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Caraga 1


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something that will provide information about the Caraga Region- one of the magnificent regions that really should be visited in Mindanao..

Caraga 1

  1. 1. Caraga RegionREGION XIII
  2. 2. DefinitionoRegion XIII or the CaragaAdministrative Region is thenewest region in the Philippinescreated under Republic Act No.7901 on February 25, 1995.oThe regional center is Butuan City.
  3. 3. DefinitionIt is composedof fourprovinces:oAgusan delNorte,oAgusan delSuroSurigao delNorteoSurigao delSur
  4. 4. GeographyoIt is situated in thenortheast section ofMindanao.o North: BoholSouth: provinces ofDavao, CompostelaValley & Davao Orientalof Region XI, West:Bukidnon and MisamisOriental of Region XEast : Philippine Sea andthe Pacific Ocean.
  5. 5. EtymologyThe word Caraga originated from theVisayan word Kalagan; kalag meaningsoul or people.The region was called as the “Land of theBrave and Fierce People” by earlychronicles because the region has a longhistory of being brave and fearless.
  6. 6. Population and Dialect Majority of the population of the regionspeaks Cebuano about 43.79%. Other dialects spoken are Surigaonon,Kamayo, Boholanon, Manobo, Butuanonand Hiligaynon. Caraga is home to several minoritygroups, representing 34.7% of the region’spopulation. The most numerous were theManobos.
  7. 7. City/MunicipalityProvinces Area in km2 PopulationTotal Density/km2Butuan City Agusan DelNorte816.62 298,378 365.38Surigao City Surigao Del Norte 245.30 132,151 538.73City of Bislig Surigao Del Sur 331.80 102,009 307.44City of BayuganAgusan Del Sur688.77 95,032 137.97Prosperidad Agusan Del Sur 505.15 75,390 149.24San Francisco Agusan Del Sur 392.53 62,881 160.19City ofCabadbaranAgusan Del Sur 214.44 61,564 287.09Buenavista Agusan DelNorte475.61 53,059 111.56City of Tandag Surigao Del Sur 291.73 50,549 172.96Esperanza Agusan Del Sur 1,355.48 47,569 35.16
  8. 8. ProvincesCaraga Region
  9. 9. Agusan Del Norte is a second-class province and thesmallest in the Caraga Region. It is mountainous along its northeasternand western parts. Indigenous people of the Mamanwa,Manobo and Higa-onon tribes populateher majestic mountains. Capital : Cabadbaran
  10. 10. Kahimunan Festivalo Kahimunan Festival is Butuan’s way of showingits gratitude towards one of its patron saints, theSto. Nino, also known as the Child Jesus.o The word “Kahimunan” is from a dialect meaingthe “gathering”. Kahimunan Festival is the city’stribute to Sto. Nino for providing its residentswith a bountiful harvest and many blessings.o Celebrated every third Sunday of January inButuan City.
  11. 11. Sumayajaw Festivalo Sumayajaw showcases the ethnic attire andcolorful props. It shows to the world thecreativity of the people in showing gratitudeto the Almighty for the blessings received.o Sumayajaw is a great attraction to thetownsfolk and tourists as well.o It is a festival celebrated annually inJabonga every 15th of August, the Fall of theFeast of Our Lady of Assumption
  12. 12. Marang FestivaloMarang Festival is a fruit abundant inLas Nieves.oIt embodies the rich harvest in theprovince of Agusan del Norte.
  13. 13. Balangay Shrine Museum it is found in Butuan, Agusan Del NorteIn this museum, the replica of balangaysis erected on this place
  14. 14. Magellan’s Landing SiteoThe Balangay Shrine Museum, locatedin Brgy. Libertad, lays the graveyard ofthe Balangay 1 dated 320 A.D. or 1688years old.oThe Balangay shrine museum is locatedat Balanghai, Libertad, Butuan City.
  15. 15. Masaoofirst Christian mass was celebratedin Masao, Butuan, Agusan del Norte
  16. 16. Lake MainitIt is situated 80meters above sealevel with a meandepth of 128 meters,it is a confluence of28 rivers. It is the 4thbiggestlake in thePhilippines and themost pristine.
  17. 17. Agusan Del Sur→The province of Agusan del Sur onceshared one governance with its sisterprovince, Agusan del Norte.→Act 4969, enacted on June 17, 1967,divided the Agusan province into two:Agusan del Sur and Agusan del Norte.→Its capital town is Prosperidad where theProvincial Government Center is situated.
  18. 18. Kahimunan Festival► a local version of the Sinulog Festival ofCebu, it is highlighted by street dancingfocusing on the indigenous tribes ofBayugan and their way of life.►Celebrated every Last Sunday of January,the festival has been known to lure touristsall over the region.
  19. 19. Santikan Festival› Santikan is a Manobo word which mean tostrike or the stiking of two hard objects tocreate friction or fire.› It is to this essence that the festival ishighlighted by different friendlycompetitions throughout its duration.› This festival is held every June 12 - 15 inTrento, Agusan del Sur.
  20. 20. Naliyagan Festival═Naliyagan Festival which is celebratedevery June 12 to 17 inProsperidad,Agusan Del Sur═the manobo elders of Agusan del Surchose the word "naliyagan" which meansthe chosen one, the most loved one.═ This festival depicts Agusanon cultureand heritage with natives showing off theirtribal dances and rituals.
  21. 21. Bega Falls
  22. 22. Bega Falls◘ “BEGA” derived from the Manobo term means“LUSTFUL”………◘ Long time ago, there was a beautiful woman lived in thatspecific place who had a very glamorous and alluring beauty. An angelic face of long, glossy shine hair that touched theground which need to be folded when she walked and strolledalong the mountains and dales to avoid being stepped.Many strangers and invaders longed to be her man for herstrange beauty.  Rivalry arose that caused chaos to thoseinterested to her.  Different strategies heated-up to won lady’slove and affection.One of the frustrating suitors secretly abducted the lady andhid to the isolated part in the “SAMPAW” which means‘WATERFALL”.  Misfortune happened to the lady.  The rudeman raped her, cut her long hair and lastly killed her.
  23. 23. Agusan Marsh→This mystical wetland in the northeasternpart of Mindanao, is the largest marshlandin the Philippines, holding up to 15% of thecountry’s freshwater. It is located in thecenter of the Agusan River Basin, which isthe third largest river basin in the country.→It encompasses a total of 65,806 hectaresbut only 19,196.58 hectares is declared asprotected area
  24. 24. Bunawan Eco-Park
  25. 25. Bunawan Eco-Park› The municipality of Bunawan is located at thesoutheastern side of the landlocked province ofAgusan del Sur.› Known as the “Gateway to the Great AgusanMarsh”, the municipality is also famous forhousing the largest crocodile in captivity –Lolong.› The saltwater crocodile is a male Indo-Pacificand weighs a whopping 2,370 lbs and measuresa length of 6.17 meters (20 feet 3 inches).