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Companny Presentaiong getsix Group

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getsix presentation short en 05 2010

  1. 1. Best Performance for your Accounting getsix 05-2010
  2. 2. getsix Group Introduction  GETSIX offers qualified Accounting- and Payroll-Services as well as Services in Tax, Controlling and Treasury in Poland for foreign groups or companys with branch offices or sister companies located in Poland  GETSIX is specialized in Outsourcing-Services and assists you to optimize local resources  GETSIX delivers individual costumized reports, transformation of Polish Annual Reports to Reports based on HGB or IFRS and also monthly reporting in Polish, German or English language  GETSIX also offers Consulting and Services in commercial fields, for example assisting in the companies foundation or development of office-services  GETSIX is using the latest and most professional IT-Technologies in order to offer clients IT-Solutions like „Live-Date“, Hostings etc. 2
  3. 3. getsix Gruppe getsix ACCOUNTING undertakes for You…  Company Foundation, Company‘s Domiciliation and Start-up Service  Complete or partial guidance of your Bookkeeping  TAX Declarations and statistical Reports according to the polish Regulations  Issue of monthly Reports to fixed deadlines  Administration of the polish VAT-Register according to the polish TAX Law  Treasury Management  Preparation of the polish Annual Report (Balance sheet, P&L, etc.) and transformation to the german report based on HGB  Representative Services to polish TAX Authorities and Social Security Institution 3
  4. 4. getsix Gruppe getsix PAYROLL takes for You…  Monthly Payroll-Services (Blue-Collar and White-Collar)  Set up and continue of personal files according to the polish regulations  Administration and Services for polish Social Security contributions  TAX Declarations and annual TAX-Reports for polish employees and Expats  Reports accoring to intercompany requirements of the HR-Department of the foreign Headquarter 4
  5. 5. getsix Gruppe getsix offers You…  Live-Data-Reports (24h online-access to your actual business data)  Bi-lingual Reports  Client‘s Portal (Monthly Reports, P&L, Balance-sheet and other Reports are bi- or tri-lingual online available)  individual prepared Reports according to your Requirements  One-Shop-Service for TAX-Consulting, Audits, Legal-Consulting and IT- Services  Applikation-Hosting via Citrix- or VPN-Connection (We book in your Finance-Modul at your System and your Server in D or in PL or we book at our Server with our Software and you can use in share-solutions other Modules [Warehousing, Sales, Production] of our IT-Systems for your Requirements)  Full-Service for Expats (Labour-Permission, permit of residence, TAX-Number, Estimation of Income-Tax etc.) 5
  6. 6. getsix Gruppe getsix works…  ...with the newest IT-Technology  ...with Software of - Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 - SAP R3 - specific Client‘s Software at customer‘s option  ...prozess-oriented with clear structures and standardized Regulations certified according to ISO 9000:2008  ...flexible, punctual, reliable and all-the-year without interruption  ...adjusted and structured to the requirements of your Company  ...transregional in the whole area of Poland 6
  7. 7. getsix Group Facts of Success 1 High qualified staff with knowledge in foreign languages 2 Using latest IT-Techniques 3 Clear internal regulations with Quality Management System 4 Integrated Services (One-Shop-System) 5 Strategic Partnerships 7
  8. 8. getsix Group Partner of Investors in Poland Head Office abroad getsix as connector Daughter Company in PL  Requirements:  Advantages:  Reporting on time  GETSIX knows the demands  National rules will be and the Philosophy of considered  Reduction of  Overcoming of language liability risk Barriers foreign owned-offices abroad  GETSIX understands the  Lowering of Fix-costs  Independency international requirements  More Flexibility  Several Services from a one- for local sister companies as stop shop well as domestic laws and  Utilization of Specialist‘s national rules of Accounting Know-How and Payroll systems  Focus on the core business 8
