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Use Marketing Content to Leverage the Voice of the Customer


Published on, Find out how community can turbo charge your marketing and social initiatives. Learn how community can help you leverage the voice-of-customer as marketing content and embed that content on your website to improve your content SEO ranking.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Use Marketing Content to Leverage the Voice of the Customer

  1. 1. Leveraging the Voice of theCustomer for Marketing Content Azita MartinVP Marketing@azitamartinDon BaronDirector BusinessDevelopment@DonjBaron#GetSuccess
  2. 2. @getsatisfaction  2 #GetSuccess  @azitamartin! Learn the benefit of communityfor marketing:–  How community fits into your marketing& social initiatives–  Community as engine for generatingvoice- of-customer content–  Integration with MarketoObjective of this Session
  3. 3. @getsatisfaction  3 #GetSuccess  @azitamartin3PotentialCustomersExistingCustomersTheBrandRewardChampions PromotionsBondBuyExperienceDiscoverAdvocate EvaluateBuilding Engagement Across the Life Cycle
  4. 4. @getsatisfaction  4 #GetSuccess  @azitamartinSocial Channels Web SearchWebsite & Landing PagesEngine forVoice-of-CustomerContent4 Ways to Use Voice-of-Customer for Marketing
  5. 5. @getsatisfaction  5 #GetSuccess  @azitamartinCommunity is Engine for Voice-of-Customer
  6. 6. @getsatisfaction  6 #GetSuccess  @azitamartinIncrease Shelf-Life of Social Media Content6
  7. 7. @getsatisfaction  7 #GetSuccess  @azitamartinMake Your Website More Social7
  8. 8. @getsatisfaction  8 #GetSuccess  @azitamartinImprove Your SEO Ranking
  9. 9. @getsatisfaction  9 #GetSuccess  @azitamartin! Identify Leads in the Community and Nurture or HaveSales Follow-up (Marketo and Salesforce)Identify New Leads and Follow-up
  10. 10. @getsatisfaction  10 #GetSuccess  @azitamartinQuestionsAnswers.Keep the Conversation Going! Topic name: How do you usevoice-of-customer as Marketing content! Link to Topic: