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Get Satisfaction Support Customer Success Cases


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One-to-one support solutions like phone calls and email have a high cost per contact, are difficult to scale, and are not fast enough to satisfy today’s social customers. A customer community is a great, scalable way to reduce one-off support cases while delivering a great customer experience and improving your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

A Get Satisfaction customer community can be implemented in minutes. Companies like Citrix, Koodo Mobile, and Webtrends are using Get Satisfaction communities to achieve great results:

$12,000/month reduction in support costs

80% of customer problems are resolved
with tools in the community.

Increased peer-to-peer support
response rate by 557% year-over-year

Download these free Customer Success Stories to learn how Get Satisfaction customers are achieving such amazing business results.

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Get Satisfaction Support Customer Success Cases

  2. 2. LISTEN, ENGAGE, SUCCEEDGet Satisfaction is built from the ground up as a customer-facing platform, designed to build authentic relationshipsbetween customers and companies. More than 35 millionconsumers each month use Get Satisfaction’s networkto connect with each other to ask questions, share ideas,report problems, and truly engage with the brands andcompanies they care about.To us, success is all about helping companies engage withtheir customers to deliver real business value throughoutthe customer lifecycle.See how our customers are driving real business results bygetting closer to their customers…
  3. 3. Mindjet “Quite honestly, it was purely the rollout of Get Satisfaction that started to change the way we related to our customers.”CHALLENGES 2No Mindjet employees were on social networks interacting with customers. Almost 2,000 topicsThey were looking for a solution that would change company culture toempower employees to interact with customers directly and facilitate Over 2,100conversations amongst Mindjet users. At the same time, 60% of Mindjet community memberscustomers say they came to them through word of mouth, so they needed 11 productsa way to operationalize customer endorsements. supported on Get SatisfactionGET SATISFACTION SOLUTIONS Customer since 2011Mindjet chose Get Satisfaction because they felt the team was supportiveand committed to their success. In addition, seamless integration withSalesforce allowed Mindjet to manage customer conversations and resolvecases using one system. They liked the intuitive user interface that quicklydrove adoption company-wide.The marketing team, developers, and support agents all use GetSatisfaction to get closer to their customers and better understand theirneeds.RESULTSGet Satisfaction has created positive cultural change at Mindjet. Employeeswho previously never came in contact with customers now regularlyinteract with them. Product management regularly incorporates feedbackfrom the community. The marketing team gathers relevant content fromthe community to use for marketing pages throughout their website.Furthermore, customer advocates have identified themselves and oftenhop in to answer questions even before employees do.
  4. 4. Ustream “Get Satisfaction allows us to build a knowledge base that we can use to answer questions that are commonly asked. We can connect more deeply with our customers, providing them with key announcements, dealing proactively with crises, and gaining product insights that we wouldn’t otherwise have.”CHALLENGES 3Ustream was growing rapidly and needed a way to scale support to millions Over 8,000of users. Support agents were often answering the same questions topics postedrepeatedly, so they needed a solution that would empower users to helpthemselves. By leveraging community, Ustream sought to communicate More than 16,300 community memberswith customers in a quick, user-friendly way. 12 products supported on GetGET SATISFACTION SOLUTIONS SatisfactionUstream chose Get Satisfaction because it is easy to implement and Customer since 2009intuitive to use. Most important, they’re now able to communicate productupdates and manage service issues with millions of users quickly andeasily. Engineers are able to get real-time feedback from the people whoare using their product every day. They now use Get Satisfaction as acost-effective way to iterate on new products by leveraging customerfeedback, instead of relying on costly, time-intensive testing.RESULTSUstream experienced a 55% reduction in support tickets once theyimplemented Get Satisfaction. Their community won the 2012 ForresterGroundswell Award for Q&A, Problems, and Product Feedback. Ustreamis also better equipped for crisis management — when they experienceda denial of service attack from Russia, Get Satisfaction allowed them tocommunicate regular updates to their entire community from one easy-to-use, central platform.
