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Reducing Support Costs by Turning to the Community (Keynote)


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What are all those numbers cited in customer satisfaction surveys? Are they on the level, or just enthusiasm gone wild? What's the best way to measure the success (or failure) of community, anyhow? What can you accomplish? What's realistic? How do you measure community involvement with numbers? Our second Webcast will deal with the benefits of crowdsourcing and how they might be more successfully measured. We'll talk about how others have done it and how you can do it for your own organization. Come and play the numbers game with us, get your community mobilized, and get them helping out with the help.

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Reducing Support Costs by Turning to the Community (Keynote)

  1. 1. Reducing Support Costs by Turning to the Community
  2. 2. Understand: Lifecycle of a customer community How each part enables support savings Ways to measure success
  3. 3. Measuring Success
  4. 4. Net Promoter Score
  5. 5. MEASURING SAVINGS Support Staff Traditional Community Number of customers Non-linear scaling of support
  6. 6. Tara Hunt how-do-you-measure-the-health-of-a-community/
  8. 8. THE FOUR Cs Your Customers With Your Community
  9. 9. THE FOUR Cs Connect Your Customers With Your Community
  10. 10. MEASURE #1 Email 10% Community 43% Trouble Tickets 46% Portion of Support Traf c
  11. 11. THE FOUR Cs Conversations
  12. 12. THE FOUR Cs Cultivate Conversations
  13. 13. MEASURE #2 Repetitive Issues Before After 0 17.5 35.0 52.5
  14. 14. MEASURE #3 Time To Response (in hours) Before After 0 1.5 3.0
  15. 15. THE FOUR Cs The Content
  16. 16. THE FOUR Cs Curate The Content
  17. 17. MEASURE #4 Engagement, Volume
  18. 18. THE FOUR Cs For Your Community
  19. 19. THE FOUR Cs Care For Your Community
  20. 20. MEASURE #4 Sentiment
  21. 21. THE FOUR Cs OF CUSTOMER COMMUNITY CONNECT CULTIVATE CURATE CARE Integrate Produce results De ne curation Reward active community into strategy members products Make answers re-usable Push content to Encourage Reach out to right places connections at customers Leave topics the long tail open METRICS Repetition Engagement Sentiment Share of Support Response Time Volume NPS
  22. 22. NEXT WEBCAST: APRIL 22, 2009 Who are the people in your neighborhod?
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