awareness that we are an employer of choice. Taking a predominantly short term, reactive and traditional approach to sourcing our talent. Relying heavily on our agency suppliers rather than build our own capability to engage and source talent directly Average cost per hire is 50% greater than that of the external market To…. Being a known employer of choice that proactively sources, attracts and engages directly with the best external talent Having an engaged external talent pool and pipeline of suitable candidates Delivering a world class candidate experience Having diverse and effective sources of attracting and sourcing talent
    17. 17. Talent Acquisition – Roles & Responsibilities Head of Talent • • • • • • Work in partnership with the management team to build and execute the talent agenda for next 3-5 yrs leading the diagnosis and identification of Build and Buy requirements for the category. • • • • Defining & shaping the external resourcing strategy for the Category • • Leading key strategic L&D initiatives mandated by the management teams that support the build elements of the strategy. • Run senior management recruitments Build capability of the UK talent team Talent Resourcer Talent Acquisition Manager • • • Work in partnership with CPMs to deliver against Demand Plans Build attraction strategy for each business area Maximise the use of referral programmes, alumni networks Measure performance of each channel Stakeholder mgt. For client group Coordination of Recruitment Campaigns Creative Approach to Recruitment solutions Network internally and externally to engage potential talent Work with team to deliver required cost savings Lead the development and deployment of Non Manager L&D initiatives • • • • • • • • • Focus on sourcing and engaging direct talent Candidate management and engagement Short listing and Interviewing Sourcing passive and proactive candidates for live roles Liaison with all parties on specific vacancies Offer creative solutions to sourcing talent Developing proactive database of potential high calibre talent Source candidates directly Use alternative channels to find the best candidates
    18. 18. Phase One Phase Two Establishing the Phase One Talent Acquisition Framework Building the Phase Two Talent Pipeline Three Year Change programme Phase Three Phase Talent Relationship Three Management
    19. 19. Implement
    20. 20. Talent Acquisition Framework Phase One Establishing the framework Phase Two Building the Talent Pipeline Phase Three Talent Relationship Management Strategy Basic TA strategy with clear road map in place Well defined TA strategy aligned to business strategy. Full stakeholder engagement TA strategy seamlessly integrated to business strategy which is informed by talent insights Ownership & Capability Formal TA responsibilities defined. Capability gaps identified Roles & responsibilities embedded & team working efficiently & effectively Highly skilled , experienced TA team. Clear accountabilities & ongoing focus on development Infrastructure Basic systems, processes and policies defined & implemented Systems, policies & processes agreed, monitored & supported Full suite of efficient, effective & integrated systems & processes designed to optimise candidate experience Workforce Planning Basic operational resource plans identified < 6 months Clarity around talent mix required. Operational workforce planning Organisational risk management Strategic workforce planning EVP & Employer Brand EVP and EB communication architecture developed EB implemented at every touch point Leading employer of choice with flexible EVP to meet evolving org & talent needs Attraction & Sourcing Approach to sourcing defined, Referral scheme in place. 3rd party partners engaged Approach to pro-active sourcing & talent pools developed. Direct sourcing accounts for > 70% hires. Advanced referral programmes. Use of social media Mature, diverse, well managed talent pools & pro-active, innovative talent sourcing strategies in place. Assessment & Selection Consistent selection approach in place. Clear competence framework for selection Well developed assessment & selection programme with suite of tools available Clear relevance & alignment of selection process to role. Use of innovative selection approaches to enhance candidate experience On boarding Basic onboarding process and procedures in place Structured onboarding programme in place with differentiation by level/ function Superior candidate preboarding & onboarding programme delivering an enhanced candidate experience Vendor Management Preferred suppliers identified & engaged Partnership arrangements with key providers. Competitive rates negotiated with SLA’s defined & formal review processes Flexible & effective vendor mgt strategy including in sourced & outsourced solutions
    21. 21. Evaluate
    22. 22. Measuring Success 15% 5% 47% Direct 77% of our roles were filled directly in 2012 Agency 33% Temp to Perm Referral 2011 Average CPH - £5089 Average TTH – 75 days 2012 Average CPH - £3,648 Average TTH – 66 days
    23. 23. All going swimmingly Or so I thought…..
    24. 24. What do you need to deliver a strategy?
    25. 25. 2012 engagement survey results
    26. 26. The car park moment You can choose how to react to this Emma….
    27. 27. Leveraging the HPC model • Inspire Purpose (the why) • Crystallise Intent (the what and when) • Cultivate Collaboration (the how) • Clarify Context • Sustain and renew
    28. 28. Today • Good team engagement •Delivered 60% reduction in cost •UK used as case study globally •Award winning employer brand •Innovation at the heart of what we do
    29. 29. Learnings • Bring your team with you • The HPC model • Be authentic • Stakeholder engagement early on • I don’t have to do it all myself • The power of my network
    30. 30. Thank you Any questions?