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Learn how to Leverage Community for a Better Bottom Line


Published on , Want to learn how you can reduce support costs, increase revenue, and improve marketing/PR efficiency?

Watch the replay to hear Get Satisfaction’s VP of Product Marketing, Scott Hirsch, interview Social Business Builders CEO, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, about how an online customer community:

Deflects support email and phone calls to agents, while improving customer satisfaction
Generates customer-created content that will increase the efficiency of your marketing and PR organizations
Increases customer acquisition, retention, and upsell

Real customer ROI examples will be provided throughout. Don’t miss this chance to unpack the cost-saving benefits of an online community.

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Learn how to Leverage Community for a Better Bottom Line

  1. 1. Improving Top and Bottom Line with a Customer CommunityDr. Natalie PetouhoffCEOSocial Business Builders:The Results GroupScott HirschVice President Product MarketingGet Satisfaction
  2. 2. About Get Satisfaction The Get Satisfaction community platform is designed to create engaging customer experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 35 million 70,000 consumers/ Customer month Communities To ask questions, Connect with each other share ideas and the companies they and give praise care about Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction @getsatisfaction
  3. 3. Agenda Introductions Consumer Trends What is a Customer Community? Four Community Platform Value Drivers Questions and Answers Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 3
  4. 4. Paradigm Shift in Service and SupportDriven by Consumer Trends Voice is still #1 #2 Self-service 3rd is 1to1 channels Web Self-serve Community (24% (12% increase) increase) Source: Forrester’s Top 15 Trends for Customer Service in 2013, January 14, 2013, Kate Leggett Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 4
  5. 5. This Paradigm Shift Affects Sales andMarketing, TooShift From Company-centric Process PUSH SALES INFLUENCED ONE-TO-ONE MARKETING BY “EXPERT” SUPPORT CONTENT PULL SALES INFLUENCED MANY-TO-MANY MARKETING BY SOCIAL PROOF SUPPORTShift To Customer-centric Process Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 5
  6. 6. What Is a Community? Online platform that facilitates conversations between companies and their customers across digital channels. The content and connections in the community can be leveraged by businesses for marketing, service/support, sales, brand awareness, and R&D.CUSTOMERS COMPANIES Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 6
  7. 7. The Background for This Study Looked at data from several dozen Get Satisfaction customers Observed trends and patterns Identified and categorized value drivers Created calculations Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 7
  8. 8. Community ROI:Reduce Support Costs Value Driver: Reduce the number one-to-one interactions How? • 75% reduction in – Curate user-generated content for one-to- support tickets in many support (especially good for “long-tail” the first 60 days content) • Community as – Search engine optimization (SEO) primary support – Identify and activate super-users for peer- channel to-peer support Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 8
  9. 9. Community ROI:Improve Support Efficiency Value Driver: Multi-channel, real-time, and integrated into business workflows. How? • Expanding – Offer multi-channel community nationally without (web, mobile, social) adding reps – Integrate with business systems • Community integrated with – Improve knowledgebase efficiency website and chat (Velaro) Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 9
  10. 10. Community ROI:Increase Revenue Value Driver: Increase customer loyalty, purchase intent, and word- of-mouth advocacy • Revenue How? protected by early – Improve loyalty and lifetime value feedback on price changes – Acquire new customers with increased referral traffic • 3% increase in marketing site – Create a customer-centric culture pageviews Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 10
  11. 11. Community ROI:Lower Operational Costs for PR Value Driver: Improve PR effectiveness by identifying issues in real-time and providing a definitive response that shows up in organic search. • Community gives PR a real-time How? pulse on consumer concerns – Mitigate spikes in call and email volume • Example: topics on – Search Engine Optimization humane sourcing of meat Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 11
  12. 12. Some examples of business results 1,000 Product Champions per Month athenahealth Client feedback and insight into R&D 1200 Product Ideas from the Community 50% Decrease in Support Costs 75% Reduction in Support Tickets 9 Brand Communities Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction @getsatisfaction
  13. 13. Questions and Answers Open for audience questions … Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 13
  14. 14. Get Satisfaction Community Platform Our platform is specifically optimized for ROI … Building Relationships (Opt in) Organic Creating Search Rich (SEO) Content Multi-channel Facilitating Entry Engagement Points Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 14
  15. 15. Contact us! Call (877) 339-3997 or visit us
  16. 16. Community content drives engagement Top Reasons Consumers Participate in a Branded Customer Community Twitter: #custserv @GetSatisfaction 16