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spain's empire


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spain's empire

  1. 1. Spain’s Empire and European Absolutism
  2. 2. Philip II, inherited Spain, the Spanish Netherlands, and the American colonies.
  3. 3. Golden Age of Spanish Art
  4. 4. These paintings were made one of Spains best painters El Greco and Diego Velazquez.
  5. 5. Miguel de Cervantes
  6. 6. The publication of Don Quixote de la mancha made by Miguel de Cervantes. He wrote about a spanish nobleman.
  7. 7. The gold and silver coming from the Americas made Spain temporarily wealthy.
  8. 8. However, such treasure helped to cause long- term economic problems.
  9. 9. These problems were inflation caused by increased population and merchants raising prices. Second, as silver bullion flooded the market,its value dropped.
  10. 10. Dutch Revolt