  5. 5. Mint “If you search on Google for Mint plus your bank’s name, you’re going to see in the top one or two results. The indexing is awesome with Get Satisfaction. The power of Get Satisfaction’s search visibility ensures customers find us and answer their questions quickly and easily.”CHALLENGES 4Mint was growing rapidly and struggling to scale their support. They 75% reduction inwanted a way to tap into the knowledge of their customers to answer basic support ticketsproduct questions, so that their support agents were free to focus on moretechnical issues. They spend very little on advertising, so they also were 2,965 ideas generated by loyallooking to leverage word of mouth and social media. customers Over 89,000 topicsGET SATISFACTION SOLUTIONS Almost 237,000Because most support issues at Mint emerge from temporary bank community membersconnection problems that affect millions of users all at once, GetSatisfaction is a critical tool for keeping all their customers updated in Customer since 2007real-time. In addition, they’ve also found that it’s a gold mine for gettingcustomer feedback in front of the product team to better prioritizedevelopment efforts.RESULTSMint reduced support tickets by 75% once they activated Get Satisfaction.Their community won the 2011 Forester Groundswell award for greatcustomer support. They now support over 10 million users with theircommunity easily, since they don’t need to rely on one-to-one support foreach question.
  6. 6. Webtrends “80% of customers are helping themselves with the tools we provide them, including documentation, training, and the Get Satisfaction community.”CHALLENGES 5Webtrends wanted to scale their support organization and leverage Over 2,500 topicsa community to ensure the answers to repeated questions are easilyavailable for all customers. They also required a solution that is tightly More than 1,200integrated with their case management workflows with Salesforce Service community membersCloud. 11 products supported on Get SatisfactionGET SATISFACTION SOLUTIONS Customer since 2008Webtrends mostly uses Get Satisfaction as a support community, whichcan be accessed both from website and their Facebook brand page. Topicscreated in the Get Satisfaction community automatically become topics inSalesforce. Customer service agents monitor problems that have not beenanswered, and with the push of a button, create a case in Service Cloud forcustomer support agents to answer the customer directly. Or agents canpost answers from Service Cloud directly into the community.RESULTS80% of questions asked in the community are answered by customersor are able to be answered by the tools (FAQ, community, and otherresources) provided by Webtrends. This leaves support agents free tofocus on more complex issues. Multiple entry points into the community,including Facebook and the website, ensures customers can find theresources they need.
  7. 7. Enphase “When I make an update or reply to a topic in GetSatisfaction, search engines index it right away, so when we tell people who are looking for very technical data to search on Google, a lot of times the community topic will come up first. It is extremely helpful and very beneficialbecause our customers can find the information they need.”CHALLENGES 6As Enphase went public, went global, and released a new, rapidly spreading Over 1,500 topicsproduct, they decided to look for an online community to support theircustomers and scale their solar energy company. Because of the highly More than 2,500technical nature of their products, they needed a place where their community memberscustomers could come together, ask questions, share suggestions, and 8 products supportedinteract with each other and Enphase employees. on Get Satisfaction Customer since 2011GET SATISFACTION SOLUTIONSEnphase originally chose Jive Software to host their community, butdecided to switch because the Jive community was more expensiveand lacked technical flexibility to integrate with customer experiences.Migrating to Get Satisfaction was smooth with the assistance of a GetSatisfaction account executive. And Get Satisfaction supports theirrequirements for unlimited licenses and single sign on.RESULTSEnphase has three main types of customers—ones with highly technicalexpertise, ones with very basic technical knowledge, and solar installers.They love that these customers come together in their community tosupport each other, answer questions, and piggy back off of each other’scomments to create rich, valuable conversations and suggestions.
  8. 8. Mindflash “The ideas that we get from our Get Satisfaction community have become an early indication for us of where we have to focus on our product.”CHALLENGES 7Mindflash wanted to help as many customers as possible, but had limited 775 topics postedresources dedicated for support. They needed a way to empower users tohelp each other and themselves. They were also looking for a way to build Over 800 communityregular interactions with customers for product feedback. members Customer since 2009GET SATISFACTION SOLUTIONSEveryone from engineers, support agents, sales people, and even the CEO,is in the community to hear feedback, respond to customers, and formrelationships with them. Community is primarily used for product feedbackand support, but it also provides the opportunity for customers to talk toprospects. Users love the opportunity to share their feedback and voteon product suggestions, and they benefit from the access to people withdifferent expertise throughout the company.RESULTSThe product team now has more insight into which product features tofocus on and whom to talk to for more feedback about various features.Not only do customers and employees from all levels of the companymingle in the community—prospects are also in the space, so they are ableto ask pre-sales questions from existing customers and hear first-handtestimonial from people already using Mindflash products.
  9. 9. Have questions? Feel free to call 877.339.3997and talk to a real human, or you can email For more information on features and plans so you can implement more functionality within your own community, call 877.339.3997.