Get Satisfaction Customer Success Summit Morning Keynote


Published on, Best Practices of Community Management: The day started off geared towards our heroes, community managers and the techies. These will be collaborative sessions that are all about sharing best practices, learned knowledge, and tapping into the wealth of experience that you all bring to the table. Sessions were broken up into two tracks: Business Value and Best Practices of Community Management
Deep Dives on Special Topics (Product Training & Developers)

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Get Satisfaction Customer Success Summit Morning Keynote

  1. 1. Customer Success Summit  Wendy LeaCEOMay 2, 2013@getsatisfaction#GetSuccess
  2. 2. @getsatisfaction  2 #GetSuccess @WendySLeaOur PurposeTo help you build trusted relationships with and betweencustomers that share passion for your product
  3. 3. @getsatisfaction  3 #GetSuccess @WendySLea! For You–  Be Human–  Be Personal–  Be Accountable–  Be Ready–  Be Earnest! For Your Customers–  Be Understanding–  Be Yourself–  Be Helpful–  Be Fair–  Be OpenTrust is Core to Community Building
  4. 4. @getsatisfaction  4 #GetSuccess @WendySLeaCapturing the Voice of your Customer
  5. 5. @getsatisfaction  5 #GetSuccess @WendySLeaDelivering Business Value Is Essential! Acquire newcustomers! Build betterproducts! Reduce SupportCosts
  6. 6. @getsatisfaction  6 #GetSuccess @WendySLeaToday is about You! Content ! Connections! Community2! Customers
  7. 7. @getsatisfaction  7 #GetSuccess @WendySLeaLet’s discuss your questions and comments.Thank you.