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Get Satisfactions walk through of how to create an FAQ account to seed your new community with content

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FAQ user accounts

  1. 1. Creating an FAQ User Account for your Community
  2. 2. Step One: Go to the “Invite an employee ” section of the “Employees & Roles ” page and, where it asks for an email address, enter an email alias* and click on the green “Invite” button (*an alias is an email address you have access to that’s different from the one already associated with your Get Satisfaction user account.) Suggestion: If your email system supports the username+alias@ naming convention, we recommend using the +faq@ as shown below.
  3. 3. Step Two: After clicking the “Invite” button, the following window opens in which you’re asked to enter an “Employee Name” and “Role.” For “Employee Name,” we recommend “Your_Organization FAQ.” For “Role,” at this stage you can select either “Employee” or “Company Admin” (this can be changed later). Then click “Send Invitation.”
  4. 4. Step Three: IMPORTANT! After clicking “Send Invitation,” log out of Get Satisfaction . If you don’t log out of Get Satisfaction, Step 4 on the following slide won’t work correctly….
  5. 5. Step Four: If you check your inbox, you should have received the invitation just sent. Here you’ll want to click on the link or paste into your browser, as shown below.
  6. 6. Step Five: If you remembered to log out (!)--as explained in Step Three--you’ll see the following screen where you’re asked to create a password for your new FAQ user account.
  7. 7. Step Six: After you create and enter your password, you’re in! Suggestion: Go to your Account Settings page and upload a custom graphic to represent your company’s new FAQ account.
  8. 8. Step Six Continued: To upload your icon, go to the “Account Details” section of your Account Settings
  9. 9. Step Seven: Post a question and be the first to reply. Voila! Your first FAQ has been created.
  10. 10. By posting a few questions and answers in this way, your first wave of customers will no longer see a blank, empty space like this….
  11. 11. Instead, they’ll find a community already full of helpful information like this…