Edld 5352 technology chart


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Edld 5352 technology chart

  1. 1. Glenn Adams EDLD 5352 Week 4 Assignment Technology Organization Chart/ Action Plan Assistant Superintendent, Technology & Information Services (Dr Doug Brubaker): Address all areas of technology systems to improve the management reporting and instructional operation in the district; provide overall coordination and direction for technology services in effective utilization of resources to accomplish established goals. Director of Technology Operations (Teretha Patterson): Direct the development and implementation of district’s technology programs, especially those that enable and augment professional development of educators and paraprofessionals. Develop and enable the support and service relationships which enhance the delivery of instructional technology to schools. Principal: Facilitates use & integration of technology, telecommunications, and information Director of Instructional Technology(Jan North): systems to enhance learning. Facilitate effective use of technology in learning and teaching district wide; coordinate, implement, develop, and He models use of technology & provides support district wide staff development and initiatives. professional development to teachers that meet the needs of a 21st century learner. He meets with the TIS’s to assess the needs of the campus. HeTechnology Instructional Specialist (Cody Cannon): reviews data to assess campus improvement andschool based coordinators with the responsibility ofoverseeing infrastructure, equipment, purchases andintegration. Their role is empowering teachers to use the Department Heads: Monitors the use oftechnology integration for student learning. They provide technology in the classroom. Provide resourcesprofessional development to help teachers integrate and collaboration time for teachers to plan lessons to incorporate technology. Teacher: Plans and delivers lessons integrating technology.
  2. 2. Implementation of the professional development will be based on the technology needsidentified in the week 3 assignment and last year’s campus improvement plan. The first part ofthe development is the assessment of technology use on campus. This is imperative to theanalysis of the needs of the campus and moving forward with the plan. The second part is tohelp teacher’s use technology in the classroom more effectively and efficiently. The third partincludes the future direction of technology at Summit High School and its relation to the campusimprovement plan.The first professional development should be a session or meeting that allows the teachers tosee and analyze an overview of Summit High Schools Texas STaR chart data. This will allowthe faculty to see as a whole where the campus stands in its’ needs as a campus. During thisprofessional development session it would be good to familiarize teachers with the technologyTEKS and how these standards need to be addressed in the classrooms. To finish thissesssion it would be beneficial to allow teachers to make suggestions towards future goals andprofessional development opportunities as it relates towards the STaR chart data and thestandards.The second part of the professional development plan is to provide appropriate training toteachers and faculty in the implementation and proper use of the technology in the classroom.The session must be informative to all levels of teachers as well as specific enough for eachdiscipline to learn how to implement it in the classroom. The sessions could be split to addresseach level of competency, based on their personal STaR chart data, and each discipline tomake the training more effectively. In addition to this training, an introduction into the properuse of Web 2.0 tools such as blogs and networking sites to better enhance the classroomexperience. The key for this is not only how to implement and use them, but also to make surethat teachers know the proper way to use them so no innappropriate communication takesplace.The third part of the professional development will include an opportunity for faculty and staff toprovide feedback to administration on the future direction of professional development andtechnology training. The staff will be given a survey, through surveymonkey or another surveywebsite, that will allow teachers to rate the professional development opportunities so far andgive voice to where they fell future sessions should be focused.
  3. 3. Summit High School Technology Action PlanGoal: To improve the implementation and effective use of all technology used by facultyand staff in the classroom.Based on observations from the various technology plans reviewed, teachers need to notonly be trained in the use of technology, but also given time to collaborate with other staffon how to incorporate its use into their lessons. Tasks/Action Steps Responsibilities Monitoring/Evaluating What will be done? Who will do it? How will progress be monitored?Analyze past years STaR Principals Data received from each staffchart data in order to assess member from STaR chartthe needs of the campus in Campus Technologyterms of professional Committeesdevelopment.Provide training for all faculty Principals Increased number of focusedand staff on the basic use of and effective trainings basedtechnology on campus. Campus Technology on campus needs. Committees Teachers Scheduling of relevant Principals Increased number of focused trainings based on level of and effective trainings based understanding of technology Campus Technology on campus needs. found from STaR chart data Committees analyzed at the beginning of the year Teachers Discipline specific trainings Instructional Technology Administrative walkthroughs will be provided through observe increased effective various means of Coordinator use of technology in the professional development, Principals classroom. such as online classes, webinars, visiting Campus Technology professionals, and other Committees distanced learning tools in order to improve the effective use of technology for each class.Teachers will include at least Teachers: Lesson plans will be reviewedone of the existing weekly.technology resources into Integrate technology intotheir classroom a minimum of weekly lesson planning Walk throughs will be done intwo times per week. each classroom.
  4. 4. Principal: Check lesson plans Conduct walk-throughsIn May of the 2010-2011 Teachers: Survey Resultsschool year teachers will takethe online technology survey. Complete online survey