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consumers trends (volume 8 of the mega-trend reports)


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Chaos overwhelms our daily life, destroying ways of thinking and forming new ones. New ways of life, new relationships, new values and new attitudes have all materialized thanks to chaos.
-A new form of sociability is forming
-A new observation shows us changing our self awareness
-A new ecology is emerging

Interested to know how society, the individual and the environment have changed significantly?

The edition of MEGA-TREND No 8 ‘Inner Outer Worlds’ (published in 2007) delivers innovative concepts, fresh ideas and real-life scenarios. (still valid in 2010)

consumers trends (volume 8 of the mega-trend reports)

  1. 1. inner outer worlds mega-trend n°08 style-vision page 0
  2. 2. EDITO Consumers in transit: The next revolution of the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds. For many years chaos was the most relevant metaphor to describe the transitional age of our society. Comfortably, or cynically, installed in our post modern routine observers and certified experts would comment on the many ways chaos engulfs our daily life: Our chaotic society! The feeling of community is fragmented by the competition between individuals and the collapse of a collective utopia. Our chaotic identity! The sense one should give to one’s life is full of confusion. Our chaotic environment! Science and technology failed to provide clear and certain directions toward the advancement of humanity. The chaos has not only been a statement, an observation, it has also been a fruitful experience. It has provided a tough initiation that destroyed former ways of thinking and moulded new ones. From the laboratory of chaos emerged new ways of life, new relationships, new values and new attitudes. It confirmed the surprising plasticity of human beings. In this volume of the Mega Trend we will observe three areas that reveal significant changes: society, the individual and the environment. Readers should find among these scenarios and directions creative ways to respond to the expectation of the emerging consumers. SOCIETY A new form of sociability is appearing. It is transforming the relationship between oneself and others. We must accept that we cannot live in isolation. We can not do everything by ourselves. - To progress though life, we navigate from place to place, sharing momentary experiences and values with our peers. (SPHERE TO SPHERE) - We are multi tasking and multi purpose. We constantly push the limits and the meaning of our activities. We create momentum by sharing our passions, expressing and confronting our beliefs and opinions. (RESET GENERATION) - New technology offers us the possibility to connect and also to disconnect. Finding the right balance, in order to communicate sincerely, is a learning process. (ICEBREAKER) PERSON A new observation of the human being is changing our perception of self. - The human being is perceived as a living ship, well equipped with full autonomy and control. (LIVING SHIP) - The body is becoming a machine, to live in, to maintain and to actively optimize. (MOOD FOOD) - The body becomes a transitory vehicle to manipulate and transform. (BODY BUILDING) ENVIRONMENT A new ecology is emerging. It is transforming our ideas and attitudes toward the outside world and towards nature. - Living in a grand metropolis is not always ideal. It would be more convenient and desirable to live within smaller territories, districts or ghettos. (THE MICROPOLITANS) - The opposing institutions we call ‘culture’ and ‘nature’ or ‘city’ and countryside’ are altered by the context that they exist in. Does an ‘unbiased’ vision of nature really exist? (SEAMLESS CITY) - Nature, however we view it, is full of danger. A domesticated version of nature is the best solution for adventure without peril. (NATURE IN VITRO) style-vision page 1
  3. 3. SUMMARY Consumers in transit: inner outer worlds SOCIETY page 3 PERSON page 13 ENVIRONMENT page 23 SOCIETY A new form of sociability is appearing. It is transforming the relationship between oneself and others. PERSON SPHERE TO SPHERE page 4/5 THE LIVING SHIP page 14/15 THE MICROPOLITANS page 24/25 A new observation of the human being is changing our perception of self. ENVIRONMENT A new ecology is emerging. It is transforming our ideas and RESET GENERATION page 6/7 MOOD FOOD page 16/17 SEAMLESS CITY page 26/27 attitudes toward the outside world and towards nature. ICEBREAKER page 8/9 BODY BUILDING page 18/19 NATURE IN VITRO page 28/29 DESIGN PALETTE page 10/11/12 DESIGN PALETTE page 20/21/22 DESIGN PALETTE page 30/31/32 SYNTHESIS IN 5 KEY WORDS page 33 CO-EDITORS page 34/35 LICENCE page 36 style-vision page 2
