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Preventing soil erosion 02 20-12

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Preventing soil erosion 02 20-12

  1. 1. PREVENTING SOIL EROSIONHumans are the stewards of the earth. We areendowed/gifted with talents and skills to useEarth’s resources wisely in order to improve ourlives. Our future and the future of the earth lie inour hands. Soil erosion and the problems itcauses can be prevented if we work hand inhand.
  2. 2. Preventing Soil Erosion Responsible farming Educating peopleTerracingContour ReforestationplowingStrip cropping
  3. 3. 1. Responsible Farminga. Terracing -is a method of farming helps prevent the forceful flow of water down the slope by building stairlike structures on the slope of a mountain.
  4. 4.  b. Contour plowing is a method of farming whereinfarmers follow the contours of the landin planting crops. This method helpsslow down the flow of water after aheavy rain.
  5. 5. c. Strip cropping is a method of planting crops in strips of land. In this method, two or more crops are planted alternately on the field. This is done to preserve minerals of the soil and to prevent soil erosion as the crops are harvested alternately.
  6. 6. 2. REFORESTATION is the planting of trees in a forested area.This helps prevent exposure of soil to agentsof erosion. The roots of the tress hold theparticles of soil together and prevent themfrom being eroded by wind and water.
  7. 7. 3. Educating People Most of the farmers who engages in kainginmethod are landless. They should be taught aboutresponsible farming methods. This will help themlearn that misuse of land can have seriousconsequences. They have to know that the problemsbrought about soil erosion are caused by destructivehuman activities such as illegal logging andirresponsible mining.

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