  9. 9. getsix Group Commercial Services have to be integrated and have to interact with several Partners getsix Interface The Bookkeeping is located Polish Social Insurance Office in the Center and has to act as required Auditor Polish Finance Office  getsix is not only a connector in the internal communication of the clients  Based on corresponding Power of attorneys, getsix represents its clients in regards to issues with Law Department HR-Dept. in Head Ouarter abroad authorities and business partners  getsix also acts as the Interface in all commercial topics Management in Bookkeeping in Poland Head Quarter abroad 9
  10. 10. getsix Group getsix‘s Position as Connector and Interface is guaranteed by integrated Services Outsourcing Accounting & Payroll Integrated Services provided by getsix IT Services & Sales Business Services & Consulting 10
  11. 11. getsix Group The Services in Details Business Services & Outsourcing Accounting & IT Services & Sales Consulting Payroll  Company foundation and  Bookkeeping and Payroll  Sales of Hardware and Software Liquidation  Administration of the polish VAT-  Allocation of Hosting Solutions  Company‘s Domiciliation and Register  Provision of Data Links between Start-up Services for newly  TAX-Declaration clients and getsix for automatic established Companys Data-Transfers (e.g. from SAP)  Preparation of the polish Annual  Office Services (Virtual Office) Report (Balance sheet, P&L, etc.)  Provision of a Customer portal for realised by the Office Service Desk downloads of „Live-Data“ from  Execution of Payment transactions  Creation of Business Plans ERP-System  Creation of Consolidation  Business Consulting packages in compliance with HGB  Individual Creation and  external Controlling (HB II) Customizing of Reports  VAT-Refund Service  Representative Services to polish  Performances from a one-stop TAX Authorities and Social shop connected with Outsourcing Security Institution Services  Legal advice Services  Head Quarter Reporting and  Tax advice Services Management-Information  Cooperation with Audit Companys 11
  12. 12. getsix Gruppe Special Service for Expats For Employees, sent from Headquarter to the polish daughter company, are to consider the polish rules and regulations Expats-Service  Preparation of all necessary documents for Labour-Permission and permit of residence  Registration of Expats at the polish Finance Office  Application of the polish TAX ID-Number  Punctual Determination of the due TAX on Income  Preparing of the monthly and yearly TAX-Declaration of the Expats  Other required Reports, Statements or Applications - E101-Application - Certificat of Residence  Permanent Contact and Change of Information with the responsible Managers in the foreign Headquarter  12 Other Consulting Services for Accounting of Expats
  13. 13. getsix Gruppe Spezieller Service für Expats getsix Expats-Service means for You…  Individual Maintenance  Close Cooperation with HR-Dept. in the foreign Head Office  Coordination is always possible at the company‘s seat of the Head office in Germany  Our Staff speaks German and English well  getsix guarantees, that all issued documents comply with the polish Labour- and TAX-Law 13
  14. 14. getsix Group offices in Poland Stolp Danzig Elbing Köslin Suwalki Stettin Allenstein Lomza Thorn Landsberg Pila Bialystok Wloclawek Plock Posen Warschau Konin Grünberg Lissa Lodsch Liegnitz Lublin Petrikau Radom Breslau Chelm Hirschberg Kielce Walderburg Tschenstochau Zamosc Tarnów Rzeszów Krakau Przemysl Bielsko-Biala Neu-Sandec 14
  15. 15. getsix Group in Lower Silesia Lower Silesia Place: Wroclaw – Capital of Lower Silesia  Taking over getsix Sp. z o.o. in 2006  2009 moving into the new office with space of ca. 620 m²  ul. Szwezka 5 55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie 15
  16. 16. getsix Group in Wielkopolski Wielkopolski Place: Poznan – Capital of Wielkopolski  2009 Foundation of getsix Poznan  ul. Iłłakowiczówny 11 60-789 Poznań 16
  17. 17. getsix Group History Development  2006: Foundation of getsix Sp. z o.o.  2007: start-up and expansion  2008: Implementation MS Dynamics NAV 5.0 Foundation of getsix Holding Sp. z o.o. Foundation getsix Services Sp. z o.o.  2009: Moving into the new offices ISO:9001 Certification SPLA Partnercontract with Microsoft Foundation of getsix Poznan Sp. z o.o. Server- and Storagevirtualisation 17
  18. 18. getsix Group IT-Technologies 18
  19. 19. getsix Group Memberships in Chambers and Economic Forums 20
  20. 20. getsix Group How we can help You? Placeholder, enter your own text here 21