  4. 4. inner outer worlds SOCIETY A new form of sociability is appearing. It is transforming the relationship between oneself and others. We cannot do everything by ourselves. - SPHERE TO SPHERE - RESET GENERATION - ICEBREAKER - DESIGN PALETTE style-vision page 3
  5. 5. SPHERE TO SPHERE To progress though life, we navigate from place to place, sharing momentary experiences and values with our peers. CONCEPT Time shifting, place shifting, the nomadic consumers adopt a wandering itinerary. They navigate between places and spaces, touching base to experience situations and emotions locally, alone or with others. Their trips are non predictable, their stops fleeting. The consumer however always needs shelter along the journey. KEY WORDS SPACE-CREATORS TIME SHIFTING AND PLACE SHIFTING LIFE PODS SPHERICAL DESIGN SCENARIO We used to have different social layers surrounding us. Think uniform, social class, country, etc… This is no longer the case. The collapse of these former social layers has increased the number of opportunities we have. We now progress through life according to our preference, our wishes. These opportunities increase our fragility: travelling alone is an exciting but daring experience! Unaccompanied we realise that we can never be naked or alone, in totality; we are always evolving in a physical or biological environment of some kind. We can only exist within these spaces, these spheres. Moreover, we are ourselves space-creating individuals, crafting spheres for others. In effect, we want the journey but not the peril. We want to explore unknown territories but we need the protection of shelter. We want to experience the diversity of people but at times need to withdraw from the pack, to restore our energy. style-vision page 4
  6. 6. SPHERE TO SPHERE / INDICATORS We need spheres in order to exist We are space-creators We need protective boundaries Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher, In the traditional kitchen it is the tools that “La cabane” by Ronan and Erwann Bouroullec. who expressed in his books -the Spheres trilogy- surround the user. In this spherical kitchen This piece defines a limit, thus an inside the idea that men need spheres, “spaces where the user surrounds the elements that compose and outside. It has no strength or function people actually live” or as put another way “a symbolic this compact and functional kitchen. but it provides the presence of a boundary. immune system to protect us from the outer spherical kitchen - meaningless cold”. When entering the real world we are cut off from the first sphere we have ever experienced - the womb. From then on we continue to search and visit protective spheres from micro level (inside the womb) up to a macro level (divine sphere of civilization). style-vision page 5
  7. 7. RESET GENERATION Merged activities, rejuvenated values. CONCEPT We live in a time of coexistence and fusion, of human activities and of values. Love, work, freedom and justice; the same long lasting principles that dictate our moral codes. Globalisation and consumption did not kill these values; we must learn to update their interpretation. In today’s society behaviours, beliefs and social norms are constantly rejuvenated and recycled. Think about the collision of work and leisure. With new technologies, the limits between our working time and leisure time are becoming blurred. What name could we give to the human activity resulting from this fusion? KEY WORDS BUSINESS FUSION MULTI PURPOSE INDIVIDUAL NON CONFLICTING VALUES SCENARIO What are these people doing for a living? How would you define them? It is hard to say! And it is becoming more difficult to answer these questions. Our identity has become a paradox; on one hand, we reject all restrictions, on the other we long for a deep sense of belonging. We stand at a cross road of passing activities and values. As a result we show more personal engagement but also more distance. style-vision page 6
  8. 8. RESET GENERATION / INDICATORS Office at home Anastassiadis is one of the leading architects in Brazil. Their recent project L’Officina located in São Paulo combines apartments and offices in the same locations with independent access and different security policies. They are making the most of the city space. Intimate workspace The Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams has approached Busy life and religious rituals in India Football is my passion IDEO with an idea to make the ultimate office cubicle. Web sites offer the opportunity to visit religious Soccer fans around the globe are gearing up for the The modular design allows each individual to adapt sites across the country. This simplifies the life of World Cup. The design house Mixko offers creative the cubicle to one’s needs. It includes a hammock, religious and overloaded people. alternatives to the standard football shirt or scarves. an aquarium, a motorised shoe polisher and even a They provide a