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Being a mobile entrepreneur

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All about apps
All about apps
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Being a mobile entrepreneur

  1. Capitalizing on the Mobile Tsunami: Trends and how to Leverage them for Success Daniel R. Odio @drodio
  2. Agenda • Quick Intro • Current State of Mobile • Being a Mobile Entrepreneur • Big Mobile Trends &Opptys • Top Efficiency Tips • Q&A … all in 50 minutes!
  3. Realtime Q&A Tweet questions and picsto @mobileXcincy Get slides & video:
  4. Audience Poll ds
  5. 2008: PointAbout d
  6. 2010: Self-Service Apps
  7. 2011: Making Apps Social
  8. Your Users = Your Best Marketers
  9. Enable Your Users to Sell for You
  10. Current State of Mobile ds
  11. s
  12. d
  16. Wildcard: Ray Kurzweil
  17. The Mobile Pyramid Rich Experience. Narrow Distribution Functionality (richness of experience) Typically limited to smartphones (iPhone, Android, Palm). Utilizes phone’s features like GPS, accelerometer, address Apps book, offline access. Great for gaming, social networking, augmented reality and other rich applications. Experience Limited by Browser (some better than others). Wide Distribution Mobile Web Mobile banking, airline flight status… most of what you do on the web, but on the phone. Limited Experience. Widest Distribution SMS / Texting Useful for calls to action. Text “HAITI” to 12345. Distribution (potential audience size) d
  18. Web vs. App Web HTTP SQL Server Data Page API SQL App Server Data d
  19. Being a Mobile Entrepreneur Consulting Product • The data issue • Makes something people want • Finding talent • Simplify. Release. Test. Iterate. • Scope & version • Use SCRUM agile development • Coding is only 50% ( • Define budget & goals • Don’t be irrelevant • Make an SRS! • Don’t give up, but fail quickly • Make an SRS! 30 Points:
  20. Make an SRS! Sample SRS at
  21. Big Mobile Trends &Opptys s
  22. Apps + Peripherals
  23. Software Gobbles up Hardware
  24. Rise of APIs = Mega Mashups
  25. CIOs are FREAKED OUT! • The data problem • Centralized vs. distributed app strategies? • Commoditized hardware • Consumerization of business • Mobile security & privacy • IT departments are pissed
  26. Audio APIs = Undervalued
  27. Gamification(esp. asynchronous) d
  28. Geofencing d
  29. Augmented Reality(ish) s
  30. Top Efficiency Tips s
  31. CloudApp = OMG
  32. Rapportive + Highrise + Mailchimp
  33. How to Get Insane Press
  34. How to Get Insane Press
  35. Use Ad Retargeting
  36. How to Find & Reach Anyone • Jigsaw ( • LinkedIn (but use Facebookmsgs) • +”" filetype:xls OR filetype:xlsx OR filetype:pdf OR filetype:ppt OR filetype:pptx • Keep it SHORT. 2 to 3 sentences.
  37. Don’t Listen to your Voicemail
  38. Always send calendar invites!
  39. AppMakr Demo d
  40. The Founders Daniel R. Odio, CEO Isaac Mosquera CTO Sean Shadmand President