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While we live in the information age - with streams of data flowing all around us every day - people and relationships are still the most critical elements. Without the context of relationship that people bring, information is just a string of characters.

To that end, facilitating collaboration and building relationships is a critical component to our knowledge economy. An organization is more than its products or services. It is about the depth of its social network, breadth of knowledge, and the speed by which we can bring ideas to market.

Be a Change Agent. Be Future Ready.

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Powered by Human Energy

  3. 3. Power of one.
  4. 4. Networking.
  5. 5. Email + SMS.
  6. 6. 500 million users 50% sign in each day 700b min/month 900m objects 200 million users 110m Tweets per day 1,200 Tweets per second (tps)Tech.
  7. 7. Strong Ties Weak Ties Temporary TiesRelationships.
  8. 8. Trends.
  9. 9. Collaboration.Creativity.
  10. 10. A New Day.
  11. 11. Easy and fun Facebook-like interface with team building features. All the tools for action that you need in one place: resources (messages, links, files, calendar, reference library), projects (tasks, events, surveys, forms), contacts (CRM features), reports, more. Cost effective solution that you can start using in minutes with responsive support for setup and ongoing customer service. Innovative sustainability features and commitment.Focus.
  12. 12. 1. Bring people together: everything in one virtual place for staff andconsultants.2. Social networking: profiles, teams, flexible access permissions.3. Share files: find latest version, get email alerts, have a connecteddiscussion.4. Track interactions: contact management (notes, categories, background).5. Get things done: manage projects with tasks, updates, discussions.6. Innovate: group calendar (milestones, key dates), feed, reporting, search.7. Access anywhere: outside the firewall, fast, mobile, telecommute, localize.8. Easily rollout: quick launch with templates, support, training.9. Be sustainable: commuting, energy, printing/shipping, green teams, learn.10. Adapt: admin configuration flexibility, custom feature options, integration.The top ten.
  13. 13. Create a private social network…Social network.
  14. 14. Tools for action.
  15. 15. Case Studies.
  16. 16. Rally your team around a goal:• Bring together people motivated to work together to achieve a goal.• Make it clear what they are empowered and responsible for contributing.• Get support from leadership and share the results of the collaboration.Goal.
  17. 17. Cut through the red tape:• Focus on how your collaborative effort addresses a specific goal.• Focus in on how the collaborative effort benefits them.• Lean on your partners for help - we’re all in it together, and learning together.Biz case.
  18. 18. Make it as easy as getting back on a bike: • To minimize the barrier to adoption, set things up so the collaboration is as natural and familiar as possible, and integrated into day to day responsibilities. • With the rise of social networking, embrace the spirit of new ways to engage people. • To create the conditions for maximum adoption, provide easy and ongoing ways for people to collaborate together to answer questions, shareSimplify. updates, and get things done.
  19. 19. Give a helping hand right at the start: • It’s critical to understand how you can help the team achieve its goals, and build the collaborative effort around that. This includes learning what motivates most team members. • Involve key “change agent” team members in planning the rollout. They will give great input and assistance with getting others on board. • Schedule a kick off training event (in person, virtual via webinar, or a pre-recorded video/slide tour) to convey excitement of the benefits in addition to showing how things work.Help.
  20. 20. Like karaoke, you need to rely on continuous improvement:• You can count on not getting it completely right the first time.• Ongoing support for the entire team is important for input to refine things.• It’s essential to have a solution that easy to update and change on your own.• Incorporating sustainability can help increase performance.Practice.
  21. 21. What are somechallenges you face?
  23. 23. Thank you!