unique way to declare their community self-timing guest seat that enables the occupant membership with bowls made out of old soccer balls. to get rid of visitors who have out-stayed their welcome. Ecological awareness and new business standards Fans could also turn to Joga an online football The cubicle even shines sunlight across your space, The book Cradle to Cradle written by community operated by Google, streaming Nike's glowing and fading with the rhythm of the day. McDonough and Braungart is a manifesto sports content. Joga brings football fans from all over calling for the transformation of industry through the world together to celebrate their shared passion ecologically intelligent design. Part social history, for the game. Spa at the office part green business primer, this design manual Why not have a massage whilst being sat at your desk? combines approaches and mixes theory to Sexy responsibility The foot and leg massager from Osmin Health allows re-invent a sustainable prosperity for industry. Parties organised by PSI Love Plus Condoms in you to feel like you are at the spa when you are Romania have become an important part of the safe - sex actually in the office. practices of tens of thousands of Romanians. style-vision page 7
  9. 9. ICEBREAKER New technology offers us the possibility to connect but also to disconnect. Finding the right balance, in order to communicate sincerely, is a learning process. CONCEPT Immersion and isolation. A recent British study on early teenagers found that almost a third played video games daily, more worryingly - 7% played for at least 30 hours a week. True, video games in the 21st century require complex motor skills, improve dexterity and feature socially relevant topics but... when the screen becomes this eye-catching is there any room left for real world alternatives? KEY WORDS - WIRELESS- ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE - ‘Oyayubizoku’ THUMB GENERATION - GAMER SHAME SCENARIO Frances takes a walk in the park and her son plays on his Game Boy. She goes shopping and he wanders behind playing his Game Boy. She makes a few calls; she meets friends in town and he is still playing on his Game Boy. Ask Frances’ son how he loves to spend his spare time. Chances are you will get an earful about video games. “Sport is important, reading is important” Frances said, “but I am not very good at dealing with his obsession with computer games. When he plays, he is pretty unaware of what is going on around him.” style-vision page 8
  10. 10. ICEBREAKER / INDICATORS Outside cocoon for gamers 3G and GPS in Romania “Textnology”: Privacy and democracy Six students from Industrial Design Engineering and The latest buzz in Romania is the GPS based SMS technology allows people in Indian to remain Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art have designed electronic navigation. One of the best sellers on the anonymous when expressing their opinions on the a landscape of concept furniture inspiredby the statue-like forms market is Nüvi, an all in one portable GPS navigator, political issues raised by the fast evolutions of of people sitting, standing or leaning against walls engaged traveller’s reference and digital entertainment system. Indian society. in Play Station Portable (PSP) action. Since mid 2005 Romania has also seen something Staellium brings a new level of security to mobile SMS of a 3G revolution. The success is based on with its Stealthtext self-destructing text message service. the number of new services launched such as Activation of the function is extremely simple. video steaming, online games, mobile advertising, Once the recipient opens a StealthText message, high speed internet access, chat rooms and contests. it self-destructs automatically 40 seconds later- no trace remains and the destroyed SMS is unrecoverable. style-vision page 9
  11. 11. DESIGN PALETTE COLOUR RANGE > colour as a link SPHERE TO SPHERE RESET GENERATION ICEBREAKER COLOUR RANGE COLOURS Mélange of dark, deep colours with dusty pastels. An accent of cherry red. style-vision page 10
  12. 12. DESIGN PALETTE DESIGN AND INTERIORS > tradition + ethnicity + technical know-how = new tradition MATERIALS SHAPES PATTERN PATTERN 100% tradition Traditional inspiration + PVC Folk inspiration + modern 100% hand made Classic silver techniques. materials know-how Ethnic motifs created by A bubble of transparent plastic Folk patterns cut by laser in designers, pure raw wool, around a classic lamp. thick felt. hand woven. style-vision page 11
  13. 13. DESIGN PALETTE FASHION AND ACCESSORIES > looking for the eternal symbol ASPECTS MATERIALS SENSATIONS SENSATIONS Recognition sign The “jeans” way of life Save this moment from the past Strong skin Vintage and antique looking Everything is jeans. Vaporous materials, delicate Beautiful and sensual leather, objects. Oxidized metal as if the Wearing a denim bag, as a pair surfaces and sophisticated hair big buckles and a metal finish. material was alive. of jeans. styling. style-vision page 12
