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Restaurant Marketing Cookbook


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getta!Table is the complete online toolkit that lets restaurants turn their Facebook page into a commerce page. The getta!Table guide walk you through all the features of our easy-to-use toolkit from start to finish. Learn how to start selling on Facebook in a matter of minutes!

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Restaurant Marketing Cookbook

  1. 1. Turns your Facebook page into a commerce page Restaurant Marketing CookbookTuesday, June 12, 12
  2. 2. Table  of  Contents •  Welcome  to  ge+a!Table •  Why  Use  Facebook? •  Facebook  Timeline  Best  Prac<ces •  Four  Keys  to  Restaurant  Facebook  Marke<ng •  Facebook  Adver<sing  Tips •  Appendix:  Facebook  Coupon  Case  StudiesTuesday, June 12, 12
  3. 3. Welcome  to  ge*a!Table™ Who  We  Are: The getta!Table™ dining network features the industry’s best restaurants in Boston, Providence, and Chicago. Acquire new fans and find loyal customers by being a part of an exclusive network that diners trust. Why It’s Important: getta!Table™ lets restaurants optimally utilize their existing fan base by converting their Facebook presence into customer acquisition, retention, and sales. x Why It’s Different: Our business model differs heavily from the Groupon/LivingSocial model, which leaves restaurants facing high commissions, poor returns on investment, and low customer retention rates.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  4. 4. Welcome  to  getta!Table™ Sell  E-­‐Cards  to  Your  Fans! Ø Sell    e-­‐Cards,  including  e-­‐Gift  Cards,   directly  from  your  Facebook  page. Ø Point  consumers  from  your  website  or   from  your  restaurant  to  your   Facebook  page  to  buy  their  e-­‐Card   including  e-­‐Gift  Cards. Ø Acquire  fans  and  capture  emails  while   selling  e-­‐Cards.   Ø No  transaction  charges  or  hidden  fees.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  5. 5. Welcome  to  getta!Table™ Gain Fans with Coupons! Ø Offer  coupons  for  free  items  such  as   dessert,  2-­‐1  entrees,  or  free  drink. Ø Allows  for  rapid  fan  acquisiCon  and  are   the  main  mechanism  through  which   restaurant  offers  go  viral.   Ø Free  items  on  coupons  oFen  generate   more  traffic  than  equivalent  discounts. Ø Coupons  drive  website  and  Facebook   views  and  likes.   Ø Capture  fans  and  emails.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  6. 6. Welcome  to  getta!Table™ Promote Special Events & Offers! Ø Compose  exclusive  offers  that  you  can   schedule  in  advance. Ø Presell  seats  for  special  events  and   occasions.   Ø Post  promoConal  deals  that  require  fan   likes  or  other  fan  acCvaCon  experiences.   Ø Offer  deals  on  food  items  for  which  you   completely  manage  quanCty,  valid  dates,   and  discount  amounts.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  7. 7. Welcome  to  ge4a!Table™ Key  Takeaways: Ø Marke8ng  Engine:  Restaurants  have  100%  control   over  offer  management.  No  commission  fees  or   outrageously  high-­‐risk  deals. Ø Commerce  Engine:  Checkout  happens  directly  on   the  merchant’s  Facebook  page.  Fans  never  have  to   leave  the  page.  All  money  from  purchases  goes   directly  into  merchant  bank  accounts. Ø Customer  Management  Tool:  Provide  coupons,   eCards,  and  offers  to  your  fans  and  acquire  more   fans  and  email  addresses.   Ø Data  Engine:  Acquire  email  addresses  and  other   info  about  fans  and  friends  of  fans  via  OpenSocial   Graph  hooks  that  also  promote  viral  sharing.   Ø Technology-­‐Friendly  Engine:  InstallaCon  takes  <5   min.  With  cloud  redempCon  capabiliCes  and  social   media  links  for  offer  promoCon.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  8. 8. Why  Use  Facebook?        Fans  spend  more  ,me  on  Facebook  than   on  almost  any  other  online  site:  The  same   people  who  eat  in  your  restaurants  are  spending  8   hours  per  week  on  the  site.  Approximately  53%  of   the  people  who  use  Facebook  always  have  it   open.        Most  people  make  restaurant  plans  6  hours   before  they  walk  into  a  restaurant:  Facebook  is   the  perfect  plaSorm  for  informing  fans  of  offers  that   fill  a  need  –  filling  seats  on  a  slow  Tuesday  evening,   leXng  fans  know  that  3  tables  just  turned  up  on  an   otherwise  packed  Saturday,  etc.          The  most  common  way  that  people  find  out   about  restaurants  is  from  their  friends  and   friends  of  friends:  Facebook  is  the  perfect  medium   for  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  referrals  and  direc<ng  those   referrals  to  appropriate  merchants.Tuesday, June 12, 12
