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getta!Table is a comprehensive toolkit that lets restaurants turn their Facebook page into a commerce page. The getta!Table guide walk you through all the features of our easy-to-use toolkit from start to finish. Learn how to start selling on Facebook in a matter of minutes!

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The getta!table Guide

  1. 1. More restaurants, better offers, only on Facebook The getta!TableTM Instruction GuideTuesday, June 12, 12
  2. 2.                                  Welcome  to  ge*a!Table™ •  How  Our  So5ware  Fits  Your  Needs.................  3   •  Get  Started  Right  Away...................................  4 •  The  Complete  Toolkit  SoluGon........................  6 •  One-­‐Step  RedempGon  Engine........................  11 •  Return  on  Investment  (ROI)...........................  12 • Using  Facebook  and  Twi*er........................ 13Tuesday, June 12, 12
  3. 3. How  our  So5ware  Fits  Your  Needs •  Easy-­‐to-­‐use  admin  dashboard  to   carefully  manage  and  track  all   your  offers. •  One-­‐step  redempGon  system  that   eliminates  the  potenGal  for   voucher  abuse.   •  Directly  connects  the  point  of  sale   on  Facebook  to  your  merchant   account  with  no  transacGon  fees.   •  Offers  stored-­‐value  cards  such  as   e-­‐Gi5  Cards  directly  on  your   Facebook  Page.   •  Acquires  valuable  data  such  as   consumer  email  addresses.    Tuesday, June 12, 12
  4. 4. Get  Started  Right  Away                        1.  Quick  and  Easy  InstallaGon 1.    Have  ready  an  exisGng  Facebook  merchant  page   where  you  want  the  applicaGon  installed  or  create   Connect with your  own  page:  h*ps:// Facebook create.php   2.    Sign-­‐up  for  the  right  plan  for  your  restaurant  here:   h*p://*­‐plans/ 3.    A5er  signing  up,  login  to  the  admin  dashboard.  Once   in  the  dashboard,  the  picture  on  the  le5  will  appear   on  the  screen.   4.    Make  sure  that  you  are  logged  into  the  account  that   has  Facebook  admin  access  to  your  merchant  page   and  then  click  on  the  blue  “Connect  with  Facebook”   bu*on 5.  Click  on  the  dropdown  menu  to  select  the  Facebook   page  where  you  would  like  the  applicaGon   downloaded.   6.    Name  the  tab,  e.g.  Daily  Specials,  Daily  Offers,  etc. 7.    Click  the  green  “Add  Tab”  bu*on  at  the  bo*om  le5  of   the  screen  and  you  are  almost  ready  to  create  and   publish  your  offers!Tuesday, June 12, 12
  5. 5. Get  Started  Right  Away    2.  Restaurant  InformaGon   Restaurant Info Tab 1. A*er  installa3on,  select  the  restaurant   info  tab  pictured  on  the  le*.   2. Fill  out  your  restaurant  name  and  choose   your  restaurant  logo  image. 3. Click  on  the  first  black  tab  marked   “restaurant  details,”  then  fill  out  basic   details  about  your  restaurant  such  as   address,  phone  number,  hours,  etc.   Include  a  brief  descrip3on  at  the  top  right.   Restaurant Details Tab 4. Hit  the  green  “Save  SeJngs”  buKon  at  the   boKom  right  corner  and  you  are  now   ready  to  cra*  your  own  customized  offers,   coupons,  and  stored  value  cards!  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  6. 6. The  Complete  Toolkit  Solution Sell  E-­‐Cards  to  Your  Fans! Ø Sell    e-­‐Cards,  including  e-­‐Gift  Cards,   directly  from  your  Facebook  page. Ø Point  consumers  from  your  website  or   from  your  restaurant  to  your   Facebook  page  to  buy  their  e-­‐Card   including  e-­‐Gift  Cards. Ø Acquire  fans  and  capture  emails  while   selling  e-­‐Cards.   Ø No  transaction  charges  or  hidden  fees.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  7. 7. The  Complete  Toolkit  Solution Gain Fans with Coupons! Ø Coupons  for  free  items  such  as  dessert,   2-­‐1  entrees,  or  free  drink. Ø Allows  for  rapid  fan  acquisition  and  are   the  main  mechanism  through  which   restaurant  offers  go  viral.   Ø Free  items  on  coupons  often  generate   more  traffic  than  equivalent  discounts. Ø Coupons  drive  website  and  Facebook   views  and  likes.   Ø Capture  fans  and  emails.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  8. 