  14. 14. inner outer worlds PERSON A new observation of the human being is changing our perception of self. - THE LIVING SHIP - MOOD FOOD - BODY BUILDING - DESIGN PALETTE style-vision page 13
  15. 15. THE LIVING SHIP A new definition of ‘human’ is changing our perception of self. The human being is perceived as a living ship, well equipped with full autonomy and control. CONCEPT Home is where you want it. Home can be your apartment, your workplace, your car, your sleeping bag, your tee-shirt, your body. The evolution of housing combines geographical mobility with personal proximity. KEY WORDS LAV (Living Activity Vehicle) MODULAR UNIT PORTABLE COMFORT SCENARIO Michael decided to buy a prefab house because he couldn't find anything else. "I was frustrated with insanely inefficient and insanely expensive houses" he said. “I was looking for a clean, green space that I could afford. I always thought modular homes and prefab houses were terribly designed. I was amazed by the quality of the new inventions. They are energy-efficient with open, flexible spaces. I am proud of it. I think it looks unabashedly modern”. style-vision page 14
  16. 16. THE LIVING SHIP / INDICATORS PUSH BUTTON HOUSE LAV Push Button House LAV (Living Activity Vehicle) Pocket-sized home Unveiled at the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair The General Motors West Coast Advanced Design Studio Ok, so it won’t actually fit in your pocket but the in December 2005, Adam Kalkin’s Push Button House won the 2006 Los Angeles Design Challenge Micro-Compact Home can easily be craned into is a shipping container with motorised walls that with the creation of the innovative GMC PAD vehicle. position and comes complete with a sound system, unfold like a flower, revealing a fully functional house, The concept of the GMC PAD is an urban loft on wheels. flat screen TV and air-conditioning. complete with refined, understated furnishings. It is a home ownership concept featuring a diesel-electric At roughly 77 square metres, the two level dwelling hybrid engine for propulsion in DriveMode and as a is not much smaller than your average inner city studio generator for the onboard entertainment, apartment but at 50,000 euros it is great deal cheaper. information and security options in parked LifeMode. The thoroughly urban invention was a joint project between students at the Technical University of Munich and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Plans for the first Micro-Compact village are currently under way at the University of Munich campus. style-vision page 15
  17. 17. MOOD FOOD A new definition of ‘human’ is changing our perception of self. The body is becoming a machine, to live in, to maintain and to actively optimize. CONCEPT I am what I eat. Can someone tell me what to eat then: Healthy or Ethical indulgence, Experimental or Home-made, Organic or Functional? Today food habits mirror our most intimate contradictions. KEY WORDS ORTHOREXIA FUNCTIONAL FOOD RAWIST SCENARIO Next year I will ask everyone to bring their own picnic to our annual family gathering. This year setting the menu was a real puzzle. Charles, 59, is overweight and follows a high protein diet. Charlotte, 35, pretends she is gluten intolerant and allergic to milk. Patricia will only eat raw fruit and seeds carefully aligned with her blood type and young Alan has decided that chicken nuggets and ice cream are the ultimate in gastronomy. style-vision page 16
  18. 18. MOOD FOOD / INDICATORS Nomadic gourmet Mood fridge for changing tastes The limited edition Krug Champagne Trunk, In 2005 Brastemp, a Brazilian brand of home appliances, styled by luxury designers Pinel & Pinel, launched Pla: a mini-refrigerator concept that combines is the ultimate in picnic chic. The dark brown style and mobility. The fridge is portable and a detachable colt-hide exterior conceals an indulgent all-in-one panel on the front means it is is easy to change portable dining suite that includes everything; and customise to whatever look takes your fancy. fine china, champagne flutes, a truffle grater, The latest collection of covers includes work from the mother of pearl caviar spoons, a cashmere table cloth fashion designers Valdemar Iódice, Gisele Nasser and Cavalera. and even matching leather stools. The top of the trunk converts into a table and it’s crowing glory is the generous supply of Krug champagne included. style-vision page 17