  9. 9. Why  Use  Facebook? Facebook  recently   changed  page  views   to  reflect  the  new   Timeline  design. • The  “Timeline”  acts  like  a  consolidated,  real-­‐<me  website  for  your  business,   showing  all  of  your  relevant  informa<on  and  content  up  front. • Through  Facebook  insights,  restaurants  are  easily  able  to  analyze  their  fan   base  by  gender,  age,  loca<on,  and  a  host  of  other  variables.  They  can  also   closely  monitor  the  performance  of  specific  posts  and  offers. • Through  Facebook  adver<sing,  restaurants  can  target  users  by  interests,   age,  geography,  educa<on,  and  many  other  filters  in  a  cost-­‐efficient   fashion.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  10. 10. Timeline Best Practices • Prepare  a  cover  photo  850px  x  315px.  Avoid  low   resoluCon  images  or  images  with  blue   backgrounds. • Choose  a  profile  photo  180px  x  180px;  a  logo  is   recommended. • Ensure  that  the  Daily  Offers  app  is  within  view  for   fans  to  easily  see  it.  Swap  the  app  order  as   needed. • Use  Facebook  Milestones  to  announce  important   events  for  your  brand,  such  as  "10K  Pizzas  Sold!”   Use  high-­‐resoluCon  photos  to  avoid  a  pixelated   feel,  since  the  photos  will  be  displayed  as  843px  x   403px. • Highlight  important  posts  by  pinning  them  to  the   top  of  the  Cmeline.  Pinning  a  special  offer  to  the   top  of  the  Cmeline  ensures  maximum  exposure  of   the  offer.  There  is  a  7-­‐day  pinned  post  limit.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  11. 11. Four  Keys  to  Restaurant  Marke<ng        Acquire  Fans Ac8vate  Fans Convert  Fans    Keep  Fans  Loyal Overview:   Use  the  coupon,  offers,  and  eCard  func<onality  of   the  ge+a!Table™  so_ware  toolkit  to  manage  your   best  customers.  To  best  grow  and  leverage  your   Facebook  fan  base,  we  recommend  following  the   four  keys  to  restaurant  Facebook  marke<ng: Key  #1:  Acquire  a  geo-­‐targeted  fan  base.   Key  #2:  Ac<vate  fans  by  giving  them  a  reason  to   go  to  your  page  or  restaurant. Key  #3:  Convert  a  new  fan  into  a  returning   customer. Key  #4:  Turn  a  returning  customer  into  a  loyal  fan   and  brand  advocate.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  12. 12. Four  Keys  to  Restaurant  Marke<ng        Acquire  Fans Ac8vate  Fans Convert  Fans    Keep  Fans  Loyal Acquire  Fans •  Create  a  coupon  featuring  a  deal  that  is   compelling,  clear  in  its  restric8ons,  and  is  easily   a4ainable.   •Next,  create  a  centralized  social  media  campaign   for  the  coupon:  Broadcast  the  offer  on  Twi*er.  Use  a   pinned  post  to  feature  the  offer  on  your  Cmeline.  Create  a   Facebook  ad  that  links  directly  to  your  offer  and  targets   potenCal  new  fans.     •  Spend  a  li4le  8me  each  day  socializing:  Interact   on  the  fan  pages  of  foodies,  mothers  with  food  blogs,  and   any  public  page  that  you  would  expect  your  target   audience  to  visit.    Tuesday, June 12, 12
