Surviving & Thriving In Pr Prssa


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Presentation by Gerard F. Corbett, the PRJobCoach @ to the PRSSA Survivor’s Guide to Public Relations Conference @ SJSU on 3/18/2010

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Surviving & Thriving In Pr Prssa

  1. 1. Surviving & Thriving in PR The Survivor’s Guide to Public Relations PRSSA Regional Activity @ San Jose State University March 18-19, 2010 Gerry Corbett Founder and CEO Redphlag LLC The PRJobCoach
  2. 2. Vital Stats 1950 - Launched 1962 - First job – paper boy 1970 - First job out of college – engineering @ NASA 1970 – First used the Internet (Darpanet) 1974 - District Director PRSSA 1977 - B.A. PR – SJSU, joined PRSA 1979 - First PR job – CDB PR Agency 1989 – First email address - Compuserve 1995 - Built First Web Site (Hitachi Global Portal) 1998 - Acquired domain 2008 - Formed Redphlag LLC - CEO Redphlag LLC 2009 - Started blogging as PRJobCoach 2010 - Secretary, Exec. Committee PRSA
  3. 3. Vital Stats 2 - Children (21 and 4) 7 - Siblings 52 - Relatives 10 - Companies worked for 19 - CEO’s worked for 825 - Facebook Friends 1,926 - Linkedin Connections 4,519 - Twitter Followers 7,904 – Plaxo Contacts
  4. 4. Me in 1950
  5. 5. Me in 1960
  6. 6. High School Grad 1968
  7. 7. First Job in 1970
  8. 8. Me and PRSSA in 1974
  9. 9. SJSU College Grad in 1977
  10. 10. Me Today* *Wells Fargo 2009 Annual Report
  11. 11. What’s this personal stuff have to do with my speech You are a product of your education You are a product of your environment You are the sum of your experiences Carefully craft your experiences Make the best of the opportunities
  12. 12. So Why am I here!
  13. 13. To talk about surviving and thriving in the PR business
  14. 14. Surviving and thriving in the PR business State of the PR Job Market How do you distinguish your self Characteristics and Skills Managing your online brand How best to approach a job search Questions
  15. 15. State of the PR Job Market Still in the hole Patience is a virtue Starting to open up Locals have the advantage Social media an absolute
  16. 16. How do you distinguish your self The resume, it’s about accomplishments Can you be found in cyberspace? It’s the network – “Got network”? Portfolio (evidence in cyberspace) Your brand!
  17. 17. Characteristics of a PR Pro Adept communicator Good writer Diplomatic Grace under pressure Jack of all trades Patient Presentation skills Short learning curve Team player Trend/Industry follower Understanding of business
  18. 18. PR Pro Skills Hard Skills Soft Skills Corporate finance Credibility and integrity Economics Flexibility Persuasiveness Marketing Articulate Media relations Analytical Public relations Team player Strategic planning Organized Statistics Objective Writing Diplomatic Selling ability Think strategically
  19. 19. Managing your online brand Do you have brand? Do you appear on Google? Is your Facebook profile “pro”? Are your tweets instructive or destructive? Is your Linkedin Profile compelling Take ownership of your brand , etc. Well craft your content If you blog, be passionate If you tweet, be smart
  20. 20. How best to approach a job search Job search is a job, treat it that way Use the available resources: e.g. Have a compelling resume and cover letter Customize the resume and letter to the spec Be found on Google Network like crazy, but don’t ask for a job Pay it back and pay it forward Pro bono – Just Do It Thank everyone, even if they don’t merit gratitude
  21. 21. Surviving and Thriving in the PR Business Questions?