  19. 19. Scenario 3 BODY BUILDING A new definition of ‘human’ is changing our perception of self. The body becomes a transitory vehicle to manipulate and transform. CONCEPT In today's society our bodies have become a kind of raw material, to mould depending upon our mood and situation. Our desire to transform is common place. Our physical frame is a self created object that we relentlessly shape and redesign through body building, dieting, appliance of cosmetics, dying our hair and plastic surgery… KEY WORDS MANIPULATION PERSONAL EXPERIMENT IMAGINATION SCENARIO Dublin Jim finally decided to quit his job. After being a conscientious financial controller for many years he flew off to Buenos Aires to manage a spa center. To complete this rather radical life change he underwent a self induced make-over. It was time to redesign his appearance. Inspired by the early Irish myths and sagas, Jim adopted the look of Gallic Teutat with a long grey beard and atmospheric swirling snowflakes. style-vision page 18
  20. 20. BODY BUILDING / INDICATORS Cosmetic jewellery Pill Art Skin as media The French contemporary jeweller The Canadian artist Dana Wyse focuses on The exhibition ‘Ultra Peau’ (Ultra Skin) curated by Frederic Braham creates jewels for body transformation and personality changes. the Palais de Tokyo and Nivea (Beiersdof) shows the inside and the outside of the body, In her work she questions our desire for creative objects imagined by young designers working with real medical and immediate fulfilment and the conformism who are inspired by the skin. beauty products. of such immediate consumption. Her magic pills are sold with such titles as “get an instant orgasm”, Examples are a skin lingerie that dissolves in water, “understand you mother immediately”, a pen with Ultraviolet Ink to draw “be black”, “how to stay in love forever” or on the skin and an information tattoo “guarantee the heterosexuality of your child”. you can to fix on the skin. style-vision page 19
  21. 21. DESIGN PALETTE COLOUR RANGE > colour as a guide THE LIVING SHIP MOOD FOOD BODY BUILDING COLOUR RANGE COLOURS New basics: deep brown and khaki for an easy going daily life, connected to the elements of nature. Don’t forget white, grey and beige in contrast with strawberry pink. style-vision page 20
  22. 22. DESIGN PALETTE DESIGN AND INTERIORS > a comforting design SHAPES MATERIALS EMOTIONS DESIGN Rounded volumes Elegant plastic Natural protection Nature inside Organic shapes and mat finishing Astonishing colour range to Wool and wood make us feel “Nature” integrated inside for this ceramics collection. enhance different surface secure and comfortable. furniture. effects of plastic: smooth, touch of skin, mat and translucent. style-vision page 21
  23. 23. DESIGN PALETTE FASHION AND ACCESSORIES > looking for decided simplicity SHAPES ASPECTS SHAPES SENSATIONS The right line Mat surface Personal adaptation Throughout the year A well designed pair of glasses A charming and functional small When it becomes impossible to An expensive pair of sandals to impose a unique fashion choice. car. An irresistible object! hear people with our wear all year long. multifunctional mobile phone, we will have to find a solution? Won’t we? style-vision page 22
  24. 24. inner outer worlds ENVIRONMENT A new ecology is emerging. It is transforming our ideas and attitudes toward the outside world and towards nature. - THE MICROPOLITANS - SEAMLESS CITY - NATURE IN VITRO - DESIGN PALETTE style-vision page 23
  25. 25. THE MICROPOLITANS Living in a grand metropolis is not always ideal. It would be more convenient and desirable to live within smaller territories, district or ghettos. CONCEPT In our multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi racial society the perfect place to live could be a public space big enough to feel part of a community yet small enough to give us a sense of belonging. We just want to be rooted cosmopolitans. KEY WORDS ROOTED COSMOPOLITAN LOCAL BELONGING GLOBAL NETWORKING PRIVATE UTOPIA SCENARIO London, Buenos Aires, Canton, Sydney: Are those city lights fading? Each of these capitals were said to infuse talent and ‘art de vivre’ to their city dwellers. Inherited from the age of Enlightenment, they were the epitome of modern civilization. Barbarians were left outside the city walls. In the world of cities, formed by the global network, our Megalopolis has lost its unique appeal. Why? First because the centre, the heart, the suburb of a city evolve constantly; the ‘place to be’, the ‘hot spot’, the ‘coolest city’ shifts everyday. Second because the gigantism of modern cities evokes less the idea of urbanity and more a synonym of problems - pollution, violence, solitude and poverty. The Megalopolis is dead - long live the city. While globalization is challenging so much our identity, the city and citizenship could return to provide us with a space we could actually belong to. The answer is not to return to small villages but to define public areas best suited to the dimensions of modern living. Within this place city dwellers will feel locally rooted (I am from Beijing, Cairo or Durban) and globally connected (I am a human accidentally born in France). style-vision page 24
