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Introduction for Learning Circle


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Our Introduction for Learning Circles

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Introduction for Learning Circle

  1. 1. Introductions From Ms. Fosco and the 5th grade
  2. 2. Greetings HHHHHeeeeeellllllooooo!!!!!!!!! • Our home room teacher is Mrs. Bradford • Our homeroom is name 5a • We have 32 people in are class Hello, are you ready to learn about us ! Miss Kestel is our homeroom teacher and we are 5C. There are 30 kids in our class. Our Halloween party is coming soon! Hi friends, We are the class of Mrs. Wilds 5th grade class 5b. We have 32 kids in our class. We are looking forward to be friends with you and your class. We hope you are looking forward to be friends too. We are looking forward to learning about your community. Sincerely Mrs. Wilds class
  3. 3. School Information Name and address of class and school: St. Stephen the Martyr 16701 ‘’S’’ Street, Omaha NE Number of students in class and school: About 30 in a class. About 900 in all Size of school: We have a large school School emblem, colors and mascot: The Flames, Red, Blue, White, Yellow Type and number of computers: Two traveling computer labs (Macbooks-Apple) and one stationary computer lab (PC Desktops-Dell)
  4. 4. No school October 28-29, November 1, 24-28 , December 23-January 4 We will be gone from school ……….
  5. 5. Our Unique School • Our school is unique because we are a private school connected to a Catholic Church • We have grades from pre-school-8th grade (3-13 years old) • Our school has around nine hundred students • We wear uniforms • We go to church 2 times a week • Our school won the Blue Ribbon Award • We raise money for technology, like interactive whiteboards • We get to play sports for our school.
  6. 6. • We believe in God. We go to mass twice a week, including Sunday. So all together three times. Sometimes priests come to our classrooms and talk to us about God. We have religion classes. We also wear uniforms. It’s a private school. We are Roman Catholics We study religion We receive communion at mass We go to confession We pray the rosary We enjoy going to a Catholic School! The inside of our Church
  7. 7. Our Buddies • We have kindergarten buddies because they are learning how to go to church and we have to teach them. • Our buddies are amazing • We get to do activities with them. • Last time we met up with them we had a popcorn party. • Some of our kindergarten buddies names are Eli and Alyssa. We meet with them every Friday.
  8. 8. Our Buddies-Pre-school • One class of 5th grade has pre-school buddies. • When we see our preschool buddies, we have snacks and make crafts with them. • The preschoolers and kindergarteners are kind and active. Some of our Kindergarten Buddies
  9. 9. After School • Some kids go home and do homework that we didn’t finish at school. • Some kids go to kids zone until their parents pick them up from school. • Some kids go to practice, for example basketball, soccer, baseball, and dance. • Some kids even do chores like walking their dog, or dusting if they don’t have a dog. Every month we have book projects, so we have to read sometimes. • Almost everyone has a snack soon after school ends • On the weekends many of us go to mass • In our free time we like to watch t.v., play video games, listen our mp3 players, and play with our friends outside
  10. 10. Our Favorites-5A • Music group or singer Black Eyed Peas • Authors Dan Gutman • TV channel ESPN • Foods pizza • School subjects P.E. • Sports soccer • Video or computer games super smash pros • Websites Addicting games
  11. 11. • Music groups: Rap, Hip Hop, Rock and Role, Country, and Pop. • Authors: Sally Warner, Jeff Kinney, Lemenly Snicket , Andrew Clements, • TV programs: Cartoon Network, Disney, Sports Center, Nick and Discovery. • Hannah Montana , Dude what would happen, NFL football, sponge Bob, Wizards of Waverly Place , I carley and Bones . • Foods: pizza, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, bacon, taco’ s, pasta, French toast sticks, chicken wings, and spaghetti • School subjects: Reading, Science, Math , Social Studies, Spelling and Art. • Sports: basketball, soccer , football , volley ball , Soft Ball, Baseball, • Websites: Cartoon Network , Webkinz Our Favorites-5B
  12. 12. Our Favorites-5C • Music groups The beetles, Zac brown band, KISS • Authors Andrew Clements, Dr.Suess, Mike Lupica • TV programs • Sponge bob square pants , MTV, sports • Sports • Soccer, basketball, baseball, football • Video or computer games • Facebook, Madden nfl, Mario Kart • Websites • Facebook, Gmail, ADDICTING GAMES In General we….. Love to play sports, watch tv, and play video games
  13. 13. More about us • Here is a sketch of our school We’re big husker fans. We’re number 13 in the country. Here are our priests. (left to right) Fr. Chi Fr. Jim and Fr. Andrew Here is an actual picture of our school. This is our computer teacher.
  14. 14. • The Missouri River divides Iowa and Nebraska. Council Bluffs is the city across the river in Iowa • a large company is Con Agra foods. Another is First National Bank. We Are From…….. • Our community is Omaha, Nebraska • Around the middle of the U.S. A. on the eastern edge of Nebraska. • The population is 456,272 on October 21 2010 • The elevation is the city 980 feet.
  15. 15. Some More About Omaha • Omaha rocks because we have an awesome zoo called the Henry Doorly Zoo. It is the 2nd largest zoo in the U.S. • The college world series is played here in Omaha in the Rosenblatt stadium. We are getting a new baseball stadium. • We have a semi- professional american football team called the Omaha Nighthawks. • Omaha has a large arena for big events called the Qwest Center • There is a pedestrian bridge from Omaha to Council Bluffs Iowa, it goes over the Missouri River • In Omaha we have the Strategic Air and Space museum. • We have great food • Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska
  16. 16. Some Pictures of Omaha Our Arena The Pedestrian BridgeThe desert dome at the zoo The CathedralStrategic Air Command Museum Statue for College World Series
  17. 17. • Nebraska was the 37th state to be accepted in the USA • Nebraska was once called “The Great American Desert”. • Nebraska averages 39 tornadoes a year • Our state motto is “equality before the law.” • Our state capital is Lincoln. • We have a park called Mahoney State Park • The three largest cities in Nebraska are Omaha, Bellevue, and Lincoln. • We have a lot of farming including corn and soy beans. About Nebraska
  18. 18. Some Helpful Maps Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state Nebraska is almost exactly in the middle of the United States
  19. 19.  Kool-Aid was invented in Nebraska  In Waterloo, barbers are forbidden from eating onions between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  In Lehigh it is against the law to sell doughnut holes  Pony Express trail runs through Nebraska, many years ago it was used for carrying mail across the state in just 10 days.  Herbie Husker is the mascot of our football team! Funny Facts about Nebraska
  20. 20. Pictures of our School This is a picture of some of our gym. This is the front side of our school. This is a picture of our play ground. This is a picture of our symbol. This is a picture of the front of our school. This is a picture of our library
  21. 21. Pictures of Us
  23. 23. What we would like to know about you What sports do you play? Do you like to watch T.V.? What's your favorite animal? What's your favorite game? How old are you? Do you have a dress code? What holidays do you have? What seasons do you have? Do any of you play video games? Do any of you have pets? Do you like school? How many subjects do you have? How old are you? What is your favorite lunch? Do your houses have yards? What time does your school day start and end? Do go to extra classes like technology and art? What types of animals do you keep as pets? What times do you go to bed? What times do you wake up?
  24. 24. We are looking forward to reading all of your introductions. • Thanks again -5A • Thank you for participating with us. We are very excited to meet your class. -5B • Thanks for taking the time to help us with the project! We are looking forward to seeing what you have come up with for your survey - 5C Good Bye