Engage with the public in the nuclear space


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A presentation about customer engagement. Is digital media a good solution?

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Engage with the public in the nuclear space

  1. 1. Engagement programme for utilities and energy companies Time for a digital initiative Guillaume FERY Nov2011 p
  2. 2. Various stakeholders : Families, young people Activists Clients and Non clients Friends and Enemies UK and world Experts How to define “trust” in such an emotional area ? Top-down Bottom-up 2.0 Digital Real life Local Global Source Advertising Research Foundation
  3. 3. Nuclear may be the energy of the future … or may be not. Who has the credibility to initiate or lead the debate ? About nuclear ? About energy ? About future behaviour and energy uses ? The need for transparency is big, but would it be enough ? How a digital strategy can make us essential in the debate ? Are we still talking about nuclear or are we beyond energy ? What does Energy 2.0 really mean for a nuclear company ? Are there any new players in this field ready to create value ? “ La raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure”. If so, who has the power nowadays ? Crossroads
  4. 4. We know why we need carbon free energy … but public opinions still must agree on the solution Managing energy demand carbon free energy => NUCLEAR reborn ?? Optimize energy efficiency
  5. 5. Nuclear and the power paradigm <ul><li>Nuclear is only a way to produce electricity </li></ul><ul><li>Electricity is part of the energy mix </li></ul><ul><li>People may focus more on use of energy, globally </li></ul>
  6. 6. Educate + raise awareness + communicate ? Yes, but still, facts are facts Positive Not so positive Nuclear is very technical + emotional Is awareness enough to raise acceptance ? CO2 free Affordable Security of supply Jobs and local skills Geopolitiocal independence Waste disposal Long term projects (from construction to decommissioning) Industrial Risks Hidden costs Concentrated industry Military connections
  7. 7. About digital visibility 1/2 Source Google trends Do we control it ? No Can we control it ? No Should we control it ? No
  8. 8. About digital visibility : www.edfenergy.com vs other sites Fukushinma effect Where do people go to find information? What is a credible source of information ? What about EDF Energy as an essential source ?
  9. 9. Who are the experts ? Who do you trust ? Who are the opinion makers ? Customers Independent experts Activists NGOs Official internal experts “ Ivory tower” syndrome
  10. 10. Targets, tools and influence Corporate driven Open Interactive Corporate twitter & facebook accounts Visitor centres External Twitter accounts & blogs Dedicated website Internal advocates + Lobbying … Energy associations Top Down 2.0 approach Online green activists Campus programmes
  11. 11. Information and transparency are good New services and interactions may even be better + Knowledge – + information – + Transparency - -- Services ++ -- clients interaction ++ Impact Knowledge and information may not be enough to convince people The more service and interaction you create, the best is the engagement
  12. 12. Tomorrow (soon?), we will enter the revolutionary “ENERGY2.0” paradigm Why not starting today with a 2.0 engagement programme ?
  13. 13. Example: www.ideesneuvessurleau.net A 2.0 initiative launched by French utility Lyonnaise des Eaux to raise awareness around water business, debate with third parties and collect fresh ideas
  14. 14. Guillaume FERY orignal.blogspirit.com twitter.com/gfery Thank you