  26. 26. THE MICROPOLITANS / INDICATORS Mini-townships within existing cities of India Re-creating ruins Private public spaces In India the gigantism of cities is increasingly François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters are Gated residential neighbourhoods are today being perceived by the outside world as negative. the authors of the famous comic ‘Les Cités obscures’. packed into cooperative developments, However within these cities are mini-townships The Obscures Cities / Cities of the Fantastic are they establish some kind of private government. that provides facilities such as schools, gyms, a vibrant illustration and philosophical mediation An example is a new series of lifestyle communities offices - all within walking distance from home – on the idea of a city and its relationship with political power. such as senior homosexual residences in a clean green city. The authors explore an alternative view of the city. where the gay and lesbian community can age Instead of the classic initiative of keeping the wild, in peace with acceptance and assisted living from the obscure and the dangerous out, skilled nurses and carers. Schuiten and Peeters see great potential in the dark side of the city. They rejoice in the abandoned areas; they explore how to create memories by renovating ruins (Piranese) in suburban districts and how to transform green spaces into gardens. style-vision page 25
  27. 27. SEAMLESS CITY The opposing institutions we call ‘culture’ and ‘nature’ or ‘city’ and countryside’ are altered by the context that they exist in. Does an ‘unbiased’ vision of nature really exist? CONCEPT It is time to change our conventional image of The City and The Countryside. “Nature in the city” is more than the existence of a sporadic green space. “Nature out of the city” does not necessarily mean the pure image of unspoiled wilderness. KEY WORDS URBAN ECOSYSTEM GUERRILLA GARDENING URBAN FOREST SCENARIO My town is my ecosystem. Driving the streets in my open top car I can sense its personality, its relief, its soil, its climatic and mineral profile. I can see on every street corner how our human presence is influencing this urban ecosystem. The rain pours down as it has done for millennia but the route the water takes is very different. The temperature and lighting change from the outskirts in. Trees in the public parks are the most exotic species. I become conscious that the city is my natural environment. My conclusion is that promoting this urban ecology, my urban ecology, seems more sensible than protecting a hypothetical unspoiled countryside that I will never see. style-vision page 26
  28. 28. SEAMLESS CITY / INDICATORS Eyes wide open Phytolab, nature inside A Portuguese designer, André Costa, won the third edition Phytolab is an acrylic cube dotted with potted plants. of the Peugeot Design Competition with his Movie project, It is one of three bathing spaces designed by Matali Crasset an agile and environmentally friendly city car. for Dornbracht. The cube can be installed anywhere and the plants not only add a splash of nature to a windowless Light pollution room but they also create a screen for privacy. Two–thirds of Americans cannot see the Milky Way from their backyard and 99% of the US population live in an area that scientists consider to be light polluted. Phytolab, 2002 Most artificial light comes from the illumination of buildings Design: Matali Crasset and streets. The light reflects off moisture and dust in Production: Three Spaces in One triptych the air creating ‘sky glow’. Visual discomfort and wasted energy are some of the adverse impacts of light pollution. The green factor Recent studies estimate that in the USA more than 30% AXPE a real Estate agency in São Paulo, Brazil, of the electricity generated for outdoor illumination is simply specialises in finding unique properties for highly squandered by being misdirected into the sky. demanding customers. Their search is based on That comes to $4.5 billion annually. criteria such as design or green factors rather than the more conventional data such as location, number of bedrooms and square metres etc. Anti SUV campaigns Around the world people are uniting against the growing presence of 4x4 vehicles in urban areas. These groups are beginning to educate people about the environmental and social damage of SUV’s. style-vision page 27
