How to fill out log sheet 2013


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How to fill out log sheet 2013

  1. 1. How To Fill Out Log Sheet This is your daily log/participation sheet.
  2. 2. Purpose  The purpose of the is point sheet is to track your daily work.  It shows your class participation points earned  It logs your planner/assignment points for each day.  Logs if you turned in Grade sheets.  Log grades/Missing assignments from Student Connect
  3. 3. Attendance  Attendance is very important in school. If you are absent you will not receive important lecture information from your classes.  You will miss work given for the day that will need to be made up.  Have them sign your assignment book/Planner for credit and bring work to class to get caught up.
  4. 4. How To Earn Points       Bringing work material to complete. Bringing book (s) to read chapter material and take notes from Bringing class notes to read and study from Worksheets or Book questions to complete or get help on. Use computer for research and writing papers Mini Study Skills Lessons on Wikipage
  5. 5. Passes Limited to 4 a Trimester  Bathroom and Locker passes are limited to 4 a trimester. Use bathroom before bell rings.  Bring more than one thing to work on in Learning Lab. In this class you have almost 70 minutes a day to study.
  6. 6. Pink Slips will be given A pink slip may be given if not following the rules listed on your syllabus.  Not following the code of conduct  Not bringing materials to class to work on. [Students can be assigned 2 page paper or other activities if they have nothing to work on.]  Disruptive behaviors – talking , out of seat….
  7. 7. Be prepared  Please bring extra material to work on in class.  Bring planners filled out ready to go. Graded daily.  Grade sheets are due on Mondays.  Take care of personal business before class starts. ( bathroom, office, drink etc. )  Ask for help when you need it.
  8. 8. Daily Announcements Second Hour Learning Lab….  Listen to announcement.  There is no talking during announcements. Save you questions until they are done.  Have your assignments books out ready for me to check.
  9. 9. Weekly Routine      Monday[s]: [] Grade sheets are due- signed by you, parents and teachers if your missing assignments. [] planner check [] fill out log sheet [] Independent school work/help time. Tuesday[s]: [] Check Student Connect and write grades % and missing assignments on your log sheet [] planner check [] fill out log sheet [] Independent school work/help time. Wednesday[s]: [] planner check [] fill out log sheet [] Independent school work/help time[] Check Student connect and write grades missing assignment on your log sheet. Thursday[s]: [] Grade Sheets conference/Passed out ~Highlight missing assignments and check with teacher by end of day on Friday [] planner check [] fill out log sheet [] Independent school work/help time. Friday[s]: [] get grade sheets signed if missing work by teachers [] planner check [] fill out log sheet[] Independent school work/help time.