  13. 13. Four  Keys  to  Restaurant  Marke<ng        Acquire  Fans Ac8vate  Fans Convert  Fans    Keep  Fans  Loyal Ac8vate  Fans •  Engage  fans  daily  by  asking  ques<ons,  holding   contests,  and  pos<ng  pictures.  A  4:1  ra<o  of   engaging  posts  to  self-­‐promo<onal  posts  is   recommended.     •  Cra_  coupons  and  offers  that  encourage  social   sharing  and  discovery,  e.g.  bring  a  friend  to  dinner   and  get  20%  off  on  a  $50  meal,  the  first  100   Facebook  fans  who  share  this  offer  on  Facebook  get   a  free  appe<zer  with  purchase  of  an  entrée,  etc.   •  Post  pictures  or  videos  of  your  food  or  restaurant   on  your  <meline.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  14. 14. Four  Keys  to  Restaurant  Marke<ng        Acquire  Fans Ac8vate  Fans Convert  Fans    Keep  Fans  Loyal Convert  Fans •  Cra_  and  announce  new  deals  at  least  bi-­‐weekly  to   convert  fans  into  returning  customers.  This  ensures   that  they  have  a  reason  to  regularly  return  to  your   page. •  Upsell.  Incen<vize  fans  with  new  menu  items,  e.g.   a  free  dessert  when  you  try  our  new  entrée  through   deals  and  offers  that  you  control.   •  Hold  contests  that  reward  your  fans  for   interac<on.  For  example,  offer  a  free  dinner  to  one   lucky  fan  who  likes  a  post  or  to  one  fan  who   comments  about  their  favorite  menu  item.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  15. 15. Four  Keys  to  Restaurant  Marke<ng        Acquire  Fans Ac8vate  Fans Convert  Fans    Keep  Fans  Loyal Keep  Fans  Loyal •  The eCard is the perfect mechanism for rewarding loyalty in your fans. • Brand  the  eCard,  e.g.  “Abigail’s  A-­‐list  Card.”  to  fit   your  needs. •  Assign  tangible  benefits  that  reward  loyalty,  e.g.   for  $10  a  year,  get  a  table  with  no  wait  any  day  of  the   week,  or  for  $25  a  year,  get  10%  off  your  bill  every  3   monthsTuesday, June 12, 12
  16. 16. Facebook  Advertising  Tips • Specify  your  precise  goals,  e.g.  driving  “likes”  to  your   Examples: fan  page  or  driving  a  targeted  audience  to  an  offer.   • Use  images  featuring  a+rac<ve  individuals,  happy   people  ea<ng  food,  and  pictures  of  food.  Use  images   that  are  140px  x  100px  to  minimize  the  white  space   between  images  and  copy.  Avoid  blue  backgrounds  in   the  image.  Images  with  bright  colors  such  as  red,   orange,  green,  and  yellow  tend  to  catch  the  eyes   be+er. • The  copy  should  emphasize  key  words  such  as  FREE   or  $10  OFF  or  LIKE  OUR  PAGE  by  using  all  caps  and   must  have  a  strong  call-­‐to-­‐ac<on.  Do  not  use  all  caps   more  than  3-­‐4  <mes  in  a  single  copy.   • The  landing  page  must  clearly  indicate  how  to   accomplish  your  specific  goals.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  17. 17. You’re  Ready  to  Sell! Build and manage a Use Facebook data for loyal following better offer targeting Increase and monetize your Facebook fan baseTuesday, June 12, 12
  18. 18. More restaurants, better offers, only on Facebook For any questions/concerns or to submit a tip for our marketing guide, email:, June 12, 12
  19. 19. Facebook Coupon Case Studies • Campaign:  Einstein  Bros.  Bagels  offered  a  free  Bagel  and  Schmear  coupon  exclusively  on   Facebook  in  January  2010. •  Objec8ves:  Drive  In-­‐store  traffic.  Acquire  Facebook  fans  for  the  company. •  Tac8cs:  Had  a  week  “so_-­‐launch”  before  running  a  large  adver<sing  campaign  called   reach  block  adver<sing.  Then  ran  a  reach  block  which  guaranteed  that  100%  of  a  targeted   demographic  saw  an  ad.   •  Results:  The  fan  base  grew  from  4,700  fans  before  the  coupon  to  36,000  fans  a_er  a   week  without  using  large-­‐scale  adver<sing.  A_er  they  used  a  reach  block,  they  grew  to   over  400,000  fans  in  a  month’s  <me.  Tuesday, June 12, 12
  20. 20. Facebook Coupon Case Studies • Campaign:  P.F.  Chang’s  launched  a  free  le+uce  wrap  coupon  in  July,  2011.     •Objec8ves:  Drive  in-­‐store  traffic.  Acquire  Facebook  fans  for  the  company.   •Tac8cs:  Posted  about  the  offer  on  their  wall  a  total  of  15  <mes  during  the  month  of  July.   P.F.  Chang’s  also  built  a  Facebook  tab  as  a  landing  page  for  adver<sing.     •Results:  P.F.  Chang  restaurants  brought  in  50,000+  guests,  40%  of  them  new  customers,   during  the  campaign.  The  restaurant  chain  doubled  the  fan  base  to  420,000  three  months   a_er  the  one-­‐month  campaign  began.  Tuesday, June 12, 12