  29. 29. NATURE IN VITRO Nature, however we view it, is full of danger. Is a domesticated version of nature the best solution for adventure without peril? CONCEPT Tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes are often front page news. It seems that natural catastrophes are on the rise. Although we are not directly threatened by nature the perceived risk fuels our fear and triggers a logical reflex: let’s domesticate the elements to enjoy “nature” on the safe side. Fixing the natural problem sometimes has supernatural results. KEY WORDS NATURE LIKE EASY TREK INDOOR TOURISM SCENARIO Snow comes to desert. I live in Dubai. During the harsh summer months when temperatures reach well above 40C, I used to seek shelter in the cool of the shopping malls. Now I have an alternative. The largest indoor snow park in the world just opened in our desert city. The centre has green, blue, red and black ski runs, chair lifts and snow patrols, like any worldwide ski resort. The snow is made by blasting high pressure water into a freezing atmosphere maintained by coolers both above and below the slopes. Penguins and moose were imported from North Canada for authenticity. As far as I can tell they seem a bit be disorientated. So am I. style-vision page 28
  30. 30. NATURE IN VITRO / INDICATORS Natural scenery Spatial adventures for all When design saves nature: Constructing coral The contemporary dance theatre of Chigasaki in Japan Space tourism is in full bloom with sub-orbital space flights EcoReefs is a company that develops is a steel-and-cedar cube that sits on the beach. and multi-million dollar spaceports ready to go live. reef-restoration technology. It is based on patented Designed by Yokohama firm S. Nakae and The company Space Adventures plans to develop an 3D hexagonal ceramic module that can be E. Fukunishi Design, the structure is a theatre integrated spaceport in Singapore that will offer space flights, mass-produced and assembled at the restoration site. designed such that no performance takes astronaut training facilities and a public education The design successfully mimics the complex place within it. The audience sits inside and the dancers and interactive visitor centre. The spaceport will offer architecture of a natural reef encouraging coral to grow. perform outside, turning the beach into the stage. a wide range of attractions including real space This patented method has been successfully sold The design incorporates the weather, time of day and and high-altitude experiences. to dive operators, beach front hotels and changes in light through the cube's pivoting acrylic panels, local governments worldwide. which also acts as a curtain. style-vision page 29
  31. 31. DESIGN PALETTE COLOUR RANGE > colour as a code THE MICROPOLITANS SEAMLESS CITY NATURE IN VITRO COLOUR RANGE COLOURS Experiment. We ask for pushy colours and vibrant harmonies. style-vision page 30
  32. 32. DESIGN PALETTE DESIGN AND INTERIORS > sit down in an incredible experiment MATERIALS MATERIALS MATERIALS MATERIALS Sparkling crystal Comfortable concrete Wrinkled paper Shabby chic wood Octopussy sofa covered with Looks like a concrete sofa but is Creative happening: is it The second or third life for glitter fabric. A real dive in the actually a very cosy, light, easy possible to sit on a sheet of these wooden boards. What will four star world. to move object. paper? Yes. be their next destination? style-vision page 31
  33. 33. DESIGN PALETTE FASHION AND ACCESSORIES > exclusive consumer test before pre-launch of the product MATERIALS MATERIALS MATERIALS MATERIALS Horse hair Wings of a fly Tree bark Beetle shell Eccentric Shiny and luminescent Rustic and resistant Lacquered and smooth style-vision page 32
  35. 35. CO-EDITORS A co-created report by creative thinkers and agencies around the world. Jeanette Marco Trieu Klaus Ana Kathy Diana Emma Lisa Birgit Style-Vision Manoj Paula style-vision page 34
  36. 36. CO-EDITORS PUBLISHER, style-vision, Nice, France Geneviève Flaven Agnes Kubiak Area: Trend research Area: Trend research Occupation: Business Development Director, Style-Vision Occupation: Artistic Director, Style-Vision Base: Nice, France Base: Nice, France Contact: Contact: CO-EDITORS Kathy Baylor_The Mageborn Company Ana Goalabré_BIENTÔT DEMAIN Area: Trends & entertainment consulting Area: Creative intelligence Occupation: Founder of The Mageborn Company Occupation: Creative director & co. Founder Base: New York, USA Base: Brittany - France Contact: Contact: Diana Graepel_FUNKY BUSINESS Paula Limena_IMAGENNER Area: live communication Area: consulting, fashion Occupation: Founder & Director of Funky Business Occupation: Founder and Director Base: Bucharest, Romania Base: São Paulo, Brazil Contact: Contact: Lisa Yong_Y STUDIO Klaus Æ. Mogensen_CIFS Area: Trend Research and Analysis, Cultural Studies Area: Futures studies Occupation: Cultural Trend Analyst Occupation: Futurist Base: San Francisco and Shanghai Base: Copenhagen, Denmark Contact: Contact: Manoj Kothari_ONIO DESIGN Area: Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Ergonomics and Branding Occupation: Founder & Director Onio Design Base: Pune, India Contact: style-vision page 35
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