8. The  Complete  Toolkit  Solution Promote Special Events & Offers! Ø Compose  exclusive  offers  that  you  can   schedule  in  advance. Ø Presell  seats  for  special  events  and   occasions.   Ø Post  promotional  deals  that  require  fan   likes  or  other  fan  activation  experiences.   Ø Offer  deals  on  food  items  for  which  you   completely  manage  quantity,  valid  dates,   and  discount  amounts.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  9. 9. The  Complete  Toolkit  SoluGon   Connect with Offer Facebook Make keywords Description: stand out: Create a strong Emphasize keywords call-to-action that you want to make and explain the stand out such as offer. Keep it “OFF”. succinct. 60-90 Characters. Be transparent Image: about restrictions: Choose a Do not overload the compelling image. offer with conditions. Set Photos of a reasonable expiration attractive people date. and delicious food work best.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  10. 10. The  Complete  Toolkit  SoluGon The User Experience: 1. Customers select the green “buy it” button and receive a dropdown menu that looks like the picture on the left without leaving the page. 2. Customers fill out the form shown on the right and can choose to put in email addresses of a friend if it’s a gift. 3. Users receive an email containing the voucher information which they print out or show on a mobile phone to your restaurant. 4. Customers receive the offer provided that the staff is trained about the promotion.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  11. 11. One-­‐Step  RedempGon  Engine 1. Enter the voucher code, voucher value, check total, and date redeemed. 3. Track redeemed offers. 2. Click the redeem button to redeem the voucherTuesday, June 12, 12
  12. 12. Return  on  Investment Pays for itself with just 4 offers sold/month! Cost of the getta!Table Premium Conclusion: Plan: $99/month The average profit on a deal with a 20% off discount: $25 per sale. Assumptions: 1) Average meal ticket per person: $20.00 Complete Return on Investment: 4 2) Average discount off of Price: 20% offers sold/month. 3) Average Incremental Profit Per full-priced meal (given empty seats): 70% 4) Average number of customers per . purchase: 2.5 Offers Sold/month Extra Profits 5 $125 10 $250 15 $375 20 $500 25 $625Tuesday, June 12, 12
  13. 13. Using  Facebook  and  Twitter • Use  vibrant,  engaging  photos  and  videos  to   • Make  sure  you  have  a  TwiKer  account  and   promote  your  offers.  Photos  and  videos   for  your  Restaurant.   have  been  shown  to  generate  2x  to  3x  more   • Choose  the  people  you  follow  carefully.   engagement  than  pos3ng  links.   Think  about  the  demographic  of  fans  that   • Post  about  your  e-­‐Gi*  Cards,  coupons,  and   would  be  interested  in  your  restaurant.   offers  on  your  wall  at  least  once  every   • Target  followers  that  are  geographically   couple  of  days.  A  high  volume  of  users  will   nearby  to  your  restaurant.  One  way  to  do   see  your  page  via  news  feed,  thereby   this  is  to  choose  advance  seJngs  near  the   promo3ng  your  offers  increases  the   search  bar  and  filter  users  by  city.   visibility.   • Tweet  your  offers  at  least  once  a  day,  but   • Customize  the  tab  image  and  name  to   try  to  avoid  burnout  from  your  fans  by   something  that  is  both  appealing  and  easy-­‐ cycling  through  the  offers  that  you  choose   to-­‐understand  for  your  fans.   to  tweet  on  a  given  day.   • Promote  your  Facebook  page  on  your   • Do  not  simply  using  twiKer  for  self-­‐ website,  in  your  email  signature,  on  your   promo3on.  Tweet  and  retweet  interes3ng   menus,  and  business  cards.   food  ar3cles.  Tweet  at  users  you  have   geographically  targeted.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  14. 14. It’s  time  to  Sell! A*ract  new  customers Customer  go  to   Create  a  network  on   restaurant  fan  page  for   Increase  your   customers  to  build  loyalty every  purchase Facebook  Fan  Base ExponenGal  visibility  with   Drive  website  traffic Rigorous  ongoing  social   friends  of  fans networking ge*a!Table  doesn’t  just  sell  deals  –  it  drives  customer  engagement  and  loyalty.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  15. 15. More restaurants, better offers, only on Facebook For any questions/concerns email: plans/ Like us on Facebook!Tuesday, June 12, 12